7 Go High Level Alternative Solutions for 2024

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Choosing an ESP comes with its challenges — you must know if the features and functionalities provide value for the price point. You may have discovered GoHighLevel recently and decided to give it a go, but their functionalities don’t suit all of your needs. Since there are many email service providers on the market, let’s look at Go High Level alternative options to help you make the best choice.

We’ve taken a deep dive into different software, but there’s only one ESP we can recommend with confidence: Campaign Refinery. After working with numerous businesses and sending out millions of emails each day, Campaign Refinery has taken user feedback and perfected our automation workflows and email services to give you an edge over quality. 

We know your business needs are unique, and to help you with a platform choice, let’s start looking at GoHighLevel in detail and 7 other software solutions to consider based on — pricing, features, and pros and cons.

What is GoHighLevel and Who Can Use it?

Go High Level is a sales and marketing automation platform that streamlines workflows. It offers up to 15 functions including CRM, landing page builder, and email marketing automation. Sales funnels, email marketing management, and customer relationship management are also available.

Go High Level Alternative Home Page
Go High Level Homepage

GoHighLevel Features:

The platform offers personalized voice messages, birthday greetings, and follow-up messages. 

Here are the most popular features of GoHighLevel:

  • Automated follow-up,
  • Onboarding messages, nurturing, etc.
  • Report and call tracking,
  • Landing page builder,
  • Website builder, 
  • Forms and surveys,
  • Google My Business and Facebook messenger integration,
  • Webchat functionality,
  • Appointment scheduling, 
  • Funnel creation.

GoHighLevel Pricing

The starter plan is more affordable compared to the other pricing tiers. It comes with three sub-accounts and unlimited contacts.

Here’s an overview of the pricing: 

  • Agency Starter accounts at $97/month
  • Agency Unlimited at $297/month
  • Agency Pro account at $497/month

You can also choose the 14-day free trial option by entering your card details upfront. But if you change your mind, you must cancel the subscription immediately to avoid being charged automatically.

GoHighLevel Pros

Go High Level enables you to manage multiple marketing tasks with one software.

Let’s look at other benefits:

  1. Helpful marketing solutions: GoHighLevel offers tools to create, nurture, and manage your marketing. It helps you create extra funnels without upgrading your account.
  2. Time and money saving: You can pick one plan and enjoy the benefits of all, eliminating the need for additional purchases.
  3. Intuitive interface: Creating and managing funnels and websites is simple for beginners.
  4. Easy automation: The platform allows automation for lead communication, campaign workflows, etc. 
  5. Mobile accessible: GoHighLevel’s mobile application keeps track of leads, manages appointments, and sets up calendars.
  6. Templates and snapshots: Pre-made templates are available for most industries (automobiles, dental, insurance, recruitment, etc).
  7. Whitelabel option: Agencies have the option of white-labeling the platform and selling it as their own.

GoHighLevel Cons

  • Learning curve: Even experienced marketers will have to spend time to comprehend the functionalities fully.
  • Intimidating new feature integration: The integration and customization options might not work for every business.
  • Slow customer service: Many users believe the platform’s customer service is not up to par.
  • Outdated training material: GoHighLevel’s training is often outdated, which is challenging for beginners.

GoHighLevel is one of the marketing platforms with user-friendly features and unlimited use for a monthly payment. Even though it’s functional, it may not completely satisfy your business requirements.

Let’s explore more marketing platforms so you can make informed decisions!

1. Campaign Refinery

Founded in 2018, Campaign Refinery was launched as an elite email service provider with vanguard product features and functionalities. 

Campaign Refinery Homepage
Campaign Refinery Homepage

The best performance-boosting unique features are: 

