TinyEmail Alternative in 2024: A Guide to Making The Most of Your Email Marketing

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TinyEmail is an email service provider focused on interactive messaging with audience management tools, automation, and omnichannel messaging services

However, with its limited features and integration options, the platform may not be the best fit for all types of marketers. If you have been looking for better options, here’s our list of top TinyEmail alternatives.

TinyEmail has basic marketing, automation capabilities, and AI functionalities. It has a one-click integration with Shopify and Woocommerce with a no-coding email editor and template library. The software is suitable for small businesses requiring basic features.

TinyEmail’s pricing is based on the number of emails sent per month. It also offers a comprehensive free plan for up to 500 subscribers and access to forms, popups, and automated emails.

The standard plan starts from $15/month for up to 500 subscribers, and the pro plan starts from $65/month.

While TinyEmail is pretty straightforward, the lack of extensive features can prompt marketers to choose another platform with advanced features and functionalities.

On this page, you’ll learn more about:

  1. TinyEmail’s pros and cons,
  2. Why you should opt for a Tinyemail alternative,
  3. The best TinyEmail alternatives to enhance your email marketing,
  4. Choosing the finest alternative to Tinyemail.

Feature Overview: What’s Good and Bad About TinyEmail?

TinyEmail’s main feature is AI assistance — the platform helps create and send emails tailored to each recipient’s voice and style. The AI detector helps find patterns in language, such as casual or professional conversations, and adapts email writing to the preferred style. It also has an inbuilt grammar and spell check tool for every email that goes out. 

Besides the primary feature, TinyEmail offers the following:

  1. Brand kit: Automatically syncs brand elements with all business tools.
  2. Interactive emails: Interactive elements with actionable blocks within an email. For example, senders can embed videos, collect forms, or ask for feedback.
  3. Dynamic content and personalization options: Dynamic content blocks change in real time based on the rules set.

Despite these features, TinyEmail may be short on complex segmentation and conditional logic capabilities compared to the other advanced email marketing platforms. 

To help you choose the best TinyEmail alternative for your business, we identified the factors to consider before moving your email marketing collaterals to another provider.

Factors to Look For in a TinyEmail Alternative

When considering a TinyEmail alternative, you must examine your business needs, platform capabilities, budget, and other relevant aspects of email marketing. 

Here are factors to look for in TinyEmail alternatives.

FactorsWhat to Look For 
Deliverability Look for an email deliverability rate between 83 and 89%. Above 95% is an excellent deliverability rate to ensure your emails reach your audiences at the right time.
Features and Functionality Evaluate the platform’s features, such as email storage limit, integration capabilities, automation facilities, segmentation functionality, and the email design builder.
User-interfaceFor efficient communication, choose ESP with a user-friendly interface and positive user experience.
ScalabilityEnsure the email service can grow with your changing business needs.
Integration capabilitiesCheck if the ESP seamlessly integrates with other marketing tools such as calendars, productivity apps, or customer management platforms.
Reliability and Uptime Look for highly reliable email software; an ESP with frequent outages can disrupt your communication and workflow.
Data Migration Check if the TinyEmail alternative offers easy data migration tools and support to move your email list.
Customer Support Consider customer support quality — verify if the team can promptly handle customer inquiries and concerns.
Cost and Pricing PlanAssess the overall cost, including subscription fees, storage costs, additional charges for premium features, and pricing changes according to email list size.
Some ESPs charge for customer support, too. Ensure these charges are explicit before making a move.
Security and Privacy Prioritize services that offer reliable security measures, including end-to-end encryption, domain authentication, and protection against phishing and malware.
Factors to consider before choosing a TinyEmail alternative

Before selecting an ESP, consider signing up for their trial plan if available, to explore the features, pricing, and how well it meets your business needs.

To make your decision-making more accessible, here are the best TinyEmail alternatives to use for your next email marketing campaign.

The Top 5 TinyEmail Alternatives (With Pros & Cons)

Every email marketing platform has different functionalities and we found some of the best tools for deliverability, automation, and other exclusive features. 

The following 5 are the best TinyEmail alternatives in 2024:

  1. Omnisend
  2. ActiveCampaign
  3. Aweber
  4. MailerLite
  5. Campaign Refinery 

To help you understand which email provider is better than TinyEmail, we will examine each alternative’s core functionality, pricing structures, user experience, and, most importantly, email deliverability.

