Moosend Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons, and Analysis

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Moosend, founded in 2011, is an email marketing platform that lets marketers run email campaigns and track performance. It streamlines your workflows with automation features. This ESP features a user-friendly campaign designer that supports drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to craft personalized, mobile-friendly email messages. Moosend also features a landing page/form builder, giving you a platform for data collection.

Is it the right ESP for you, though? The only way to know that is to examine its features, collect and evaluate the opinions of existing customers, and compare Moosend with its competitors. 

This Moosend review aims to simplify things and give you the real picture — is Moosend your best option or are there better ESPs? 

We start by listing the features Moosend offers its users.

Features Breakdown: What Does Moosend Offer You?

Moosend’s primary focus is email marketing, so it features the standard tools you’d expect from an ESP. You can organize your contacts, send emails, create automated workflows, and track your campaign reports to study performance. Besides that, you can create landing pages to collect leads for your business. Moosend also features template libraries for forms, landing pages, and emails.

Moosend has also been dabbling in AI recently, as artificial intelligence is all the rage in marketing at the moment. So not only does the AI feature suggest email content improvements in the email editor, but it also provides better product recommendations to target your subscribers.

The full list of Moosend’s features explained:

FeatureHow it works
Email marketingCreate, send, track, and manage email marketing campaigns.
Drag-and-drop editorUsers who are unfamiliar with code can create appealing email designs. 
PersonalizationCustom fields allow you to personalize content for subscribers.
SegmentationOrganize your email subscribers by demographics, behavior, or engagement levels.
AutomationYou can set up predefined workflows and triggers that automatically send targeted emails.
Template libraryWide range of email templates to choose from, customize, and send. 
Form builderCreate customized sign-up forms or opt-in forms that capture valuable subscriber information.
Landing page designerDesign and create standalone web pages optimized for specific marketing campaigns, letting you capture leads or promote products.
AnalyticsThe analytics dashboard provides comprehensive insights and metrics about the performance of your email marketing campaigns.
AI writerRecommends suggestions to improve your writing, shorten messages, change tone, and suggest subject lines.
Third-party integrationsSeamlessly connect tools and platforms such as CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and analytics tools.
Moosend: A list of all features

So how well do these features work? Are the customers happy or are they fleeing the platform in hordes? We’ll answer this question by going through what the online reviews say about Moosend.

User Ratings: What do Customers Think of Moosend?

Moosend has been around for a little over a decade, so you’re sure to find many customer reviews with a casual Google search. We decided to save you the trouble and compiled the 8 most authentic reviews we found. To keep things neutral, we picked 4 positive reviews and 4 negative ones. 

Let’s start off with the happy customers! 

Moosend Review Screenshot-1
Moosend Review [Source]

In the positive reviews, we noticed a common theme — users had a lot of good things to say about the Moosend customer care team. Besides that, the review above also praises the usability and automation features of the platform.

Moosend Review Screenshot-2
Moosend Review [Source]

Moosend’s user interface gets more positive feedback in this review. The user mentions he faced issues with design but adds that the customer care team helped him out. He claims he isn’t too familiar with the tools and features of Moosend but is still able to use it effectively.

Moosend Review Screenshot 3
Moosend Review [Source]

Here’s another glowing review of Moosend where the user talks about the ease of use and also writes that he appreciates the customer care team. 

Moosend Review budget
Moosend Review [Source]

Moosend’s users often comment on how efficient the customer care team is. This user keeps his review concise and mentions usability as a good feature of Moosend.

Now, let’s take a look at what the negative Moosend reviews say.

Moosend Review Screenshot-5
Moosend Review [Source]

There seems to be an issue with Moosend’s deliverability rates, according to this user. We also saw a couple of other customers write the same. While Moosend may be requesting that users implement security protocols, it takes a lot more diligence to ensure emails consistently reach the primary inbox.

Moosend Review Screenshot-6
Moosend Review [Source]

Once more, we see a reviewer comment on issues with the inbox placement rates of their email messages. While this user was happy with Moosend’s usability and features, the poor inboxing rates compelled them to leave a 1.5-star review.

Moosend Review [Source]

We can see comments from a customer who has complaints about the billing issues he faced at Moosend. It doesn’t help that he had a poor experience clarifying matters with the customer care team, leading to his negative review.

