GoHighLevel Review 2024: Features, Pros and Cons, and Analysis

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GoHighLevel, or HighLevel, as they’re also known, has been getting a lot of attention these days as a full-stack solution for sales and marketing automation. There are multiple videos of young entrepreneurs and influencers on social media singing praises of GHL; but is the hype legit? Can GoHighLevel deliver the results you’re looking for?

In this GoHighLevel review, we aim to separate the wheat from the chaff —  we will break down the features, look at what user reviews say, weigh the pros and cons, and evaluate if the pricing makes sense for your requirements

Features Overview: GoHighLevel is a Jack of All Trades

GoHighLevel has a giant list of features and aims to provide solutions for every marketing professional, regardless of what channel they’re in. 

Whether you plan to focus on Google/Facebook ads, or perhaps SMS marketing, or maybe you want a CRM to manage your customers, or just want a lead generation tool — GoHighLevel has a solution for you. 

And that’s not all; you can even build landing pages, signup forms, or full websites. And if you’re an agency, you can create funnels, pipelines, mobile apps, and other features for your clients, because GHL lets you whitelabel services. Somewhere in that long list of options, email marketing gets a tiny mention, too.

The exhaustive list of features offered by GoHighLevel includes:

FeaturesWhat they mean
Funnel creation and managementCreate marketing/sales funnels with customer-specific details and overviews.
Customer relationship management (CRM)Manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and leads.
Appointment bookingBusinesses in the service industry can schedule appointments through GHL.
SMS marketingRun texting campaigns or send confirmation/transaction SMSs.
Email marketing Operate different email campaigns; this includes drip and nurture campaigns.
Landing page designerRich page builder lets you design detailed landing pages with different templates to choose from.
Signup/survey form builderYou can create signup forms on GoHighLevel and add new signups to different email lists automatically.
Website builderYou can create basic websites for clients using the drag-and-drop builder, and even integrate payment systems along with tracking capabilities.
Social media campaignsGHL lets you run social media campaigns and track them without having to log in to each platform separately.
Social listeningYou can track customer sentiment online using this tool.
Payment trackingIt’s possible to track and collect payments via HighLevel.
Automated bookingGoHighLevel lets you create, track, and confirm bookings plus track them through SMS, email, and Facebook.
MembershipIf you want to create a members-only group/site for your customers, you can do that using GoHighLevel.
GoHighLevel: All Features

That’s an extensive list of features, but do they all work well? It’s time to check out what the customers/users think of GoHighLevel.

GoHighLevel Ratings Review

Finding unbiased reviews online for GoHighLevel was interesting; we discovered mostly biased reviews on marketing websites or opinions shared by users together with affiliate links on forums like Reddit and Quora.

So we compiled a few interesting reviews we found online.

GHL Review 1
GHL Review [Source]

This reviewer doesn’t mince his words at all, calling out the customer care team for their poor support. The user also seems frustrated with the non-intuitive UI, which we noticed was a theme among GoHighLevel customers.

GHL Review
GHL Review [Source]

Here, we see a user who is annoyed with the email marketing capabilities of High Level (or lack thereof), and the lack of transparency in the costs. 

GHL Review
GHL Review [Source]

This review complains about the product, but it seems more like an issue with the customer care team not putting in enough effort to help this dissatisfied customer. They also add that they struggled to cancel their account and continue to get charged. 

GoHighLevel Review
GoHighLevel Review [Source]

This negative GoHighLevel review goes into the details. Billing troubles seem to be the main issue, followed by poor experiences with different customer service reps.

That said, it’s not all bad news for users of GoHighLevel.

GHL Review
GHL Review [Source]

This user loves having all his solutions under one roof, which is GoHighLevel’s main USP. The white labeling feature also gets appreciation — not just from this user, but many others, too.

GHL Review
GHL Review [Source]

Yet another good review of GHL where the user praises the integration and automation features offered. Similarly, we saw multiple users speak positively of the page builder, form maker, and social media features.

GoHighLevel Review
GoHighLevel Review [Source]

Detailed reviews are the best! Here, we have a review from a marketer/agency professional who explains how they use High Level for customer relations. They write that they find GoHighLevel suitable to use with their client base.

GoHighLevel Review
GoHighLevel Review [Source]

This positive review of GoHighLevel focuses on its rich catalog of features. The reviewer highlights using the CRM, website builder, chat widgets, and more. 