Here’s a quick comparison of TinyEmail alternatives to consider:

Features and Functionality OmnisendActiveCampaignAweberMailerLiteCampaign Refinery
Target Audience E-commerce brands Growing businessesSmall businessesSolopreneurs and small teamsDiverse businesses
Key Strength Ease of use Centralized marketing Customer support Campaign management Advanced email deliverability
Ease of Use 887810
Advanced Automation886810
Pricing based on EmailsContacts SubscribersSubscribersEmails
Email Deliverability 887810
Campaign Templates 
Real-time Email Editor 
Spam Check 
Automatic Email List Cleaning 
Mandatory Domain Authentication 
Engagement Gamification
TinyEmail Competitors

Omnisend – Tinyemail Alternative for Ecommerce

Omnisend is known for its multi-channel marketing solution with a focus on E-commerce businesses.


Omnisend is an email marketing platform specifically supporting E-commerce businesses. It integrates with major E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce. Its automation feature lets users personalize messaging, customer data, campaign engagement, and shopping behavior. 

Users can also add several channels to the same automation workflow: emails, SMS, push notifications, etc. 


Omnisend pricing
Omnisend pricing

Omnisend’s pricing model is based on the email list size, with unlimited features offered at higher pricing tiers.

The free plan is best suited for starting businesses or for exploring Omnisend’s features for up to 250 contacts and 500 emails per month. 

The standard plan starts from $16 monthly for 500 contacts and 6000 emails per month. The highest plan starts at $59 and offers a 3,933 free monthly SMS bonus.


  • Ease of use: The platform enables users to measure the success of campaigns and automation.
  • Integration capabilities: The tool allows one-click integration with E-commerce platforms.
  • Product picker tool: With the picker tool, users can automatically add product details to their emails.


  • Basic email editor: The email provider lacks advanced features like dark mode preview, interactive AMP email support, and basic pre-made templates.
  • Low email deliverability rate: Omnisend, on average, has a lower email deliverability rate than its competitors. It had a 24.8% likelihood of being flagged as spam.
  • Multi-language platform: Omnisend is only available in English, making it less attractive for users with a diverse subscriber base.
  • Limited integrations: Although Omnisend integrates well with major E-commerce platforms, it does not integrate with Google Analytics and many CRM software.
Ease of use Basic email editor
Integration with E-commerce platformsLow email deliverability 
Product picker toolLack of multiple languages
Beginner-friendly Limited integration with CRM software
Omnisend pros and cons

ActiveCampaign – Automation-Focused Tinyemail Alternative

ActiveCampaign has a user-friendly interface and pretty solid automation, integration, and analytics. 


The email marketing platform is ideal for experienced marketers with marketing automation as the core focus. Businesses with large email lists can split-test up to 5 emails at once.

In addition to email marketing, ActiveCampaign also offers CRM and sales management tools. 


ActiveCampaign Pricing Chart
ActiveCampaign Pricing Chart

ActiveCampaign charges users based on the number of contacts. 

The platform uses different pricing tiers for solopreneurs, small businesses, and growing teams. The pricing starts at $29 and can reach up to $259 + per month based on the user requirements. 


  • Automation: ActiveCampaign offers a good automation system for high-volume senders. Their bundle plan allows users to combine marketing channels within automation: sales follow-ups, texts, and marketing campaigns.
  • Thorough reporting: The platform offers reporting on geo-tracking, page visits, click maps, etc. Higher plans provide purchase tracking, too.
  • Free account migration: ActiveCampaign assists with free migration services.


  • Steeper learning curve: ActiveCampaign may not be the best fit for those looking for simple email marketing solutions.
  • Charges for client preview: You can preview how newsletters will look on different email clients at $1 per test/client, and a minimum purchase of a pack of 5.
  • No free plan: There are no free plans; only a free trial is available. This might not be ideal for users wanting to test it out before purchasing.
Good automation capability Not suitable for beginners
Thorough reportingCharges for client preview
Free account migrationNo free plan
Pros and cons of ActiveCampaign

Aweber – Tinyemail Replacement with Mobile Apps

Aweber’s biggest promoted feature is email marketing automation.


Aweber aims to deliver features like contact management, landing page builder, and instant web push notifications.

It also offers split testing and email web analytics, allowing you to track links for your domain. The best part might be their mobile applications — Aweber offers 3 different mobile apps for Android and IOS. 


Aweber pricing
Aweber pricing

Aweber’s most popular is the ‘Plus’ pricing tier for $20 per month and unlimited subscribers.

You can start with the free plan for up to 500 subscribers and 1 email list. 

Their highest pricing tier is ‘Unlimited’ with no subscriber fee and unlimited features for $899 per month.


  • List management: Aweber allows you to create automation rules to manage your subscribers, where each list has a separate dashboard.
  • Support: They have fast and friendly customer support and educational articles, videos, and podcasts for first-time learners.
  • Landing pages: Aweber offers many landing page options and sign-up buttons.


