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Fundamentally change the relationship with your list of subscribers by rewarding them every time they open or click an email to spike engagement.

More Engagement = More Inboxing = More Sales.

"We are consistently getting 5-6x better email results compared to Active Campaign."

Anthony McCarthy

Legends of the Digital World

what makes campaign refinery different

What can Campaign Refinery do for me?

Campaign Refinery is the only platform that gives you cutting edge email deliverability, integrated list hygiene, a perfect mail-tester score and insanely flexible automation.


marketing automation

Send broadcast emails & follow-up sequences

Your email list is one of the very few digital assets you truly own that lets you communicate with your prospects and customers when and how you want to.

We've built a system that lets you send broadcasts, add contacts to follow-up sequences and deliver super smart nurture and post-purchase experiences.

Plus, with our cutting edge deliverability technology, more of your emails will hit the inbox and less will end up in spam.

Powerful Broadcasts

Send broadcasts quickly from start to finish with easy audience selection & tagging.

Unlimited Contacts

Unlike most other platforms, we only charge you based on activity, not contact count.

Dead Simple Editor

Get right into writing the perfect email and spend less time fussing with technology.

Branch & Rule Builder

Have complicated rules or branch logic for conditional campaigns? No sweat.

Evergreen Flash Sales

Deliver the perfect offer with genuine scarcity and watch your conversions bloom.

Campaign Library

Need some inspiration so you aren't staring at a blank screen? Click, edit, deploy.

Smart Goal Triggers

Want to stop messaging customers who already converted? Done and done.

Tag Based System

Old fashioned lists have gone the way of the dodo bird. Build audiences, not lists.


bulit-in list hygiene

Shield and clean your list from these 7 open rate killers

Not all email is created equal, and some email is even designed for the sole purpose of hurting your reputation.

Campaign Refinery has built-in list hygiene to shield your list in real-time and can bulk sanitize your existing list to instantly increase average customer open rates by 37%.

Never worry about these 7 delivery killers hurting your sender reputation again with our amazing cleaning system.

Dormant Accounts

Email addresses that USED to be valid, but have since been abandoned by their owners.

Spam Traps

Exclusively created to catch spammers, and NEVER legitimately opt-in for mail.

Invalid Emails

Accounts that do not exist. Often inserted by freebie seekers and/or bad actors.

Typo Domains

Addresses with spelling errors such as "" and ultimately fail to deliver.

Role Accounts

Examples include "support@" and "admin@". These are in a higher risk for complaints.

Serial Complainers

Contacts that are known to consistently abuse the spam button on legitimate email.

Robots (BOTS)

Bots will artificially inflate opens/clicks but never buy and waste resources.

+37% Average Increase in opens



Ground breaking reward system boosts deliverability

An easy to use interface, expertly managed infrastructure and class-leading list hygiene are a great start.

(This alone gets some customers 600% improvement).

But at the end of the day, your list is full of people - not just data on a CSV file, and they are the key to everything.

As more and more of our lists are skewing toward Google, which, has an insatiable appetite for engaged users, it's more important than ever to encourage opens and clicks whenever possible.

This is why we've designed the perfect solution to ethically convince your subscribers to open and click more often.

Track and reward with points when subscribers open and click, then deliver rewards such as access to digital trainings, time-based discounts or VIP status automatically.

We're very excited to offer this Campaign Refinery exclusive because it aligns the incentives for everyone to operate a healthy, engaged list that will sustain you for years to come.

Unlimited Rewards

Create as many levels to your rewards as you want so your best contacts keep going.

1-Click Simple

Enable the program with a single click, and it will enable across your entire account.

Time Sensitive Offers

Make your rewards digital training, time-based offers, or level up to VIP status.

Customizable Points

You're in control of the point system, so your specific setup is just how you want.

Support for thousands of your favorite apps. And a flexible API for endless possibilities.

Thanks to native integrations, HTML forms and now Zapier support - Campaign Refinery should work with all your favorite tools.

Native Integrations

A growing list of native integrations to automate your stack from A-to-Z.

HTML Form Code

Not native? Many apps support copy & paste from code to get going fast.

Zapier Support

We work natively with Zapier, which suppors 1,000+ apps on it's own.

Results our customers love

"Great deliverability, clean interface"

I love using Campaign Refinery. Great deliverability, clean interface, easy to use, and excellent support. One feature that's totally unique is they 'scrub' your list by removing complainers, spam traps, bots and more. This is a HUGE benefit. If you're looking for an innovative-but-affordable ESP that's friendly to direct response folks, I strongly recommend you try Campaign Refinery.

Ryan Healy

List Manager

"Does everything they say and MORE"

While my main business is writing emails for eCommerce, I still own multiple best-selling digital products. My previous ESP's deliverability continued to tank without explanation. Switching to Campaign Refinery IMMEDIATELY increased my stats 4x, and revenue followed suit. I really wish I had made the jump sooner, so much revenue was missed by delaying. This platform does everything they say and MORE.

Dave Miz


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Other existing email platforms are unable to keep your list sparkling clean or reward your users for engagement with campaigns. Our platform gets your email to the inbox and profits to your bank account.

It's time to use an email service that works as hard as you do.

You deserve it.

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Campaign Refinery is a full-service email marketing platform that uses automatic list-cleaning, automation and rewards to dramatically increase engagement and sales.

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