This table summarizes the pros and cons of GoHighLevel, going by user reviews:

What GoHighLevel Customers LikeWhat GoHighLevel Customers Dislike
Sales/marketing funnelCustomer service
Multiple marketing channelsUser interface
Value for moneyBuggy features
CRMBilling issues
White-labelingLearning curve
GoHighLevel: What the online reviews say

Going by the table, it’s an equal balance of good vs bad, so let’s analyze what the customer sentiment really is.

GoHighLevel Reviews: Summary

Good customer support is critical, especially when marketers can access so many features on a single platform. From setting up the funnel to managing clients, from guiding them through the funnel to running SMS and email campaigns, it’s vital that GoHighLevel’ features are intuitive and work well. 

When customers face issues, they expect to deal with a qualified customer care rep who can resolve their problems — as this is not the case, GoHighLevel needs to address it ASAP. Similarly, there needs to be transparency when it comes to billing; we saw users mention struggles with cancellation and surprising additional charges for email sends.

But GoHighLevel also gets a lot of love for listing such a wide range of marketing solutions. Using multiple marketing tools can get taxing, so a platform like GoHighLevel is a blessing for marketing professionals. Similarly, the ability to white-label services makes it easy for agencies and marketers to create SaaS solutions wth their clients. 

GoHighLevel has a range of features, so there should have more complaints about bugs or glitches — but those were missing in online reviews. There weren’t also a lot of complaints about pricing, which indicates that most customers find the pricing plans to be fair. But we’ll get back to that at a later point.

GoHighLevel: What’s Good

It’s quite obvious what GoHighLevel’s goal is; it aims to cast a wide net and attract as many marketers as it possibly can. And it’s a smart business plan because marketers love that they can track customer behavior on a single platform. It’s a much easier task than opening up 5 apps or services and moving back and forth between them! The import/export of data between different tools is another issue that GoHighLevel solves.

Multi-Channel Marketing

The range of marketing tools available at GHL makes it an attractive option for small businesses or marketers looking to run multiple marketing channels from a single platform. GoHighLevel works for all types of business owners — new entrepreneurs who want to set up a small gig and run basic marketing ops, or large businesses that want features like automation and CRM.

The ability to create landing pages and signup forms, track customers through the funnel, and run SMS campaigns parallelly with email marketing campaigns is what makes HighLevel appealing to so many professionals.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM tools can be expensive. For marketers or small businesses looking for something simple yet feature-packed, GoHighLevel’s CRM is a great answer. The tool lets you track customer interactions, add/update contact information and lead status, and keep an eye on communication history.

It also features lead scoring and gives insight into which customers to target. The features of the CRM make it easy for businesses to track leads and sales processes.

Lead Capturing

GoHighLevel not only lets you capture leads by building landing pages and signup forms, it is also efficient at organizing your contacts into different segments. You also get automation tools so that you can immediately start targeting new leads. With HighLevel, you can connect with leads using phone calls, SMS, email, and even Facebook Messenger. In short, you get various methods to target a new lead!

GoHighLevel also has a drag-and-drop builder you can use to create sales funnel pages. 

White labeling

GoHighLevel was created by a team of ex-marketing agency guys — so they know exactly what marketing agencies want. By knowing all the pain points faced by marketers, they created a tool that would resolve this issue. This is why whitelabeling is one of their best features.

Whitelabeling means that a marketer can create a web or smartphone app that displays their branding even though the customer is using HighLevel’s infrastructure. This means an agency/marketer can sell the GHL app as a SaaS solution to clients, charging them whatever they’d like to. And they do.

In short, an agency customer can use all of HighLevel’s features and never know that it’s the HighLevel platform. GHL even lets you choose the domain name and fully customize the look and feel of the app.

GoHighLevel: What’s Bad

Poor experiences can be highly subjective, but as we pooled GoHighLevel complaints together, we noted a few patterns that we’d like to share here. 

Customer Service

We noted that GoHighLevel is omnipresent on platforms when it comes to reputation management; the founder as well as numerous reps respond to customer complaints on review sites and forums. But the problem here is that the customer service team that users get in touch with when they face an issue is consistently disappointing.

User Interface and Experience

It appears users struggle to figure out basic features and also report that there are bugs that don’t seem to go away. To be fair, it’s impressive that GoHighLevel such a wide range of features on a single platform — but a poor user experience can make them seek solutions elsewhere. Buggy behavior can also lead to embarrassment for agencies who use GHL’s whitelabeling services.

Third-party Integrations

GoHighLevel is limited when it comes to supporting third-party tools — this could deter marketing professionals from signing up. Marketers often use tools that are the base of their operations, and they look for platforms that support these tools. GHL currently supports only basic services, such as Stripe, Facebook, and Shopify.