Moosend Review [Source]

Criticism of Moosend’s customer service team is rare, but here we have a user who went through extensive discussions with tech support to resolve his list cleaning issues. In his comments, the customer makes a fair point — he has no domain, and they refused to tell him which subscribers on his email list were problematic.

Here, we sum up what the reviews are saying about Moosend:

What Moosend users like What Moosend users dislike
UsabilityLimited template library
Customer serviceDeliverability
Automation workflowsBugs
Email editorLimited integration
Moosend Reviews Breakdown

To better understand what to take away from these reviews, let’s analyze the highlighted features and see how they could possibly affect you.

Moosend Reviews: Analysis

One thing is clear from the reviews — the customers appreciate the service they get from Moosend’s support team. Even the critical reviews made it a point to mention that the customer care team did their best to help them. 

Another win for Moosend is its usability; managing contacts, different email campaigns, analytics, and more on an email platform is a challenging task, and the user interface makes a huge difference. Moosend simplifies things for its customers and gets brownie points for it. Email automation also gets praise in online reviews, indicating it’s simple to design and execute workflows.

On the flip side, we saw customers unhappy about inbox placement rates. We also noted complaints about the integrations not working correctly or critical integrations missing. Buggy features can be highly aggravating for customers, so this issue gets a few mentions in online reviews. 

Another common theme in the negative reviews was outdated or low-quality templates; this is an additional workload for email marketers. It could also mean an additional expense, if they need to get a paid subscription from a templates website. 

Many of the negative reviews were from customers who were unhappy about Moosend’s sudden change in the free plan. By switching from a free plan to a limited trial, they upset a vocal section of their user base. A few reviews also expressed displeasure with the pricing tiers.

Generally speaking, it appears Moosend customers are happy with the platform. For the ones that aren’t, there are numerous Moosend alternatives to choose from.

Moosend Advantages

Moosend gets the basics right by creating a user interface that is simple and intuitive. Creating this kind of user experience can help customers focus on what truly matters — email marketing campaigns. They back this up by presenting a rock-solid customer care team, along with good automation and list management tools.

Time to review the top Moosend features.

Email Editor

Moosend Email Editor
Moosend Email Editor(Source: Moosend Website)

The email editor is intuitive and also features an AI assistant to help you create emails. The editor supports WYSIWYG — What You See Is What You Get — so you can edit emails in their final form, and that is exactly what your recipients will see. 

The editor also supports collaboration between team members, like copywriters and designers, and has a History feature that lets you track changes. You also get access to an image library for photos and GIF images.


Moosend Automation
Moosend Automation Builder (Source: Moosend Website)

On Moosend, you can either use pre-built automation templates or create your own. The controls are flexible and you have a good range of actions to choose from and execute your targeting strategy. The visual editor is simple and even users who are new to automation will be able to understand how things work.

Customer Support

Customer service can make or break a company’s reputation. Moosend gets it right by paying close attention to what the customers are saying, and resolving their technical issues. Good customer support can be comforting for users and convince them to ignore the smaller issues — Moosend nails this.

Landing Page and Form Builder

The landing page and form designing tools are as good as the email editor and let you create pages and forms with ease, should you need them. You can also explore the template library for pre-built options of popular categories. 

Moosend Disadvantages

With the kind of competition that exists in the email marketing industry today, customers are spoiled for choice. Let’s review the main reasons that are causing users to move on from Moosend to other ESPs.


You can send thousands of emails but if they’re not landing in the inbox, you’re essentially wasting your time and money. Deliverability is critical for email marketers — the higher the number of emails making it to the primary inbox, the higher the chances of conversion.

Moosend customers have reported deliverability issues, and the statistics back it up. According to Email Tool Tester, which conducts deliverability tests for different ESPs periodically, Moosend seems to hover around the 88-90% range, which means there’s plenty of potential for further improvement. 

Moosend does its part by recommending that customers implement SPF and DKIM on their email domains and shares walkthrough guides to achieve this.

Poor Integration and Bugs

The marketing landscape is complex. There are various tools available for different functions, and to a marketer, these tools can make a huge difference to their strategy and results. This is why third-party integration is critical — marketers like to daisy-chain different tools together to better understand how the customer is moving along the sales funnel.

