Top Maropost Alternatives to Consider in 2024

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Maropost is a company that provides e-commerce and marketing solutions. While it can bring sales, marketing, and customer management under one roof, there may be better solutions than Maropost that you can consider. 

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, it offers marketing and sales automation, customer management, and e-commerce features. It has a CRM and various tools for businesses to manage their customer pool — plus you can send targeted emails and SMSs, run social media campaigns, manage online stores along with inventory and shipping, and handle all customer interactions.

But how well does Maropost work? It has a few known issues — the learning curve is a challenge, the pricing isn’t budget-friendly and the platform has a few bugs when integrating with third-party tools. Any of these could be a dealbreaker for an email marketer, which is why it makes sense to evaluate a few alternatives, as there are options that can be a better fit for your requirements.

You may be better off with a more affordable platform, or maybe you want a Maropost alternative that offers superior deliverability rates. 

This guide shares amazing options you should consider regardless of what you’re looking for!

Maropost: A One-Stop Solution for Sales, Marketing, and CRM

Customers who choose Maropost would do so for its most obvious selling point — it brings a lot of functionalities to a single platform, intending to simplify tasks. Maropost lets you automate your sales processes, execute social media and email marketing, maintain a customer database, and run a full-blown e-commerce operation while working with a familiar UI.

For sales, you can create funnels, acquire leads, and organize them in a CRM. For marketing purposes, you can push customers through a marketing funnel, automate processes, and run social media and SMS campaigns parallelly. 

If you own an e-commerce store, you have to choose a plan from Neto by Maropost. With a Neto package, you can run your commerce activities, such as managing inventory, tracking deliveries, and more. Note that Neto is only available in Australia and New Zealand for now.

It’s important to point out that these are separate packages. For example, Maropost’s Marketing Cloud is isolated from Neto, which is the sales platform. If you want to manage customers, you have to pay extra for a Service Cloud plan. There are, however, bundles that you can opt for — but they didn’t seem particularly affordable.

How to Choose the Right Maropost Alternative

While an all-in-one solution does sound appealing, you must ask yourself — does simplification supersede performance? Maropost started as a marketing automation platform and is primarily known for its email marketing capabilities. Unless you’re in Australia or New Zealand, its sales features are not relevant.

There are numerous email marketing platforms you can consider instead of Maropost.

We’re going to share what you should look for in an ideal Maropost alternative:

AspectsBreaking it down
DeliverabilityFor an email marketer, email deliverability is everything — it’s the number 1 priority.
FeaturesDoes the alternative offer robust automation? Does it have an excellent reputation? Is list management easy?
User interfaceA complex interface can hamper your operations; a combination of simplicity and performance is a must.
AnalyticsThe dashboard must be simple and visual, and give you insight into your short-term and long-term performance.
PriceSeek transparent pricing and conduct diligent research to avoid shocking surprises in your monthly bills.
How to pick a Maropost alternative

With this list in mind, we put together a few platforms you can consider for your marketing needs.

The Best Maropost Alternatives

It’s important to consider what your own expectations are, as you evaluate alternatives for Maropost. For example, you may not be a high-volume sender, or you may want extensive segregation tools and tagging abilities. 

The top 4 Maropost competitors you can consider are:

  1. HubSpot Marketing Hub,
  2. ActiveCampaign,
  3. Campaign Monitor,
  4. Campaign Refinery.

Of course, just giving you a bunch of names isn’t enough; we’re going to study each option closely and break down the details so you can find the best option for your particular use case. We will examine critical factors such as deliverability, user experience, what the reviews say, and the top features of each.

Maropost AlternativeDeliverabilityAutomated list-cleaningTemplate libraryAdvanced automationThird-party integrationUI simplicity
HubSpot Marketing Hub ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Campaign Monitor⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Campaign Refinery⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Comparing Maropost Alternatives

On to the nitty-gritty of Maropost’s competitors!

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Hubspot Pricing Page
Hubspot Pricing Page

HubSpot is a brand name that almost every email marketer would be aware of. But is its Marketing Cloud a suitable alternative for Maropost? 