GoHighLevel Pros and Cons Overview

Compiling all the information we’ve collected on GoHighLevel’s pros and cons, here’s our conclusion.

GoHighLevel ProsGoHighLevel Cons
Good for SMB owners and marketers who want a one-stop marketing solution.GoHighLevel needs to work on improving its customer service levels; too many users are voicing their displeasure online.
The whitelabeling is a blessing for marketers who can offer a SaaS to their clients.The platform must simplify its user interface further or re-arrange the layout in a future update to make things more intuitive.
The CRM works really well and makes it convenient for businesses to track their leads and customers.GHL needs to consistently test its features so that they work correctly — buggy behavior can cause customers to lose trust.
Capturing leads is easy; plus you can create unlimited funnels and assign tags, which helps move them through different funnels.Slow speed is a common complain by GHL uers.
SMS marketing is a plus.Users are forced to run email campaigns through LeadConnect. User may prefer different ESPs.
GoHighLevel: Pros vs Cons

GoHighLevel Pricing Reviews

There are two pricing plans on GoHighLevel — depending on your requirements, you can opt for the Starter plan or the Unlimited plan. The base plan costs $97 a month, whereas the Unlimited one charges you $297. 

Note that sending SMS campaigns and emails will cost you extra. While the LC email plan costs $0.675 for 1,000 emails, charges for text messages depend on the number of segments in your text. You can find details for GHL’s SMS pricing on the Twilio website, which it has integrated into its platform for its calling features.

GoHighLevel Pricing Chart
GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

The two plans on GHL give you these benefits:

GoHighLevel PlanPriceFeatures
Starter$97/month‣ CRMUnlimited users
‣ Unlimited contacts
‣ Three sub-accounts
‣ Email marketing
‣ SMS marketing
‣ Lead capturing tools
‣ Website, form, and landing page builder
‣ Funnel management tools
‣ Appointment booking
‣ Social media management
‣ Email templates
‣ Funnel templates
‣ Social media templates
Unlimited$297/month‣ CRM
‣ Unlimited users
‣ Unlimited contacts
‣ Email marketing
‣ SMS marketing
‣ Lead capturing tools
‣ Website, form, and landing page builder
‣ Funnel management tools
‣ Appointment booking
‣ Social media management
‣ Email templates
‣ Funnel templates
‣ Social media templates +
‣ API access
‣ Unlimited sub-accounts
‣ White-labeled desktop app
GoHighLevel: Pricing Breakdown

If you’re going to fully use all these features, then GoHighLevel presents good value for money. But if you’re primarily looking at running email campaigns, there are more budget-friendly options available with superior features.

GoHighLevel: Alternate Options

The top 3 GoHighLevel alternatives are:

  1. ClickFunnels,
  2. Hubspot,
  3. Campaign Refinery.

Below is a quick overview of each.


If you’re looking exclusively to build funnels, then ClickFunnels makes more sense. They simplify the process of funnels and share a variety of funnel templates to choose from. The multi-user support for teams looking to collaborate are also better. It also boasts the fastest page load speed amongst its competitors. ClickFunnels also has better third-party integration options as compared to GHL.


Probably the most comprehensive competitor in this short list, Hubspot is an all-in-one marketing and sales platform. Compared to HighLevel, the user experience and user interface on HubSpot is far superior with advanced capabilities. The integration options are also better with HubSpot; it’s a similar situation with customer service and knowledge resources, which are better than what GoHighLevel offers.

Campaign Refinery

Want to build an audience and truly explore the powerful capabilities of email marketing? Campaign Refinery is the perfect solution. With the best deliverability rates in the industry, you can focus on running email campaigns that are both effective and cost-efficient. You also get various list management tools and our tagging system makes it easy to move customers through the marketing funnel.


These additional questions should help clear any additional doubts you have about GoHighLevel. 

Is GoHighLevel actually good?

The short answer is yes. While it may not be the best option for email marketing, it has a lot of functions that marketers will find useful like lead capturing, pipeline management, appointment scheduling, SMS marketing, website building, and of course, whitelabeling services.

Is GoHighLevel better than ClickFunnels?

If you’re on the lookout for a powerful funnel builder, then ClickFunnels is the better choice between these two.

Sign Up for the Best GoHighLevel Alternative

With Campaign Refinery, it’s all about mastering the email game — you get premium service, superb support, and the best deliverability on the market, plus you’re rewarded with elite results.

And that’s why you should apply to be a Campaign Refinery customer today!

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