  1. API and Integration: Campaign Refinery offers comprehensive API and native integration solutions to upscale your email marketing. If you are not native, you can use HTML form code or get Zapier support to connect with other tools.
  2. Premium deliverability: We have a dedicated team of email experts who closely monitor your sender reputation and email deliverability rate to ensure emails reach your subscribers’ inboxes. Campaign Refinery is known for providing you with the best deliverability rate in the market. So far, our clients have achieved up to a 600% increase in deliverability after signing up. 
  3. Automatic email list cleaning: Campaign Refinery is big on list hygiene to boost deliverability; your list is automatically tidied up of inactive and spam-like email addresses. 
  4. CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliant: All your emails are stamped with DKIM by default. That means you can safely send emails to your contacts without worrying about legal compliance.
  5. Credit system: The credit system is a unique feature of Campaign Refinery that lets you to use credits to clean your email lists. You get a set of credits when you sign up and choose a pricing tier. For example, 1 send = 1 credit, 1 clean = 5 credits. You have complete control over how many credits you use and when. And we don’t charge you for your email list size; instead, you pay only for what you send.
  6. Campaign library: The library is a repository of campaign templates that you can edit and use to build powerful email campaigns. You also have access to the image library and WYSIWYG email editor. 
  7. Powerful Analytics: Campaign Refinery offers detailed analytics and reporting on key email metrics, all from a single dashboard. 
  8. Engagement Gamification: The gamification feature elevates subscriber interest and gives you up to 8x more engagement compared to your current configuration. Reward your subscribers for taking specific actions, such as opening your emails. You have full authority over the reward ‘values’ and ‘rules.’

All-in-One Email Marketing

As an email service and email verification software, Campaign Refinery offers everything you need to send better emails, from a user-friendly interface to powerful automation and a wide range of templates and features.

You also don’t have to ponder over the pricing — pay a monthly price for unlimited contacts and allocated credits for each pricing tier. Grow your email list the right way with the help of an automatic list cleaning feature, automate engagement based on your product offers and subscriber activity, and send all your marketing emails from one place. 

If you have a large email list, send verified bulk emails with smart API and integration options. You can also integrate Campaign Refinery with Clickfunnels, Clickbank, OptimizePress, and similar marketing tools.

You can send broadcasts, follow-up sequences, and smart nurture and post-purchase experiences with our super-simple, customizable built-in editor. For more features, try our smart goal triggers, evergreen flash sales, branch and rule builder, and tag-based system for the best engagement you’ve ever seen.

Campaign Refinery Pricing Chart
Campaign Refinery Pricing Chart. More details on our Pricing Page

Built For Developers and Marketers Alike

You don’t have to be a professional developer to create engaging email campaigns with us, but if you are, you can use the advanced API and custom integration tools to set up your email marketing system just the way you want it.

You can also use our drag-and-drop editor to quickly build email campaigns that leave a lasting impact. Build a campaign from scratch, or use our template library to get started. 

With dynamic content and personalization elements, create tailor-made email experiences for every subscriber. Plus, automate any email campaign to send the right message to the right people at the right time. Campaign Refinery dramatically increases your engagement and sales through powerful features and tools; let’s compare it with GoHighLievel. 

Campaign Refinery Vs. GoHighLevel

Our platform covers a full range of email marketing services, allowing you to validate email addresses, run email campaigns, automate email sequences, and track performance. 

FeaturesCampaign Refinery GoHighLevel
Drip Campaigns✅ ✅ 
Dynamic Email Content✅ 
Event-triggered email ✅ ✅ 
Image Library ✅ ✅ 
Mailing List Management✅ ✅ 
Mobile-optimized Emails ✅ 
Reporting/analytics✅ ✅ 
Subscriber Management ✅ 
Customizable Email Templates✅ 
WYSIWYG Email Editor✅ 
Engagement Rewards ✅ 
Bulk Email Verification ✅ ✅ 
Custom Domain Check ✅ 
Deliverability and Reputation Maintenance✅ ✅ 
Spam Trap Detection ✅ 
Syntax Check ✅ 
Disposable Email Detection
List Segmentation
Credit System ✅ 
Campaign Refinery Vs. GoHighLevel Features

While both have the same objective, Campaign Refinery is built differently, with cutting-edge tools and a beginner-friendly interface. 

Let’s check out other popular GoHighLevel alternatives to help you refine your options.

2. Keap

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft has become a Go High Level alternative for its ability to automate sales flow, use workflow templates, and advanced custom flows with drag-and-drop tools. Keap offers two tiers of sales automation process: easy and advanced. 


  • Easy-to-use interface: Keap is a SaaS solution for SMBs — a beginner-friendly interface with collaboration tools.
  • Powerful integration: The software allows integration with other marketing tools and functionalities, including scheduling and automation.
  • Filter and search options: The filter and search tool lets you search by color and other attributes. This feature is especially useful for larger lists and audience segments.


  • Hard learning curve: If you don’t have prior experience in sales and marketing software, you might find it hard to use Keap. 
  • Lock-in contract period: Keap uses a lock-in period to encourage clients to continue to be a part of the platform. And canceling the contract comes with its downsides such as longer duration and unwanted charges.

