ClickFunnels Review 2024: In-Depth Analysis of Features and User Ratings

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ClickFunnels is a software company that provides a platform for entrepreneurs to build digital marketing and sales funnels. These funnels are essentially a series of web pages designed to guide potential customers through a pre-planned journey, the goal being to lead them to take a desired action. 

As a ClickFunnels user, you get a drag-and-drop interface to create these pages, so you don’t really need coding knowledge. The platform has additional features like email marketing automation and built-in shopping carts and checkout systems. 

So should you sign up for a paid plan or are there better options in the market? We’ll answer these questions and a lot more in this thorough ClickFunnels review.

ClickFunnels: What Features Do You Get?

ClickFunnels Funnel Template Library
ClickFunnels: Funnel Templates Library [Source]

Whether you’re looking to build an audience to sell products/services to, promote new launches, or create a user base for your newsletter, ClickFunnels helps you do it with ease. It’s easy for non-technical users to get up and running on ClickFunnels as the interface is simple and the features are intuitive. 

ClickFunnels packs a wide range of features and tools to support your funnel-building activities and rapidly assemble a list of prospects. For example, you can create landing pages and signup forms using its drag-and-drop builder. 

ClickFunnels also gives you access to a library filled with tried-and-tested funnel templates; this is useful as you won’t have to create one from scratch and wait to see if it’s effective.

ClickFunnels: A List of All Features

Here’s the full list of features you can enjoy once you sign up on ClickFunnels:

Sales FunnelsCreates high-converting sales funnels with a drag-and-drop editor.
Funnel templatesA range of funnel templates organized by categories and industries, including a few paid options.
Pages/forms template libraryGives access to a variety of templates for opt-in pages, sales pages, webinars, and more.
Email marketingGenerates and send email broadcasts, promotions, or fresh offers to your audience.
IntegrationsSeamlessly integrates with third-party tools.
AutomationAutomates email sequences, follow-ups, and other marketing tasks to save time and improve efficiency.
A/B split-testingConducts split tests to optimize funnel performance by testing different elements.
Membership sitesCreates secure and customizable membership sites for your most loyal clients.
Online course creatorWith ClickFunnels, you can create and sell a course online; you also get different course templates to choose from.
Tracking and analyticsTracks funnel performance with detailed analytics on conversion rates, traffic sources, and visitor behavior.
API accessAPI access lets developers perform various actions within ClickFunnels using code.
WebhooksWebhooks notify external systems or trigger actions in response to certain events or activities within ClickFunnels.
Smart CheckoutLets customers perform a secure checkout with a single click.
E-commerce functionsCilckFunnels is expanding its list of e-commerce features to include adding products, managing inventory, and processing payments.
ClickFunnels Feature List

With such an exhaustive list of features, you can create a powerful automated system to maximize your lead generation and conversion processes. But what do customers think of ClickFunnels? 

ClickFunnels User Reviews: The Good and the Bad

You can find thousands of ClickFunnels reviews online, so that’s adequate for you to get a good idea of how well it works before you sign up for their plans. 

As expected, the platform’s usability gets a lot of praise from users and so do the templates. We also saw many users mention how it was easy to have everything you need for a sales funnel under one roof. 

However, criticism of ClickFunnels was equally harsh. Most customers seem frustrated with the customer care team; another pattern we noticed was that people don’t think highly of ClickFunnels 2.0, which is the newest version with many more added features. Reviews that mentioned glitches and slow performance were common.

Let’s start with a few positive reviews followed by a few negative ones.

ClickFunnels: Positive Reviews

Clickfunnels Positive Example
A positive review from a ClickFunnels power user

Here, we have a review from a happy customer who likes ClickFunnels because it lets him create funnels and landing pages with ease, using the drag-and-drop builder. He also appreciates the training material that the company shares with users to enhance funnel performance.

This review doesn’t go too deep into the details, but sums up what ClickFunnels does — simple landing page creation, marketing automation, and integration with other tools.

Clickfunnels Positive Example
A customer leaves positive feedback about the ease of use

The simplicity of ClickFunnels gets a positive review from this customer, who uses it for their affiliate business. The review does mention that they moved to a less costly option for two reasons — better pricing and more attractive landing page templates. 

CF Positive Example
This ClickFunnels user is loyal and recommends the platform

This review is from a ClickFunnels user who uses it to design and customize pages to capture leads. The customer talks about usability and effectiveness.

ClickFunnels: Negative Reviews

Let’s have a look at what the not-so-happy customers had to say about ClickFunnels.

Clickfunnels Negative Example
The reviewer is not happy about ClickFunnels’ pricingkfunnels Negative Example

This customer thinks that ClickFunnels is overpriced for what it offers. She complains about the poor customization options in the base plans and also adds that the customer care team completely ignored her queries. This prompted her to leave this review and move to a different platform.

