Maropost Review 2024: Pros & Cons, User Reviews, and Pricing

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Maropost is a software company that helps businesses manage their customer interactions across various platforms. It is designed to help businesses effectively communicate with their customers across various channels, such as email marketing, SMS marketing, social media marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), analytics, and more.

In this Maropost review, we go through its features and also examine a range of customer comments to see what they think of the company. We will then evaluate if signing up for a Maropost paid plan makes sense in 2024.

Maropost Features: What Can this Platform Do?

Maropost takes on these tasks:

  • Sales: This includes both online and retail channels of commerce, allowing businesses to manage their inventory, orders, and fulfillment.
  • Marketing: Maropost’s marketing automation software helps businesses create and send targeted email campaigns, SMS messages, and social media posts.
  • Customer tracking: They also offer tools for managing customer inquiries and support interactions.

Maropost clearly aims to bring together all commerce, marketing, and service tools in one place, which can help businesses streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Before acquiring Neto in 2021, Maropost was completely focused on marketing automation. Neto is an Australian e-commerce company that helps businesses manage online stores, inventory, and other aspects of their online sales.

By acquiring Neto, Maropost aims to expand its reach into the e-commerce market and offer a more comprehensive solution for businesses. So now, you have various e-commerce tools combined with CRM capabilities as well as marketing automation, all under one roof.

Maropost: What Features Do You Get?

The full range of features you get on Maropost:

Campaign managementCreate, personalize, and send targeted email, SMS, and social media campaigns.
AutomationBuild automated workflows to nurture leads and engage customers based on behavior.
Landing page and form builderDesign custom landing pages and forms to capture leads.
SegmentationSegment your audience and target campaigns based on specific criteria.
AnalyticsTrack campaign performance and gain customer insights.
Online store managementBuild and manage your online store with product listings, shopping carts, and checkout processes.
InventoryTrack inventory levels, manage stock, and optimize order fulfillment.
Order managementProcess orders, manage returns, and track order fulfillment.
Product Information Management (PIM)Enrich product data with detailed descriptions, images, and variations.
Promotions and offersCreate and manage promotions, discounts, and coupons for your online store.
Ticketing systemManage customer inquiries and support requests through a centralized ticketing system.
Live chatOffer real-time chat support to customers on your website.
Customer PortalProvide a self-service portal for customers to access FAQs, knowledge base articles, and track support tickets.
Customer data managementStore and manage customer data for personalized experiences.
API integrationIntegrate Maropost with other business applications.
ComplianceSecure platform with features to comply with data privacy regulations.
Maropost: Full Features List

As Maropost aims to be an all-in-one solution for businesses, the list of features is exhaustive. But in case the platform is a jack of all trades, we may wonder if that means it’s the master of none? 

Time to see what the customers think.

What do Customers Think of Maropost?

It’s a mixed bag of feedback for Maropost; some customers love what the platform offers but there are also users who faced terrible experiences, turning them away from Maropost for good.

Maropost is a unified platform — it integrates marketing, e-commerce, and customer service functionalities, allowing you to manage all your customer interactions in one place. This can help streamline operations. The company is also known for its responsive and helpful customer support team.

However, there are also some challenges to consider. Maropost has a steep learning curve compared to simpler marketing automation tools. The platform’s pricing can be on the higher end for smaller businesses, too. Another pain point that we’ve seen repeatedly mentioned is issues with integration. 

Maropost: Positive Reviews

Maropost Positive Review 1
A happy customer leaves words of praise for Maropost

This positive review claims that the UI is simple and that the user can find their way around the platform easily. They do mention that the pricing is high, but it does seem like Maropost is delivering what it promised to this customer, going by the high rating.

Maropost Positive Review 2
Positive feedback about Maropost’s features

Even though Maropost’s customer care team has a good reputation, this positive review shares details of an unsatisfactory interaction. The rest of the review is positive, as the user says they rarely face downtime and that the platform and its features meet their expectations. 

Maropost Positive Review 3
A user recommends Maropost in this glowing review

This customer doesn’t have much to say except that the platform has delivered what it promised and they’ve achieved their goals.

Maropost: Negative Reviews

Maropost offers some great features, but there are also some drawbacks to consider.

Maropost Negative Review 1
This customer does not hold back in their review

Here, we see a harshly worded review in which the customer expresses unhappiness about Maropost’s poor reporting capabilities. The platform’s speed and UI are also criticized. The customer isn’t too impressed with Maropost’s A/B testing abilities, either.

Maropost Negative Review 2
The review expresses disappointment about Maropost not delivering what it promised.