  • Lack of advanced features: They lack valuable features such as split testing for emails and sign-up forms and advanced automation and analytics.
  • Difficult to manage multiple lists: Multiple dashboards make it challenging to follow through.
  • High pricing: Users may have to purchase additional plugins, especially for integrations with E-commerce platforms.
List management With separate dashboardsLack of advanced features
Good customer supportDifficulty in managing many lists
Landing page optionsLess value for money
Aweber pros and cons

MailerLite – Tinyemail Alternative with Multilingual Support

With MailerLite getting help in any language is pretty easy. Currently, the software is available in English and Spanish.


MailerLite’s goal is to simplify email marketing for people with all levels of expertise. It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder, opt-in forms, and built-in landing pages. Users can have access to educational content like monthly videos, webinars, and tutorial guides. 


MailerLite pricing chart
MailerLite pricing

MailerLite’s pricing depends on the number of subscribers. The free plan includes 12,000 monthly emails, and the advanced plan is priced at $18 for unlimited emails.

For subscriber lists of 100k and more, they offer the enterprise plan with access to dedicated IP addresses and deliverability consultations.


  • Free plan: MailerLite’s free plan includes trigger automation workflows, a landing page builder, and a survey maker. 
  • Easy to use: The intuitive interface also makes it less challenging for beginners and advanced marketers. 
  • Fair subscriber use: MailerLite will not count unsubscribed email addresses or inactive contacts towards the subscriber list.


  • Missing pro features: It lacks advanced automation, spam/design testing, and full reporting.
  • Lack of tagging system: The lack of tagging system can make it challenging to manage subscribers. The database field only includes text, number, and date fields.
  • No templates on the free version: You’ll need the advanced plan to access the HTML editor and paid plans to use landing page templates.
Free planMissing advanced features
Ease of useNo tagging system
Fair subscriber use policyLack of templates on the free plan
MailerLite Pros and cons 

Campaign Refinery – All-around Best Tinyemail Alternative

Campaign Refinery is the best TinyEmail alternative if you’re looking for a high-end toolkit and the best deliverability rate on the market.


Campaign Refinery is an email automation platform built on one promise — higher email deliverability for all your marketing needs. It offers insanely flexible automation, a robust tagging system, and integrated list hygiene.

It helps you send automated email broadcasts, add contacts to follow-up sequences, and deliver smart nurture campaigns. You can create and send result-driven email campaigns without paying extra. 


Campaign Refinery Pricing Chart
Campaign Refinery Pricing Chart

As your company grows, so do your email marketing needs. We want our clients to make the most of their email marketing, so we charge by the number of emails instead of your email list size.

Our transparent pricing system starts at $99 for unlimited contacts with a range of features and tools you can use forever.


  • Advanced deliverability: Reach subscribers’ inboxes without spending a dime on third-party apps. 
  • Sophisticated email list cleaning: Stay away from bad and inactive email addresses — our platform automatically cleans your list every 30 to 180 days. 
  • Mandatory domain authentication: We conduct domain authentication for every client joining us, safeguarding their sender reputation.
  • Exclusive features and functionality: Our clients can access the evergreen flash sales, engagement rewards, and credit system features.
  • Transparent pricing: No hidden fees and surges on your email list. You only pay for what you use.


  • Strict vetting process: We value the safety of our clients and their subscribers. We go through a rigid vetting process for every client that wants to work with us.
  • No free trial: There’s no trial because we handpick our clients and only work with serious and result-oriented email marketers.
Highest email deliverabilityStrict vetting process
Automatic email list cleaning featureNo free trial
Mandatory domain authentication
Exclusive features
Transparent pricing 
Campaign Refinery pros and cons

That’s not all — below, we tell you more about why Campaign Refinery is the finest TinyEmail alternative.

TinyEmail Vs. Campaign Refinery 

Campaign Refinery aims to be your partner rather than just an email platform. We built these tools with marketers like you in mind.

FeaturesCampaign Refinery TinyEmail
Campaign optimizationAdvanced Moderate
Customization flexibilityHigh Moderate
Reporting and analyticsAdvanced Basic
Automation flexibilityAdvancedModerate
Ease of use 108
Email list segmentation
Unlimited contacts
Advanced deliverability
Engagement gamification
Advanced integration 
Campaign Refinery Vs. TinyEmail

Get The Highest Deliverability Rate on The Market With Supercharged Features

An aspect that puts Campaign Refinery ahead of the game is email deliverability. Our high-performance features cohesively work to increase your inbox placement and, ultimately, your email marketing revenue.

Our clients reveal their email deliverability rates as high as 600% after onboarding with us. 

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