We saw more than one review mention the limited third-party integration on Moosend, and this is one area that could coax email professionals to seek answers elsewhere.


Moosend Template Library
Moosend Template Library (Source: Moosend Website)

From reviews, the template library is a common pain point for many Moosend users. Whether it’s issues with customization or a lack of designs to choose from, we found that marketers were either uploading their own templates or using the email editor to create emails from scratch.

Moosend: Pros and Cons Overview

So how do the pros and cons of Moosend stack up against each other? 

Moosend ProsMoosend Cons
Moosend customers love the intuitive interface.Deliverability rate needs improvement.
Competent and enthusiastic customer care team.The template library isn’t great.
Creating automation flows is simple on Moosend.If you have a large contact list you pay more.
The email editor is simple and has AI features. Integration issues with popular marketing tools.
Variety of segmentation options.The analytics dashboard could be better.
Moosend: Pros vs Cons

It’s a balance between the good and bad for Moosend — while it’s a stable, dependable email platform, there are certain issues that customers may be unwilling to overlook

Now that we’ve examined the features, it’s time to move on to a factor that is a dealbreaker for many: pricing.

Moosend Pricing: Reviews

Moosend has a 30-day free trial with limited features that let you experience what it’s like to be a Moosend customer. While the prices look affordable, it’s highly subjective. It might be affordable for email marketers who have just started to build their lists, but as the subscriber base grows, it gets expensive quickly. 

Moosend Pricing
Moosend Pricing

For example, Moosend charges just $9 a month if your list is under 500 subscribers, but if you rapidly scale and hit the 50K mark, you’re looking at spending $315 a month.

If you’re the type of email marketer who has a huge list but only sends out 1-2 email blasts a month, the plans may seem like a raw deal. Unlimited emails will not appeal to professionals aiming to be selective about the campaigns they run. 

This table explains the tier breakups on Moosend:

Moosend planMonthly priceYearly priceFeatures
Free TrialFree/30 days onlyFree/30 days only‣ 1,000 subscribers
‣ Unlimited emails
‣ 1 landing page
‣ 1 signup form
‣ 2 users
‣ Analytics
‣ A/B testing
‣ Email automation
‣ Template library
‣ API access
ProStarts at $9 a monthStarts at $84 ($7 a month)‣ All of the above +
‣ 500 subscribers
‣ Unlimited emails
‣ Transactional emails
‣ Multiple landing pages/forms
‣ 5 users
‣ Website triggers
‣ Product page triggers
‣ SMTP Server
EnterpriseCustomCustom‣ All of the above +
‣ Custom subscriber count
‣ Email file attachments
‣ Dedicated IP
‣ Account manager
‣ Custom reports
‣ Service-Level Agreement
Moosend: Free and paid plans

For the price and features, Moosend offers good value for money. It would be far better if they didn’t charge customers for having large email lists; the plans only make sense for email senders who send multiple emails every month.

Find the Best Moosend Alternatives

If you’ve been considering signing up on Moosend, it’s a good idea to consider its top competitors. You might find a different email platform is better suited for your needs.


Mailchimp is a superior alternative to Moosend for two main reasons. Firstly, you get a wider range of tools and features, like the CRM, for example. Besides that, third-party integrations are also more stable on Mailchimp. 

It also lets you run social media campaigns plus build fully functional websites, and not just landing pages, as Moosend does. 


HubSpot positions itself as a sales and marketing automation platform, which means it can do a lot more than Moosend can. It features a CRM, plus you can create funnels and track customers through them. 

The list of integrations supported by HubSpot is extensive and you also get advanced analytics and reporting features. The personalization options on HubSpot are also superior to Moosend’s.

Campaign Refinery

If deliverability is your #1 priority — as it should be — Campaign Refinery is the best Moosend alternative. But that’s not all; you also get excellent automation tools, powerful segmentation and personalization options, and an automated list-cleaning tool that removes problematic emails. 

With best practices in place to ensure your sender reputation will always be top-notch, you’re looking at peak email marketing performance. 

And did we mention our click rates hit 76.67% when the Gamification feature is switched on?

Sign Up for the Best Moosend Alternative

Along with the best inbox placement rates in the industry, our analytics will let you keep a sharp eye on your email performance. 

If you want to achieve elite results and see the engagement rates that top senders do, apply to be a Campaign Refinery customer today!

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