HubSpot Marketing Hub is a comprehensive software platform designed to help businesses of all sizes with inbound marketing strategies. They offer features like a Content Management System (CMS), email and social media marketing, SEO tools, and page/form builders.


While HubSpot’s features seem incredibly attractive, it comes at a price — a very steep price.

The specifics of its paid plans:

HubSpot Marketing Hub PlanPriceFeatures
Free$0‣ Marketing tools
‣ Sales tools
‣ Service tools
‣ CMS tools
‣ Operations tools
‣ Commerce tools
$180 a year($15 per month)
‣ 1 seat
‣ 1,000 marketing contacts
‣ Remove HubSpot branding
‣ Increased limits on free plan features 
‣ Landing pages
‣ Forms
‣ Email marketing
‣ Up to 10 automated actions
‣ Live chat
‣ Payments (U.S. only)
‣ Email/chat support
$9,600/year($800 per month) 
+ Mandatory onboarding fee: $3,000.
‣ 3 seats
‣ 2,000 marketing contacts
‣ Email marketing campaigns
‣ Unlimited 10 automated actions
‣ Social media marketing
‣ Ad campaigns
‣ Custom reports
+ Mandatory onboarding fee: $7,000.
‣ 5 seats
‣ 10,000 marketing contacts
‣ Email marketing campaigns
‣ Social media marketing
‣ Ad campaigns
‣ Multi-touch revenue attribution
‣ Custom reports
‣ Better team organization
Hubspot Pricing Chart

Your email list will definitely grow to more than 1,000 contacts, which means you end up paying a significant amount of money to run your email marketing ops on HubSpot.

Pros and Cons

We studied several comments on feedback sites like G2 and GetApp to better understand what customers thought of HubSpot Marketing Hub. To keep things balanced, we reviewed an equal number of positive and negative comments. Here’s what we discovered.

The biggest gripe customers have with HubSpot is the pricing. As businesses scale, it quickly gets expensive to use HubSpot. Businesses must fully utilize all of Marketing Hub’s features to extract maximum value, which may not always be possible. 

Another common complaint was about usability. Automation and execution of email marketing campaigns have a learning curve — this can be annoying to email marketers who have multiple things to focus on.

On the plus side, HubSpot gets praise for letting marketers manage different marketing processes on a unified platform.

HubSpot Marketing Hub: Yay 👍HubSpot Marketing Hub: Nay 👎
All-in-one solution for marketingPricing is steep
Easy to track customer journeyUI takes time to get used to
Good third-party integration Customer service
Plenty of learning resourcesOccasional bugs in SMS marketing
Hubspot Pros and Cons

If you can look past the pricing, HubSpot is a good alternative to Maropost.


ActiveCampaign Pricing Page
ActiveCampaign Pricing Page

ActiveCampaign is a reputable name in the email marketing world; it also provides marketing tools for web, social, and text, allowing businesses to engage with customers. Like Maropost, ActiveCampaign also offers separate SaaS packages for sales and e-commerce automation.


As a marketing automation platform, it has features like email marketing, autoresponders, an integrated CRM, lead scoring and segmentation, and dynamic content and email personalization. Besides this, you also get detailed analytics and reporting. 

ActiveCampaign: Pricing

On ActiveCampaign, you can choose from these four plans:

ActiveCampaign PlanPriceFeatures
Lite$39/monthor$348 a year($29 per month)‣ 1 user
‣ 1,000 contacts
‣ Email marketing
‣ Marketing automation
‣ Personalized chat
‣ Email support
‣ Inline forms
‣ Site and event tracking
‣ Campaign reports
‣ Webhooks
‣ Goals
$588 a year($49 per month)
‣ All of the above
‣ 3 users
‣ Landing pages
‣ Facebook Custom Audiences
‣ Facebook Lead Ads
‣ Lead scoring
‣ Pop-up and modal forms
‣ WooCommerce, Shopify & BigCommerce integrations
‣ Custom mailserver domain
$1,788 a year ($149 per month)
‣ All of the above
‣ 5 users
‣ 2,500 contacts
‣ AI tools
‣ Split automation
‣ Salesforce integration
‣ Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration
‣ Website and in-app messages
‣ Marketing attribution reporting
‣ Conversion-tracking
$3,108 a year ($259 per month)
‣ All of the above 
‣ 10 users
‣ Custom reports
‣ Custom objects
‣ Unified login credentials
‣ HIPAA support
‣ Uptime SLA
‣ Unlimited email testing
ActiveCampaign: Paid Plans

Pros and Cons

ActiveCampaign gets a few things right but also messes up occasionally, according to user reviews. The user interface gets criticized a lot as users struggle to figure out basic operations. We saw negative feedback about pricing plans, too, as users complained that it got expensive. 