Above we see a review from a customer who feels Maropost misled them and did not deliver on what they were promised. It appears they faced numerous technical issues and despite numerous rounds with the customer care team, the issue remained unresolved. Unfortunately, they were also ghosted by the company, and the icing on the cake is that they were not allowed to cancel, and the customer’s credit card was charged. 

Maropost Negative Review 3
Maropost’s slow loading speeds made this customer unhappy

This review shows appreciation for Maropost but also highlights a con, which is also mentioned in a few other reviews. Maropost seems to struggle with loading speed, especially when dealing with a massive database of customers. As a CRM, this can be a huge turnoff for customers as they expect to access data in a jiffy.

Maropost: Merits and Drawbacks

Summarizing what we learned from these reviews, we get a balanced view of things:

Maropost Gets This Right👍Maropost Gets This Wrong 👎
Good customer care teamNot user-friendly
Unified platformPricey
Customization optionsIntegration issues
Real-time analyticsSlow speed
Positive and Negative Aspects of Maropost

Some of these points can be dealbreakers for potential customers. In the next section, we explain how to take a call.

Maropost: Right For You or Not?

Here’s what we learned from studying online reviews and forums where Maropost was discussed. 

Choose Maropost if:

  • You need a one-stop solution for sales and marketing automation, customer management, and lead generation
  • You are looking for extensive customization and email personalization capabilities.
  • You plan to synchronize email, SMS, and social campaigns.

Maropost isn’t the best option if:

  • Integration with your current marketing stack is important to you.
  • You’re looking for a budget-friendly automation platform.
  • You want an ESP with the best email marketing features.

If you need more convincing, we examine the best and worst of Maropost in the following sections.

Maropost: Advantages

Maropost has been in business for well over a decade and has earned a solid reputation to boot. Let’s analyze what customers love most about this platform. 

It’s Multi-Functional

With all your customer data (purchase history, preferences, etc.) stored in one place, you can avoid the hassle of managing separate systems for marketing, e-commerce, and customer service. This unified view also lets you gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s behavior and preferences.

Since all departments are working from the same platform with the same customer data, you can ensure a consistent experience for your customers across all touchpoints.

Personalization and Customization

With data from marketing interactions, website activity, and purchase history in one place, Maropost lets you build richer customer profiles that go beyond basic demographics. You can segment your audience based on a wider range of criteria.

With Maropost, you can personalize your marketing emails, SMS messages, and social media posts based on individual customer data.

You can also integrate Maropost with your website to personalize content based on visitor behavior or customer data. This lets you display recommended products on a user’s homepage based on their browsing history, or offer personalized discounts at checkout.

E-commerce Features

Maropost has a variety of features specifically designed to benefit e-commerce businesses. You can create and manage a professional-looking online store and track inventory levels across all your sales channels. You can also process large orders efficiently with features like bulk editing, order fulfillment automation, and shipping label generation.

It’s equally simple to track orders and returns. Maropost also lets you integrate with various shipping carriers as well as popular marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. You can manage your online store and track sales using Maropost’s app.

Maropost: Disadvantages

Things are not all rosy in Maropost-land. We’ve seen certain negative points come up more than once, so we compiled them here.

User Interface

Maropost offers a comprehensive set of features, which can be overwhelming for new users. The platform may have a steeper learning curve compared to simpler marketing automation tools. This can require additional training or support for your team to get the most out of the platform.

We also saw users mention they found the interface for creating emails and campaigns to be less intuitive compared to other email marketing platforms.

Integration Woes

While Maropost offers API integrations, some users have reported difficulty connecting it with popular third-party marketing tools. This lack of seamless integration can create additional work and hinder workflows if you’re already used to a particular tool and need it in your marketing/sales stack.

If you use lesser-known software or have a specific tech stack in mind, custom development might be necessary.


Maropost’s pricing plans are much higher than other marketing automation platforms that deliver similar features. It also charges separately for its sales automation features, under the Neto brand. 

Maropost might advertise itself as affordable, but hidden costs can add up quickly. Many features that businesses might consider essential (advanced segmentation, additional users, higher email sending limits) come at an extra cost.

As your business grows and your marketing needs become more complex, you might find yourself needing to upgrade to a custom plan with potentially significant price jumps.

Maropost’s Pros and Cons Compared

With a balance of good and bad, what can we deduce from what the Maropost reviews are saying?

Maropost ProsMaropost Cons
Having your marketing, sales, and CRM under one roof is useful.The learning curve makes it daunting to join Maropost.
The customer support team is responsive.Integration issues can make marketers frustrated.
Website personalization options can help with more conversions.Its email marketing functions aren’t as good as dedicated ESPs 
Extensive customization options for emails, landing pages, and automation.Can be expensive for small businesses.
Maropost can scale along with your business.Its split testing needs improvement.
Maropost: Pros vs Cons

Next, we break down the pricing plans to see if signing up on Maropost is worth the cost.

