A Marketer’s Guide to Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines

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You’re sitting at your desk, surrounded by notes and previous year’s reports, trying to conjure up the perfect subject line for this year’s Valentine’s Day email campaign. The clock is ticking, and the calendar page on February 14th looms closer. 

But every idea you come up with feels like something you’ve already seen or done. This is the plight of many email marketers when Valentine’s Day approaches: the struggle to be original in a sea of similar content.

How do you craft a message that’s authentic and engaging yet sensitive to those who might not be as enthusiastic about this day dedicated to love?

We understand this challenge, and we’re here to give you some inspiration for Valentine’s Day email subject lines. 

What Makes an Effective Subject Line for Valentine’s Day?

Your subject line is the first thing your subscribers see. And it decides whether your email gets opened or lost in the clutter. That’s why your subject line needs to be a standout, especially during Valentine’s, when inboxes are flooded with love-themed promotions. 

Here are the key characteristics of a perfect Valentine’s Day subject line:

  • Attention-grabbing: It catches the eye immediately and intrigues your subscribers to want to know more.
  • Emotionally engaging: It evokes an emotional response, such as romance, humor, or warmth.
  • Clear and concise: It gets to the point quickly without being overly wordy.
  • Reflects your brand’s voice: It aligns with the tone and style your subscribers expect from you.
  • Inclusive and respectful: It’s considerate of different sentiments and relationship statuses.

Best Email Subject Lines for Valentine’s Day

Now, let’s explore a few Valentine’s Day email subject lines and understand why each one works:

  • Love Blooms: 20% Off Today This subject line grabs attention with the use of a number, creates a sense of urgency with a limited-time offer, and ties in the theme of love blooming. So, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.
  • Cupid’s Pick: Gifts for Everyone It’s playful and inclusive, suggesting that there are options for all types of customers, not just couples.
  • Sweet Deals for Your Sweetheart This one is clever and rhyming, which makes it memorable, and directly addresses those looking for gifts.
  • Celebrating Solo? Treat Yourself It stands out for acknowledging singles, showing inclusivity in how Valentine’s Day is celebrated.
  • Secret Sale: Love’s Hidden Gems This subject line creates curiosity and excitement with the promise of a sale, and the use of the word ‘love’ makes it timely for Valentine’s.

Cute Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines

A cute or charming approach resonates well with subscribers who enjoy a light-hearted, whimsical take on Valentine’s Day. So, if your brand has a playful personality or if you want to target a younger demographic, don’t be afraid to infuse your emails with a touch of whimsy and fun

Here are some examples to inspire you: 

  • Be Our Valentine: Sweet Deals Inside ❤️ 
  • Cupid Called, He Left You a Gift 🎁
  • Puppy Love: Treats for You and Yours
  • Roses are Red, Our Sale is Too
  • Love at First Sight: New Arrivals
  • Love Potion #9: Your Secret Discount
  • Sweets for the Sweet: Your Valentine Treat
  • Brewing Love: Café Valentine’s Specials
  • Bloom with Us This Valentine’s
  • Love Bites: Tasty Treats Await
  • Fit for Love: Gym Discounts
  • Stitching Hearts: Crafty Discounts

Catchy Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines

The goal of a catchy subject line is to pique curiosity, create a sense of urgency, or offer something enticing. This way, the recipient becomes more likely to open your email.

You can use puns or clever word twists to make your subject line catchier. Another idea is to reference current trends or popular culture, which can make your email feel relevant and timely.

Check out these examples for some inspiration: 

  • Love’s Knocking: Don’t Miss Out
  • Hearts & Hugs from [Brand Name]
  • Cupid’s Last Call: Exclusive Deal
  • ❤️+🍫= Your Perfect Match
  • 💌 Sealed with Love: Happy Valentine’s
  • Valentine’s Cheers from Your Friends at [Brand Name]
  • 🌹 Roses & Wishes: Happy Valentine’s Day
  • 🥰 From Us, With Love: Happy Valentine’!
  • Valentine’s DIY: Craft Love Together
  • Write Your Love Story With Us
  • Celebrate Love in Every Shade
  • Find Your Love Language Here
  • Redefining Love: Thoughtful Reads
  • Spread Love: Volunteering Ideas for Couples on Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day Sale Email Subject Lines

The challenge with Valentine’s Day promotions is to create subject lines that are compelling enough to drive action without being overly aggressive. The right balance can significantly boost your campaign’s success.