Customers were unhappy about buggy features as well as the time it took ActiveCampaign to introduce new features.

ActiveCampaign does get praise for its customer care team, however — we saw reports of reps going above and beyond what was expected of them. Users are also happy with the automation capabilities of ActiveCampaign. 

It’s also fairly easy to send personalized emails and the platform is easy to integrate with third-party marketing tools, according to current users.

ActiveCampaign Gets This RightActiveCampaign Gets This Wrong
Customer careComplex UI
Good personalization optionsFeatures take forever to roll out
Good integration with third-party toolsEmail editor has issues
ActiveCampaign Pros and Cons

Like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign’s pricing is a pain point. That said, its automation and support for third-party tools make it a good option to consider against Maropost.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor Pricing Page
Paid Plans offered by Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing platform that allows businesses to create, send, and track email campaigns. Unlike the other Maropost alternatives on this list, Campaign Monitor is 100% focused on email marketing.


As an email services provider, Campaign Monitor offers a drag-and-drop email builder, audience segmentation, email marketing automation, email performance tracking, A/B testing, and mobile optimization. Additionally, you can also send SMS campaigns but you have to buy a separate package.

Campaign Monitor: Pricing

If you opt for Campaign Monitor, here’s what you will pay for 500 contacts:

Campaign Monitor PlanPriceFeatures
Lite$11/monthor$132 a year‣ 2,500 emails per month
‣ Unlimited users
‣ Drag-and-drop builder
‣ Template library
‣ Import templates
‣ Segmentation tools
‣ Image library
‣ Signup forms
‣ Mobile optimization
‣ A/B testing
‣ Preference Center
‣ Analytics
‣ Limited autoresponders
‣ Transactional emails
‣ Tagging
‣ Dynamic content
‣ Custom fields
‣ Link checker
‣ Deliverability support
‣ Training resources
Essentials$19/monthor$228 a year
‣ All of the above
‣ Unlimited emails per month
‣ Unlimited users
‣ Countdown timer
‣ Custom time zone sending
‣ Email tester
‣ Priority email support
Premier$149/monthor$1,788 a year‣ All of the above
‣ Send time optimization
‣ Lockable template editor
‣ Advanced link tracking
‣ Top-tier email support
‣ Phone support
Campaign Monitor: Pricing 

Pros and Cons

Campaign Monitor is generally well-regarded but user reviews bring up interesting negative feedback, too. Almost all the negative reviews mention the UI as a major pain point — this extends to issues with uploading custom email templates, too.

Another common complaint was the slow speed of the platform; customers demanded an overhaul in reviews. Some users weren’t too pleased with the customer support team either. 

One thing Campaign Monitor gets right is A/B testing, as more than a few customers mentioned it in a positive light. Additionally, users also expressed satisfaction with the template library for offering multiple options to choose from. 

We also noted praise for the effectiveness of the email editor’s drag-and-drop functionality. Campaign Monitor also gets kudos for its email personalization features. 

To sum it up:

Campaign Monitor: ProsCampaign Monitor: Cons
A/B testingSlow performance
Good range of email templatesClunky and unintuitive user interface
Simple email editorCustomer care isn’t great
Personalization features Uploading custom HTML templates is tricky
Campaign Monitor Pros and Cons

If you choose Campaign Monitor over Maropost, you get a solid template library and robust A/B testing features. Unfortunately, you may face speed issues and struggle for a while to get familiar with the UI. 

Campaign Refinery

Campaign Refinery Pricing Chart
Campaign Refinery Pricing Chart

If you’re an ambitious email professional with big goals for 2024 with respect to your email marketing operations, then Campaign Refinery is the best choice for a simple reason — we offer the best deliverability in the industry on a lean, robust platform that promises elite results.