Keap Pricing

Keap offers three pricing tiers. The monthly pricing varies with the total number of contacts in your database, but you get free customer service for all pricing options.

  • $159/month (automate basic sales and marketing for smaller teams)
  • $229/month (advanced e-commerce and reporting for growing teams)
  • $279/month (advanced workflows and powerful automation for larger teams)
Keap Pricing Chart
Keap Pricing Chart

Should You Use Keap?

If you are a small to mid-sized business looking for lead, relationship, and activity management along with automation, consider their plans. 

3. Vendasta

Vendasta helps businesses deliver client experiences through AI-driven marketing automation, sales tools, and an integrated CRM. It also includes project and billing management systems.


  • Helps build credibility: Vendasta allows access to multiple vendors with good servicing.
  • All sources in a single platform: Much like its competitors, Vendasta provides marketing tools and features under one roof. 
  • Works well with multi-locations: Vendasta allows the integration of multiple platforms from the dashboard.


  • Lack of support: The customer service team at Vendasta isn’t the most active compared to their counterparts. You might have to wait longer even to cancel the service.
  • Technical errors: The platform runs into multiple software issues from time to time, and fixing it can take longer. 
  • No edit options: Managing your billing proposals can be a challenge due to the lack of edit options.


Vendasta has four pricing options, each with a client-facing dashboard. You can also opt for a 14-day free trial with their starter plan.

  • Starter ($79/month)
  • Professional ($499/month)
  • Premium ($999/month)
  • Enterprise (custom pricing)
Vendasta Pricing Chart
Vendasta Pricing Chart

Who Should Use Vendasta?

Vendasta is suitable for companies, such as advertising agencies and SEO services, that sell marketing solutions to small and medium local businesses.

4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a 360 cloud-based customer relationship management software. The features include sales funnel, contact management, pipeline management, workflow automation, AI-powered assistant, and marketing campaign management.


  • Improved lead management: If your day-to-day operations rely on lead management, Zoho CRM is a good choice. 
  • Email automation: Zoho CRM also offers email automation and tracking, customization, and collaboration tools for companies.


  • Server limitations: If you have huge amounts of data or a lot of traffic, the server might not be able to handle it. 
  • Tricky to build your processes: Reshaping the user interface can be tricky due to the complexity of the platform.
  • Not an ESP: While Zoho has different useful features, its main focus is not email, so for email senders, this may not be the ideal solution.


Zoho CRM is priced at €20 per month for standard billing, which allows users to use basic account, lead, and contact management tools. The next plan is priced at €35 per month, designed for companies that require extensive tools and processes like blueprint editor. Zoho’s most popular enterprise plan is €50 per month, including advanced CRM and automation features.

Zoho also offers a free version that allows up to 3 users to organize and automate workflow processes and manage multichannel marketing.

Zoho Standard Pricing Chart
Zoho Standard Pricing Chart

Should You Use Zoho?

If you have a long sales cycle or a lot of complex processes, Zoho CRM can organize and automate sales processes.

5. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that centralizes consumer data and enables users to create and manage email marketing and mobile apps. 


  • User-friendly tools: Klaviyo offers features and tools in a modern user interface.
  • Easy integration: The platform integrates with external apps and marketing tools such as Shopify, which makes it a better Go High Level alternative for the price.
  • Advanced sign-up form builder: The sign-up form builder offers various design and style options and lets you configure customer behavioral settings.
  • Detailed engagement reporting: Klaviyo provides detailed engagement reports for different audience segments. 


  • Expensive for its features: With a monthly email send limit, the platform seems expensive for its features. You must pay extra if you want to send more emails than your normal plan.
  • Slow customer service: Klaviyo takes longer to respond to queries and concerns, most often close to a week or more.


  1. Free plan: Useful for testing the platform and setting up user accounts to experiment.
  2. Email: Starting at $45/month for up to 1500 contacts.
  3. Email & SMS: Starting at $60/month for up to 1500 contacts and 1250 monthly SMS/MMS credits.
Klaviyo Pricing Chart
Klaviyo Pricing Chart

When Should You Choose Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a decent Go High Level alternative if you want to run SMS and email campaigns together. If you are an E-commerce company, the platform offers a complete suite of features, such as pre-made Shopify-triggered workflows and AI-generated product recommendations. 

6. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign delivers email marketing, sales automation, marketing automation, and CRM software. 