Follow these tips to get better results: 

  1. Focus on value, not just the sale: Highlight the benefit or value of your offer, not just the discount.
  2. Create a sense of urgency: Use time-sensitive language to encourage quick action, but avoid sounding desperate.
  3. Be clear and direct: Let your subscribers know exactly what to expect but keep it concise.
  4. Personalize when possible: Personalizing the email and the subject line to the recipient can increase open rates.
  5. Use engaging language: Instead of the standard “sale” language, try more engaging phrases that spark curiosity.

General Subject Lines for All Companies 

You can use ideas like the ones below, regardless of your business type.

Use words that hint at sales or lower prices, such as discounts, savings, or specials. 

  • Cupid’s Arrow Points to Savings!
  • Show Love: Shop Our Valentine’s Selection!
  • Love is in the Air… and So Are Discounts!
  • Valentine’s Day Treat: Buy One, Get One Half Off!
  • Valentine’s Day Exclusive: Save on Romantic Gifts!
  • Hurry! Valentine’s Day Offers End Soon!
  • Valentine’s Alert: Price Drop on Favorites!
  • Love at First Sale: Get up to 50% Off
  • Seal the Deal: Valentine’s Edition
  • Love More, Spend Less: Valentine’s Offers!
  • Roses are Red, Prices are Low!

Use Ideas From Your Business 

Another effective approach is to blend ideas from your business with elements of romance and affection. This way, you can create unique subject lines that resonate with the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Here are a few ideas: 

  • For a Bookstore: Romantic Reads: Valentine’s Day Favorites
  • For a Restaurant: Savor Love at First Bite
  • For a Florist: Bloom with Love: Valentine’s Bouquets
  • For a Pet Store: Your Pets Deserve Love Too! Valentine’s Goodies
  • For a Jewelry Store: Dazzle Your Valentine, Sparkle Galore
  • For a Fashion Retailer: Valentine’s Styles: Dress to Impress
  • For a Fitness Center: Fall in Love with Fitness This February
  • For a Beauty Salon: Get Your Valentine’s Glow On
  • For a Wine Shop: Uncork the Romance: Valentine’s Wine Selection

Come up with Unexpected Angles 

Integrating unexpected angles in your Valentine’s Day email subject lines can make your messages more noticeable. This approach involves presenting unconventional ideas or perspectives to spark interest. 

Valentine’s is associated with romantic love, chocolates, and roses. So, if you turn these ideas on their head, you can create something refreshingly original. This strategy works because it disrupts the expected narrative and captures attention through surprise. 

For example, you could focus on celebrating self-love and independence instead of romantic relationships like this: “This Valentine’s, It’s All About You: Celebrate Yourself.” 

Another option is to shift the spotlight to other types of love, such as platonic. In this case, a subject line like “Who Needs Cupid? Celebrate Friendship This Valentine’s!” could work nicely. 

Here’s a table to give you more ideas on how to grab your audience’s attention with subject lines that break cliches: 

StrategyDescriptionExample Subject Line
Promote an alternative celebrationSuggest unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that diverge from the traditional romantic focus.Forget Roses & Chocolates: Try Our Adventure Challenge
Tie-in with pop culture or trendsRelate your subject line to current trends, movies, or pop culture for a modern and relevant twist.Valentine’s Day: Superhero Edition – Find Your Match
Use reverse psychologyUse a playful approach by suggesting the opposite of what you want the reader to do.Don’t Open: Top Secret Valentine’s Surprises!
Highlight unique products or servicesFocus on exclusive, unusual, or new offerings specific to your brand for Valentine’s Day.Valentine’s Virtual Cooking Class – Book Now!
Connect with unusual topicsLink Valentine’s Day with unexpected themes or subjects for a fresh and intriguing perspective.Valentine’s Day in Space – Love Beyond the Stars
Different methods to make your Valentine’s Day subject lines attract more attention

Evoke an Emotion with Your Subject Line

The emotional appeal in your email subject lines is a powerful tool, especially for an occasion like Valentine’s Day. The goal of your subject line shouldn’t be limited to informing the reader. Your ultimate goal is to connect with them on a deeper level. 

