Klaviyo Reviews 2024: Pros and Cons, Features, and Ratings

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Klaviyo is one of the popular email marketing platforms for e-commerce businesses and has been expanding to SMS and push notifications. It offers web tracking, audience segmentation, and 300+ integrations, allowing users to set up targeted marketing emails based on customer data. 

If you’ve been looking for honest Klaviyo reviews, we analyzed its exclusive features, price points, pros and cons, and user reviews in this guide.

Feature Overview – Data-driven Email Marketing at Scale

Klaviyo is a cloud-based email marketing solution known for its simple user interface and advanced segmentation capabilities. The 300+ pre-built integrations consolidate data to help you send hyper-targeted emails. You can also sync and store real-time and historical data without the need for data mapping.

Another popular feature is the integrated AI capability and predictive analytics and reporting. Advanced algorithms of the subject line assistant help you create engaging copy. You can also add dynamic product recommendations based on the user’s purchase history and behavior. Klaviyo focuses on using data to tailor communication strategies with customers to increase conversions.

You can use intuitively designed templates that include consistent and reusable sections, mobile-optimized templates, and custom HTML/CSS templates. More importantly, real-time data makes it possible to reach the right people at the right time, making segmentation one of their strongest features.

According to customers, the ESP doesn’t track customer replies — you must use a customer service tool for that. Besides, users think the platform is pretty expensive for small businesses.

Here’s information on our favorite features.

Klaviyo FeaturesWhat They Do
SegmentationUsers can segment audiences based on:
‣ Average order value
‣ Purchase history and frequency
‣ Actions taken
‣ Shopping preferences
‣ Acquisition source
‣ Shopping cart profile
‣ Browsing behavior
AnalyticsQuick and easy data science help:
‣ Predict purchase date of each customer
‣ Predict future spending of customers
‣ Identify high-profile customers
‣ Segment audience into most frequent buyers
A/B testing Can split test the following:
‣ Email flows
‣ Campaigns
‣ Subject lines
‣ Sending times
Facebook Audience IntegrationCan sync any segment to a custom Facebook audience group. 
Dynamic content Users can add:
‣ Customer names
‣ Personalized subject lines
‣ Dynamic product images
Email campaign builder The email builder has a:
‣ User-friendly interface
‣ Drag and drop functionality
‣ Design and automation capabilities
Automation Users can automate various aspects of marketing based on behavioral data
Sign-up form builder Helps with accurate data collection through customizable form options
Unique features of Klaviyo

Klaviyo Ratings and Reviews

We analyzed many Klaviyo reviews from reputable sources and found that customers benefit from integration and automation capabilities and customer support. 

E-commerce owners especially like the Klaviyo-Shopify integration, which only takes a few minutes to set up. Dozens of email flows can be triggered by Shopify events, which means there’s no need for manual intervention. 

The platform is also renowned for its ease of use and intuitive functionalities. Even without technical expertise, clients can set up advanced automation and email flows. Plus, it provides valuable insights into campaign analytics.

The automation platform is also praised for its responsive customer support. Clients report that customer support executives are kind and helpful and usually resolve queries quickly.

Many clients suggest that the platform is expensive for small businesses that don’t need such comprehensive features. 

We’ve laid out the positive and negative user feedback to help you make an informed decision.

Klaviyo Positives Klaviyo Negatives
User-friendly interfaceProblematic customer service 
Dynamic segmentation No refunds
Responsive customer support Delays in subscription cancellations
Smooth web flow/Shopify setup Expensive for beginners
Email customization featuresChatbot technical issues 
Good automation flow No options to delete inactive user profiles
Easy to build campaigns Account compromises
In-depth articles and resourcesDisable accounts without notice
Klaviyo positive and negative reviews

Klaviyo Reviews Summary 

Klaviyo stands out as a data-friendly platform with built-in integration and automation features. Users trust the value of AI functionality because it saves them time and helps personalize email timing and strategies. 

Clients appreciate the ESP’s ability to integrate SMS, emails, and CRM activities across channels. Web tracking and personalization help businesses market to customers in a more relevant way. The platform’s simple segmentation helps users clean up a lot of deliverability issues, improving overall digital marketing efforts.

Overall, we found that the ESP has a smooth onboarding process, user-friendly features, and receptive customer support, allowing better optimizations for email marketing success.

Klaviyo Pros 

There are several reasons why Klaviyo could be a good fit for your business. We mention a few of their top features based on the most critical aspects of email marketing.

1. Email Deliverability

Klaviyo is generally known for its high deliverability rates, although there is no relevant data to back it up. Several of their tools help track email deliverability, including campaign trend reports and campaign performance reports. The score tab shows you the deliverability health of emails and SMS campaigns. However, you must send at least 1000 emails in the last 30 days for the software to calculate the score. 