Campaign Refinery is an email services platform that was built keeping email best practices in mind; this is the secret of our amazing deliverability rates and the strong sender reputation we enjoy with mailbox providers.

We have all the tools you’d want in an email automation platform — powerful automation, robust segmentation features, a simple UI, clever engagement tools, accurate analytics, and the best part: transparent pricing.

Campaign Refinery: Pricing

The biggest difference between Campaign Refinery and the other options above is that you don’t have to pay for the size of your contacts list. So whether you’re at 100 contacts or a million, we only charge for the emails you send.

Details of our paid tiers:

Campaign Refinery PlanPriceCreditsFeatures
Business$99/mo50,000‣ Unlimited contacts
‣ Campaign library
‣ Segmentation tools
‣ Automatic list cleaning
‣ Gamification
‣ Evergreen Flash Sales
‣ Advanced automation features
Growth$299/mo200,000‣ Unlimited contacts
‣ Campaign library
‣ Segmentation tools
‣ Automatic list cleaning
‣ Gamification
‣ Evergreen Flash Sales
‣ Advanced automation features
‣ Disable Campaign Refinery branding
‣ Higher volume of API access
Enterprise>$1k/mo1 million‣ Unlimited contacts
‣ Campaign library
‣ Segmentation tools
‣ Automatic list cleaning
‣ Gamification
‣ Evergreen Flash Sales
‣ Advanced automation features
‣ Disable Campaign Refinery branding
‣ Dedicated Success Manager
‣ Custom API volumes
Paid plans on Campaign Refinery

Pros and Cons

There aren’t too many reviews for Campaign Refinery online because our clients are too busy celebrating their success, but here’s a simple breakdown of what’s good and bad about Campaign Refinery.

Campaign Refinery: The GoodCampaign Refinery: The Bad
Best deliverability in the email industryNo free trial
Clutter-free, intuitive UINew customers must apply to join
List-cleaning stealthily protects sender reputationYou must implement security protocols before you can send emails
Simple yet powerful automation 
Campaign Refinery Pros and Cons

Compared to Maropost, Campaign Refinery offers a much cleaner UI; plus we actively monitor all users to ensure that no spammy email campaigns are sent from our servers.

Maropost vs. Campaign Refinery

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Maropost against its best alternative — Campaign Refinery.

FeatureMaropostCampaign Refinery
Automated list-cleaning tool
Evergreen Flash Sales
Advanced Automation
Value for Money⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Inbox placement rate⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Voting system for new features
Features compared: Campaign Refinery vs Maropost

If you’re looking at running SMS campaigns alongside your email campaigns as you can on Maropost, simply integrate an SMS marketing tool with Campaign Refinery.

Campaign Refinery: Experience Meets Technical Know-How

What our clients love most about Campaign Refinery is that it’s exactly what a seasoned email professional would appreciate. It’s zippy, has all the tools required to run complex, condition-based email campaigns, its analytics shows you exactly the data that you should care about, and everything just works.

The platform is the result of years and years of experience in the email industry. And we have more than just the platform to offer you; we would love to share everything we’ve learned.

Introducing The Inbox Formula — a 100% FREE guidebook to doing email correctly. It has tons of insight into how to get your email operation off the ground the right way, industry information, actionable steps for domain and contact management, and other best practices that can get you the best results.

Forget all the fancy marketing gobbledygook you’ve read on social media, this here is the ultimate playbook to playing the email game like the veterans do — download The Inbox Formula today!

Top-Tier Inbox Placement Rates with Campaign Refinery

At Campaign Refinery, we believe every email matters. This is why we’ve worked hard to ensure our deliverability rates meet the expectations of email professionals. 

With deliverability as our focus, we added all the tools that would make sending email campaigns a breeze — a simple user interface, a drag-and-drop email editor, lots of segmentation and tagging options, a visual analytics dashboard, and a branch and rule builder to make the complex campaigns easy to execute.

This is how the pros do it; to know what that’s like, apply to be a Campaign Refinery customer today.

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