Maropost Pricing

Maropost Pricing
Maropost: Details of Paid Plans [Source]

There’s no doubt about it — Maropost is expensive compared to its competitors. And we’re talking about just the Marketing Cloud, which is their marketing automation platform. You have to pay more for the Neto package if you want sales features as well. 

The marketing cloud has three tiers: 

  • Essential: This package includes email marketing, SMS marketing, and unlimited contacts.
  • Professional: The Professional tier gives you all the features of the Essential plan, plus you get a Success Manager and a Deliverability Manager.
  • Enterprise: On the top plan, you get AI features and unlimited customer journeys.

The table breaks down each of these plans in detail:

Maropost Marketing Cloud PlanPriceFeatures
Essential$279/monthor$3,103 per year($251/mo)‣ 225,000 emails per month
‣ Email campaigns
‣ A/B testing
‣ Transactional emails
‣ SMS campaigns
‣ Dynamic content
‣ Scripting
‣ Content Recommendations
‣ Send-Time optimization
‣ Conversion-time optimization
‣ 5 customer journeys
‣ Unlimited users
‣ Unlimited contacts
‣ 50 custom contact fields
‣ One-click integrations
‣ 10 concurrent API calls
‣ 24/7 chat support
‣ Sandbox account (will cost extra)
‣ Dedicated IP (will cost extra)
Professional$849/monthor$9,169 per year($764/mo)‣ All of the above+
‣ Mobile Keywords
‣ In-app push notifications
‣ 5GB relational table data storage
‣ Dedicated customer success manager
‣ Dedicated deliverability manager
‣ Training & onboarding
Enterprise$1,699/monthor$18,349 per year($1,529/mo)‣ All of the above+
‣ AI features (Da Vinci)
‣ Unlimited customer journeys
‣ 150 custom contact fields
Maropost Pricing Plans

Interestingly, even on the higher plans, you still get just 225,000 emails per month. This means that as your business scales you pay more, even on the more expensive tiers. In the long run, you’re looking at high email marketing costs.

Neto By Maropost: Pricing Tiers

If you opt for Neto to manage your sales operations, you can choose from one of these plans:

Neto PlansPriceFeatures
‣ 1 sales channel
‣ Unlimited products and users
‣ 0% transactional fee
‣ Phone, email, and chat support
‣ Includes US$50K/yr revenue
Essential Plus$199/month
‣ All of the above+ 
‣ 2 sales channels
‣ Integrated shipping labeling
‣ Multi-carrier shipping manifesting
‣ Includes US$250K/yr revenue
‣ All of the above+
‣ 3 sales channels
‣ Bulk order processing
‣ Low stock alerts
‣ Mobile pick and pack app
‣ Includes US$750K/yr revenue
EnterpriseCustom pricing‣ All of the features above+
‣ All sales channels
‣ Advanced inventory features
‣ Multi-currency purchase orders with cost tracking
‣ Glew Ecommerce Analytics
‣ Includes over US$750K/yr revenue
Neto Pricing Plans

At these prices, you could consider alternatives that would help you stay within your marketing budget.

Maropost: Any Better Options Out There?

Absolutely! If you’re looking for a robust marketing automation platform, you can consider these popular alternatives.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot is generally considered more user-friendly, with a cleaner interface. This can be a major advantage for businesses without a dedicated marketing team or those with less technical expertise. HubSpot also offers a free CRM system that integrates seamlessly with its Marketing Hub. 

HubSpot’s Free and Starter tiers may seem more appealing to small businesses, too.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is designed for large enterprises with complex marketing needs. It can handle massive email sends, manage intricate customer journeys, and integrate seamlessly with other Salesforce products. Salesforce provides robust analytics and reporting tools that go beyond basic email metrics. 

You can gain deeper insights into customer behavior and campaign performance, compared to Maropost.

Campaign Refinery

Deliverability is the number one factor email marketers seek — as the email platform with the best deliverability rates, Campaign Refinery is the best solution for email marketing automation. We have all the tools and features a master email marketer would need in a platform, minus all the clutter. 

You get a powerful automation designer, a list-cleaning tool that removes problematic emails from your list automatically, a campaign template library, support for thousands of third-party tools, and tag-based segmentation that lets you track customer journeys closely. 

Campaign Refinery: The Best Inbox Placement Rates, Period

Campaign Refinery is 100% focused on elite email performance, and the results are in; we have the top deliverability rates in the industry. And all this at super affordable pricing!

Apply today to be a Campaign Refinery customer — you’ll see all your email marketing dreams come true.

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