Clickfunnels Negative Example
Scathing review from a ClickFunnels customerv

In this review, we have a customer who claims that ClickFunnels was a total waste of both time and money. Problems due to bugs and glitches and the lack of support from the tech team also added to the user’s frustration. They also add that the pricing is too high for issues like these. ClickFunnels 2.0 also gets called out as an unfinished product.

Clickfunnels Negative Example
A ClickFunnels user complains about false advertising

This user gets right down to business by pinning the blame for poor performance on ClickFunnels 2.0. After using ClickFunnels for two years, this customer claims there is also no transparency as select features do not work as promised. However, he does leave positive comments about the training videos from Russell Brunson (we assume).

Clickfunnels Negative Example
This user is displeased with the new version of ClickFunnels

This user had enough poor experiences with ClickFunnels to leave a 2-star review. They write that they’re leaving once the yearly plan is up. The new version of ClickFunnels gets criticized here, and so does the apathy of the customer care team. The user was comfortable with the classic version of ClickFunnels and struggled with the change.

We went through many more reviews; here’s a tally of our observations:

ClickFunnels Wins 👍ClickFunnels Fails 👎
Ease of useClickFunnels 2.0
Funnel templatesCustomer service
Training videos and articlesBugs and glitches
All-in-one lead management abilitiesPricing
ClickFunnels Customers: What Are They Saying?

So far, it’s an equal balance of wins and fails for ClickFunnels. Time to analyze what the reviews are telling us.

Conclusion: Are Customers Happy with ClickFunnels?

Most ClickFunnels customers are happy about the ease with which they’re able to run their business, thanks to the platform. And that’s how a good automation platform should work — it should be non-intrusive and should let marketers focus on strategy and fine-tuning processes. 

The funnel templates also simplify things for both new users and old. Customers can find a funnel for their use case regardless of what industry they’re in, and there are third-party funnels that you can buy from the funnel marketplace, too. 

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. We saw many reviews complaining about bugs in the software, and that’s something ClickFunnels needs to address ASAP. Usually, a new version of a platform should get users excited about trying new features, but if they work incorrectly, it can be a downer.

Companies should pay attention to how good their customer support teams are — in ClickFunnels’ case, it’s a big contributor to the negative reviews. Most negative reviews mentioned that they felt unheard by the reps they spoke to, and a few of them even cited it as the reason for leaving. 

An easy enough fix, if ClickFunnels focuses on it!

ClickFunnels: The Good Stuff

ClickFunnels primarily helps you create funnels and provides the tools you need to get the job done. Let’s review its best features.


ClickFunnels UI
ClickFunnels: User Interface [Source]

ClickFunnels may have a slight learning curve but we still count its usability as a win, given the complexity of building a funnel. The platform further simplifies things with its drag-and-drop approach and pre-built templates. For a non-techie looking to set up funnels and email automation for their online business, ClickFunnels simplifies things enough that they can achieve great results.

Funnel Templates

Whether you’re looking for sales, product launch, membership, webinar, or eBook funnel templates, ClickFunnels has got you covered. The templates in its library are based on proven conversion optimization techniques, potentially increasing your chances of achieving your desired outcome. 

It also has a marketplace where you can search for templates, or you can hire professionals to build custom funnels for you. Thanks to ClickFunnels’ popularity, there are also various sites where you can purchase pre-built funnel templates.

ClickFunnels Training

ClickFunnels Academy offers training resources specifically designed to help users learn the ClickFunnels platform, both for its legacy version and the newer ClickFunnels 2.0. This collection of video courses and lessons covers topics like initial setup, site customization, launching courses, and creating sales funnels.

ClikcFunnels Academy is a great resource for users who wish to learn how to leverage ClickFunnels to build their online presence and grow their business.

A/B Testing

The split testing tool is one of the best features of ClickFunnels. You can test headlines, copywriting, and CTAs to see how effective they are. You can also test elements like page layouts or experiment with different visuals like images and videos to see which ones capture attention and improve engagement.

ClickFunnels even lets you choose the percentage of your traffic you want to send to each version. You can then study metrics like conversions, click-through rates, and page views on the analytics page. 

ClickFunnels: The Bad Stuff

It’s important to review the negative feedback about any service or product you plan to invest in, as you may become aware of a dealbreaker you’re unwilling to accept. We’ve already covered the good parts of ClickFunnels; on to the bad.

Customer Service

A large chunk of the negative reviews mentioned poor interactions with ClickFunnels’ customer care team. For a company with such a large presence in the funnel space and a reputation to protect, it’s not great that this issue is causing customers to leave the platform. Negative customer care reviews could also convince new leads to switch to a ClickFunnels alternative.


Like the customer care issue, we saw more than one review complain about the pricing. Users mentioned leaving ClickFunnels for cheaper options, and a few customers felt that they were paying too much for what they were getting. A couple of feedback comments also mentioned hidden charges or billing issues.

Limited Landing Page Templates

While the drag-and-drop builder helps you create funnel pages from scratch, marketers mention that they would like templates with more customization options and better designs in the template library. 