The action center features key steps clients can take to improve their email deliverability performance. Additionally, deliverability alerts show which email metric is experiencing poor performance with a link to a troubleshooting guide. 

2. E-commerce Features 

One of the most significant advantages of Klaviyo is how it’s centered around data and customer behavior, enabling e-commerce stores to better connect with their customers. Predictive data science is embedded throughout the platform, enabling smarter decisions for your email campaigns. 

The built-in predictive analytics uses historical data to forecast future customer behavior so that you can use better segmentation strategies.

Behavior forecasting predicts the following:

  • Next order date, 
  • Lifetime Value,
  • Churn risk,
  • Spending potential,
  • Automated A/B testing, 
  • Predicted demographics.

3. Email Segmentation

Clients can group contacts into precise audiences that update in real-time, allowing you to target messaging based on the latest customer shopping behavior. Klaviyo allows you to set as many rules for the customer journeys and use it with 200+ native integrations.

Their code-free segment builder permits you to send targeted messages based on customer lifetime value, on top of all other data you have collected. You can use the customer segments for omnichannel marketing, such as SMS and social media.

4. Analytical Abilities

Klaviyo’s dashboards help you visualize all KPIs in a single place. However, their reporting comes with customizable dashboards for easier data evaluation. The software integrates data from tech stacks and offers a one-view report.

We also found that the platform issues pre-built report templates that help you uncover trends and optimize your ROI. You can also view the benchmarks on the sidebar — the ESP claims they’re the only e-commerce marketing platform with built-in, personalized benchmarks. 

5. Built for Shopify and Other E-commerce Platforms

Unlike other marketing tools that require third-party integrations, Klaviyo directly integrates with Shopify. With Shopify’s $100M investment, the ESP has announced a strategic partnership between them.

Besides Shopify, the platform has over 200 pre-built integrations to Shipstation, Gorgias, and Recharge. It also connects to several customer support tools, SMS tools, loyalty programs, user-generated content, subscription tools, and virtually any other marketing tool you use.

6. Scalability 

Klaviyo is one of the few platforms that can scale with your business — it offers advanced features as you build your business. You can create unique experiences for each customer and get more attention with one-time sends. 

The software integrates with all of your favorite marketing tools and moves processes faster with artificial intelligence. 

7. Automated Flows and Triggers

Klaviyo has an in-built automation platform that lets you set up the following:

  • Welcome series
  • Browse abandonment
  • Cross-sell to inactive customers
  • Back-in stock alerts
  • Shipping updates

All of these can be customized according to the buyer’s journey for maximum impact.

8. A/B Testing

The platform offers an in-built A/B testing tool that lets marketers easily test their campaigns. You can A/B test subject lines, discounts, CTAs and any other element inside the campaign.

You don’t need a degree in mathematics to understand analytics; they are particularly user-friendly, as the users claim

Overall, a Good Growth Tool

Clients love the ESP for its ability to help businesses uncover growth opportunities. The high volume of data and insights it offers makes it easier for e-commerce brands to thoroughly analyze email metrics and customer journeys.

Besides email, you can use SMS and build several sign-up forms for lead generation. For example, you could build a seasonal campaign with email, SMS, and push notifications. Or create rules for each marketing channel and when it should be sent.

Klaviyo Cons 

The platform may be more expensive than other marketing platforms offering similar features. Here are other disadvantages reported by its clients.

1. Learning Curve

Although it provides helpful guides, you’re mostly on your own after the onboarding process. You might need external support to set up segmentation or email flows. 

2. SMS Performance

The onboarding process for SMS is shorter than for emails; however, you must meet certain price thresholds to get to the onboarding stage. Klaviyo offers SMS credits and the price per credit varies on the quantity you buy. If you plan to use SMS alongside emails, it might cost more since you’ll be paying the SMS carrier charges as well.

3. Weaker E-commerce Integrations (Other than Shopify)

Brands using Woocommerce or Magento find it challenging to integrate with Klaviyo. With the strategic investment from Shopify, the platform has announced its major focus on the platform. If you work with any other marketing tool other than Shopify, it’s better to consider Klaviyo alternatives.

4. Lack of Dedicated IPS

The ESP onboarded many accounts during the pandemic but failed to provide dedicated IPs to these companies, resulting in lower email deliverability rates for them.

5. Time-Consuming Reporting 

Reporting is more time consuming than in other email platforms. It often involves downloading large amounts of data from the platform and manually filtering them in sheets to answer specific questions.

6. Customer Support

Users found the support team to be slow and inconsistent at times. They also report that its chat function doesn’t always work.