When your subject line strikes the right emotional chord, it can significantly increase open rates and engagement.

Love and romance naturally align with Valentine’s Day in Western cultures. They’re ideal for stirring feelings of warmth and affection. But they’re not your only options. 

Here’s a guide to crafting emotionally charged email subject lines with examples for each one. 

EmotionPotential ImpactBest Use CasesUseful Words Example
Love/RomanceWarmth, affectionProduct promotions, Romantic contentLove, Heart, RomanceWhispers of Love: Special Surprise
ExcitementEnthusiasm and anticipationSpecial events, Limited-time offersAwait, Lively, Eager Valentine’s Day Offers Await!
CuriosityInterest and intrigueNew product launches, Mystery offersGuess, Secret, RevealGuess What We’re Sending You?
Joy/HappinessPositive feelingsCelebratory messages, Positive newsSmiles, Delight, EuphoriaSpread Joy: Valentine’s Smiles!
NostalgiaSentimental feelingsThrowback content, ReminiscingMemories, Nostalgia, ReliveRelive Your Favorite Valentine’s Moments
SurpriseIntrigue with unexpected contentSurprise deals, Unexpected giftsUnexpected, Gifts, MarvelUnexpected Gifts This Valentine’s!
InclusivityResonate with a wider audienceCommunity content, Inclusive messagesEveryone, Together, HarmonyValentine’s Day for Everyone!
HumorHumorous, light-hearted toneLight-hearted content, Humorous promotionsLaugh, Fun, EnjoyLaugh, Love, and Enjoy Valentine’s!
A guide to emotionally appealing Valentine’s Day email subject lines

How To Make Your Valentine’s Subject Lines Stand Out

Distinctive subject lines have a higher chance of catching the reader’s eye and compelling them to open the email. 

During Valentine’s Day, when typical phrases and offers are overused, a subject line that breaks the mold could boost your open rates. It also differentiates your message and reflects your brand’s creativity. 

Ask Questions 

Questions demand mental engagement — when someone reads a question, they instinctively start thinking of an answer. This psychological trigger can increase the likelihood that the recipient will open your email because the recipient wants to find the answer or learn more inside the email.

Here are some examples of question-based subject lines for Valentine’s Day:

  • Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Gift?
  • How Will You Say ‘I Love You’ This Year?
  • Who’s Your Valentine’s Day Hero?
  • What’s the Secret to a Perfect Valentine’s Date?
  • Want to Make Valentine’s Day Unforgettable?
  • Need Last-Minute Valentine’s Ideas?

Use Emojis 

Emojis add personality, emotion, and visual appeal to your subject lines. They convey emotions and ideas instantly and make your message more relatable. They also lend a modern and friendly tone to your communication, which is ideal for a holiday that celebrates emotions and personal connections.

Here are some emojis appropriate for Valentine’s Day subject lines:

  1. ❤️ – Heart
  2. 😍 – Heart eyes
  3. 💕 – Two hearts
  4. 🌹 – Rose
  5. 💌 – Love letter
  6. 💝 – Heart with ribbon
  7. 🥰 – Smiling face with hearts
  8. 💘 – Heart with arrow
  9. 🍫 – Chocolate bar
  10. 🥂 – Clinking glasses
  11. 🎁 – Gift
  12. 🎈 – Balloon

Use Numbers 

Numbers stand out visually. So, they make your subject lines more noticeable. They also offer a sense of specificity and clarity that can be compelling for recipients. 

Finally, numbers help make your subject line more digestible, which can mean the difference between opening or ignoring your email. 

You can use numbers to highlight discounts, create a sense of urgency, or add relevance. 

Check out these examples for some inspiration: 

  • 30% Off All Valentine’s Day Gifts
  • 24-Hour Valentine’s Flash Sale
  • 5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 
  • 100 Reasons Why We Love Our Customers
  • Celebrate Your 2nd Valentine’s with Us

Other Techniques to Differentiate Your Subject Lines 

With some creativity and a keen understanding of what captures your audience’s attention, you can find plenty of effective ways to make your subject lines different.