ClickFunnels: Pros vs Cons

So what’s the verdict on ClickFunnels? Is it mostly good or mostly bad?

ClickFunnels ProsClickFunnels Cons
Drag-and-drop interface makes building pages and funnels intuitive, even for beginners.Fewer pre-designed templates and customization options compared to certain competitors.
Integrates various marketing tools like email marketing, membership sites, and shopping carts in one place.Starting price point may be expensive for individuals or small businesses just starting out.
Allows A/B testing of different versions of pages and funnels to optimize results.Built-in email marketing functionality can be less user-friendly and feature-rich than specialized email marketing platforms.
ClickFunnels Academy provides excellent training materials to help users learn the platform.A few users report website speed issues, which can impact user experience and SEO.
ClickFunnels: Advantages vs Disadvantages

In our opinion, ClickFunnels is a pretty good option for marketers looking to build and automate a sales funnel. While the pricing may deter some, ClickFunnels may generate enough ROI that it finds a permanent spot in your business plan.

ClickFunnels Plans: Is It Expensive?

If funnels are a big part of your marketing strategy or if you’re going to use most of the bundled features, then the ClickFunnels plans pay for themselves. If you’re only going to build a landing page once in a while or sell a course or two, buying a ClickFunnels package may be overkill.

If you want to better understand the value-add in each of ClickFunnels’ paid tiers, this table breaks it down:

ClickFunnels planPriceFeatures
Basic$147 a month or $1,524 a year‣ 20 Funnels
‣ 1 Website
‣ 3 Users
‣ 1 Domain
‣ 10,000 Contacts
‣ Unlimited Courses
‣ Unlimited Workflows
‣ Unlimited Pages
‣ Unlimited Products
‣ Unlimited Email Sequences
‣ ShareFunnels
‣ Analytics
Pro$197 a month or $1,884 a year‣ 100 Funnels
‣ 1 Website
‣ 5 Users
‣ 3 Domains
‣ 25,000 Contacts
‣ Unlimited Courses
‣ Unlimited Workflows
‣ Unlimited Pages
‣ Unlimited Products
‣ Unlimited Email Sequences
‣ ShareFunnels
‣ Analytics
Funnel Hacker$497 a month or $2,496 a year‣ Unlimited Funnels
‣ 3 Websites
‣ 15 Users
‣ 9 Domains
‣ 200,000 Contacts
‣ Unlimited Courses
‣ Unlimited Workflows
‣ Unlimited Pages
‣ Unlimited Products
‣ Unlimited Email Sequences
‣ ShareFunnels
‣ Analytics
‣ API access
ClickFunnels: Paid Plans

At a glance, ClickFunnels seems expensive. You can always give it a try with a 14-day free trial and check to see if there are any glaring issues or UI/UX issues that you don’t like.

Note that many marketers credit ClickFunnels for their success and make the best use of the platform to grow their businesses.

ClickFunnels: Top Competitors

If you’re researching ClickFunnels, you should compare its features against its top competitors.

We compiled that list for you:

  1. Leadpages,
  2. Kajabi,
  3. Instapage.

Below we give you reasons why we picked these 3.


Leadpages is slightly more affordable than ClickFunnels, making it accessible for businesses with smaller budgets. Leadpages is also better at landing page creation, giving users a wider array of templates and tools. This platform also supports more native integrations with many popular third-party tools. Leadpages is a great choice if complex sales funnels aren’t a priority.


This platform is suitable for content creators and businesses that deliver courses, memberships, and other knowledge products. Besides this, Kajabi’s integrated blogging, email marketing, and automation tools might streamline your workflow compared to ClickFunnels. 

Kajabi also lets customers do business with you through their app, which means you don’t have to pay for the development or maintenance of your own app. Kajabi does a better job of creating landing pages than ClickFunnels, too, visually speaking.


If you aim to build high-converting landing pages, Instapage is another ClickFunnels alternative you can consider. This platform prioritizes loading speed and server optimization, giving it an edge over ClickFunnels — marketers find this factor crucial for maximizing conversions on landing pages.

Instapage offers a cool feature called AdMap, which streamlines your advertising campaign management and boosts conversions by aligning your ads and landing pages.

In our opinion, the smartest option here is to take the best of what ClickFunnels offers and combine it with the incredible inbox placement rates of Campaign Refinery.

The Best Solution: Integrate ClickFunnels with Campaign Refinery

ClickFunnels is excellent at what it does — creating funnels and acquiring customers — and if you combine it with Campaign Refinery, you will have a powerful combination on your hands.

We support integration with ClickFunnels — this means you can route your leads to Campaign Refinery and then manage email marketing operations through our simple and insightful interface.

If you’re looking for peak email performance, look no further than our platform. With a hyper-focus on deliverability rates, Campaign Refinery lets you send targeted broadcasts and achieve better engagement rates with your subscribers. 

If you’re ready to see your email marketing performance skyrocket, apply to be a Campaign Refinery customer today!

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