Overall, Quite Tedious and Demanding

Klaviyo can have a steep learning curve, especially for non-technical users. Ensuring every detail in triggers or campaigns is updated can consume time and leave room for errors. Clients feel that certain features can be simplified to cut down time and enrich the learning process for beginners.

Customers’ biggest concern is the slow customer support and technical issues with chat options. 

Klaviyo Reviews: A Comprehensive View of Pros and Cons

We’ve gathered the advantages and disadvantages based on different user reviews on trusted platforms.

Klaviyo ProsKlaviyo Cons
High email deliverability ratesA steep learning curve for non-technical users
Predictive data analytics for e-commerce storesInconsistent customer support
Real-time segmentation Lack of robust integrations for major e-commerce tools
Pre-built and customizable reporting dashboardsLack of dedicated IPs
Smooth integrations with Shopify Time-consuming reporting
Klaviyo pros and cons – overview

Klaviyo Pricing Reviews

The platform’s pricing is based on the number of active email contacts in your list. Many users suggest it’s a great tool for established or growing businesses with more extensive email lists and not so much for smaller businesses. Another big concern is that the ESP bills based on the number of profiles, which means you get charged for the total number of profiles associated with your Klaviyo account, regardless of their marketing status or channel.

Klaviyo Pricing PlanPriceFeatures Included
Free$0‣ 500 monthly email sends
‣ 150 free SMS/MMS credits
‣ Email support for the first 60 days
Email Starts at $45 / month‣ Depends on the number of contacts: 
‣ Starting at 15,000 monthly email sends
‣ 150 free SMS/MMS credits
‣ Email and chat support
Email & SMSStarts at $60 / month‣ Depends on the number of contacts:
‣ Starting at 15,000 monthly email sends
‣ Mobile push notifications
‣ Email and chat support
Klaviyo Pricing Plans

With so many features and pricing plans, Klaviyo can help businesses grow their email revenue. However, the platform may not be ideal for all business types, especially for people with little tech knowledge. If you’ve been looking for alternatives, we unpack the best ones for you.

Klaviyo Substitutes

We reviewed what other users say about Klaviyo alternatives, and here are the top 3:

  1. Mailchimp
  2. MailerLite
  3. Campaign Refinery

We’ll tell you below how each of them compares to Klaviyo as a better solution.

Mailchimp: Data-driven recommendations 

Mailchimp offers a user-friendly and powerful functionality according to most users. The automation feature enables you to send personalized and well-targeted messages with thorough reporting and analytics. They have a freemium plan but you can choose to adjust your plans based on your needs.

They also offer custom tracking and an easy-to-build email editor. Overall, Mailchimp might have robust functionality with a beginner-friendly interface and features. 

MailerLite: Fast and Scalable Email Platform

MailerLite could be a perfect fit for freelancers, writers, small and mid-sized businesses. Its known for email newsletters; however, you can create landing pages or build websites with AI generators or pre-designed templates. 

Mailerlite’s other advanced features are pop-ups, multi-trigger automation, Facebook custom audiences, embedded surveys, and auto-resend campaigns. Several users prefer MailerLite because it is cost-effective and easy to use.

Campaign Refinery: All You Need in an Email Marketing Platform

If you’re looking for premium features and pricing based on the number of emails you send out, Campaign Refinery is an ideal fit for your business. The platform offers unlimited contacts and premium support for users on all pricing tiers.

Here are more reasons why Campaign Refinery helps you make the most of your email marketing:

  • Integrated list hygiene: The software automatically removes harmful and inactive email addresses before you send any type of email.
  • Credit System: We incentivize clients to send emails to the most engaged group of audiences, which increases trust among ISPs.
  • Engagement Gamification: This is a unique feature of Campaign Refinery — you can reward subscribers for opening and clicking on your emails. Rewards can be in the form of PDF downloads, access to exclusive content, live sessions, and so on.
  • Evergreen Flash Sales: Create urgency and scarcity through time-sensitive offers. 
  • Advanced automation: Campaign Refinery offers robust segmentation, tagging, and automation rules for increased email marketing revenue.
  • Strict vetting process: We only work with responsible marketers and have a strict process in place — no cold emailing, purchasing email lists, or any other illicit email marketing practices. User accounts found to indulge in these will be automatically removed without warning.

All our clients undergo mandatory domain authentication before onboarding with us. This safeguards their brand reputation and increases credibility. 

Campaign Refinery Client Testimonials Reviews
Campaign Refinery Client Testimonials

Sign up for the Best Klaviyo Alternative 

Along with the sophisticated features, Campaign Refinery is devoted to providing the highest email deliverability rate on the market. We ensure our clients follow email marketing best practices and help them increase email revenue the right way — clients significantly notice a 600% increase in inbox placement after migrating with us.

Do you want these results? 

Sign up with Campaign Refinery for elite results and superb support!

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