  • Automating campaigns: The software allows you to create funnels and automate custom processes by segment.
  • Useful for beginners: ActiveCampaign has an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop tools.
  • Tagging and segmentation: The platform allows users to search through the database with tags and status and create segments from different places.


  • Heavy lagging: The platform’s refresh rate and speed are slow, which could consume more time.
  • Email formatting: ActiveCampaign’s email formatting options are basic and default to Arial 12.
  • Poor customer service: The customer service is usually longer than normal; up to a few weeks to resolve a complaint.


ActiveCampaign has four pricing tiers and varies across four categories: Email marketing and automation, Sales, Bundles, and Transactional Email.

  1. Lite (starts at $29) for 1 user
  2. Plus (starts at $49) for 3 users
  3. Professional (starts at $149) for 5 users
ActiveCampaign Pricing Chart
ActiveCampaign Pricing Chart

Should You Use ActiveCampaign For Your Business?

While ActiveCampaign is beginner-friendly, it comes with drawbacks such as a slow email builder, lack of specific email triggers, and social media integration. However, if you are a data-driven marketing company, the platform can help with analytics and website tracking.

7. Hubspot Sales Hub

Hubspot sales hub is a CRM that includes sales engagement tools, configure-price-quote (CPQ), and sales analytics for growing teams. Sales Hub is a part of Hubspot CRM and clubs tools to make the sales process more efficient. More clients say Hubspot Sales Hub is better than GoHighLevel for ongoing product support.


  • Sales process: Sales Hub provides relationship management tools with customer history tracking and activity side-by-side. 
  • Well-done sales reports: As a sales management tool, Hubspot helps you prepare reports and track deals from the dashboard.
  • Mobile-friendly: The mobile app helps you track important updates promptly. 


  • Highly-priced tiers: The free version has limited capabilities, and upgrading can become expensive if you are starting. 
  • Less integration capabilities: The platform offers fewer integration options compared to its competitors.
  • Broad Focus: While this can be useful for some marketers, Hubspot Sales Hub is not an ESP, making its email capabilities less powerful.


Hubspot Sales Hub splits pricing between Professional ($450/month) and enterprise ($1500/month). The plans include 5 paid users for the professional plan and 10 paid users for the enterprise plan, and you can add additional users for an extra cost.

Hubspot Sales Hub Pricing Chart
Hubspot Sales Hub Pricing Chart

When to Use it?

You can choose to use Hubspot Sales Hub if you are looking to improve customer relationships with better tools and features for pricing. 

Now, let’s see how each of these platforms compares with the rest of them.

GoHighLevel Alternatives Compared

Here’s an overview of the features of the Go high level alternatives in a single spot:

Marketing PlatformAutomated cleaning AutomationsDomain 
Mobile Optimized EmailsIntegration CapabilitiesEngagement 
Email Credit System
Campaign Refinery 
Hubspot Sales Hub 
Zoho CRM
Comparison chart of different ESPs and sales tools

Campaign Refinery is the most cutting-edge alternative on the market, which you will see comparing the unique and powerful features of the most viable GoHighLevel alternatives. 

More Reasons Why Campaign Refinery is the Best Go High Level Alternative

Here are more features that set Campaign Refinery apart from GoHighLevel:

  • Flexible automation,
  • Intuitive user interface,
  • Best email deliverability,
  • Exclusive features such as evergreen flash sales,
  • Design tools and templates for beginners,
  • Unlimited contacts,
  • Dynamic content for personalization,
  • Custom domains,
  • No charge for email list size,
  • Transparent pricing,
  • Best customer service and support.

Overall, Campaign Refinery is best suited for businesses that have no coding experience, require sophisticated tools and features, and want to handle email marketing aspects from a sleek dashboard.

Making up Your Mind About a Go High Level Alternative

All the Go High Level alternatives listed help you scale your business with automation and marketing management. However, if you are particular about consistent high email deliverability, automated broadcasts, automatic list detox, and a perfect score on Mailtester, Campaign Refinery is the finest choice.

Clients have steadily seen a boost in email deliverability by up to 600% with Campaign Refinery — we powered GymLaunch’s email from $0 to $3.6m in the first twelve months.

And the best part is, your plan size does not automatically increase with your list size. That means you don’t have to pay 5 figures to enjoy the premium benefits of the elite platform — start at $99/month with premium features, and scale as your business grows.

Our users have a lot to say about our features because we have helped businesses like yours grow to their full potential. And we’d love to do the same for you!

Apply to become a client today and scale your revenue now!

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