Here are a few more ideas: 

  1. Humor: A light-hearted, humorous subject line can be a breath of fresh air amidst more serious content. For example, “Love is in the air – Don’t Forget Your Mask” 
  2. Storytelling: Weave a short, intriguing narrative in your subject line to capture the reader’s curiosity. For example, “When Cupid Met Our Collection” 
  3. Personalization: Use customer data to personalize subject lines and make each email feel individually tailored. For example, “John, We Found Your Perfect Valentine’s Match”

Power Words for Your Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines

Power words are impactful and emotionally-charged words that trigger a psychological or emotional response. They’re persuasive and can significantly increase the effectiveness of your subject line. 

For Valentine’s Day, these words can tap into the themes of love, desire, excitement, and exclusivity. Using these words is one way to make your emails stand out. 

How to Find and Choose Power Words 

Follow these steps to find and use the right power words in your subject lines: 

  1. Identify the purpose: Start by determining the main goal of your email. Is it to inform, persuade, invite, or announce something special for Valentine’s Day?
  2. Use a thesaurus: A thesaurus is a great tool for finding synonyms that might be more impactful. Look up common words related to love and Valentine’s Day and note their synonyms.
  3. Analyze trends: BuzzSumo, Google Trends, and social media hashtags are useful for analyzing popular content and the words used in your industry.
  4. Relevance is key: Choose words that align with the core message of your email and your brand’s tone.
  5. Integrate power words: Seamlessly incorporate your chosen power words into the subject line. Make sure they feel natural and not forced.

Valentine’s Day Subject Lines with Power Words 

Check out these examples of how a power word can transform an ordinary subject line: 

  • Love: Discover Love This Valentine’s Day
  • Heartfelt: Heartfelt Gifts for Your Special Someone
  • Cherish: Cherish Your Moments with Valentine’s Exclusives
  • Adore: Gifts You’ll Adore: Valentine’s Surprises
  • Enchant: Enchanting Experiences for Your Valentine
  • Passion: Passionate Picks for Your Loved One
  • Thrill: Thrill Your Valentine with a Special Gift 
  • Joy: Spread Joy with Thoughtful Valentine’s Gestures
  • Exclusive: Exclusive Valentine’s Treats Just for You
  • Magic: Feel the Magic of Valentine’s Day
  • Captivate: Captivate Hearts with Our Valentine’s Range
  • Spark: Spark Romance This Valentine’s Day
  • Whisper: Whispers of Romance: Valentine’s Specials
  • Forever: Gifts to Last Forever This Valentine’s

Understanding Your Audience: The Key to Email Engagement

No matter how catchy your subject line is, without the right email marketing practices, you can’t expect results. That’s why we recommend balancing your focus on words and your audience. 

Segment Your Email List for Targeted Messaging

Email segmentation is the process of dividing your email list into smaller, more focused groups based on specific criteria. These criteria can include demographics, purchasing behavior, engagement history, and even personal interests. 

When you categorize your audience into distinct segments, you can send more targeted messages to each group. 

Segmented campaigns often see higher open rates, click-through rates, and ROI compared to one-size-fits-all campaigns. Well-segmented lists also improve deliverability because they establish a track record of positive engagements and reduce spam complaints

Let’s check out a few examples of how to tailor subject lines to various audience segments: 

Audience SegmentSubject LineStrategy
Engaged or newly marriedFirst Valentine’s as Mr & Mrs: Make it unforgettableFocus on celebrating their new journey together and offer romantic and memorable experiences.
Long-distance relationshipsLove knows no distance: celebrate Valentine’s Day together, apartFocus on virtual dates or gifts that bridge the distance and acknowledge their unique situation.
Repeat customersA Valentine’s thank you: exclusive early access just for youAcknowledge their loyalty with exclusive offers or early access to special collections.
First-time buyersLoved your first purchase? Here’s a Valentine’s treat for your nextEncourage repeat purchases with special deals or discounts on their next buy.
Younger audienceValentine’s day on a budget: trendy gifts under $20Focus on trendy, affordable gifts appealing to younger customers’ preferences and budgets.
Older audienceElegant Valentine’s Day: Timeless gifts for your loved oneOffer classic and sophisticated gift options that resonate with an older demographic.
Valentine’s Day email subject lines by audience segment

Use Audience Data to Personalize Your Content 

Effective email marketing, especially for emotionally charged occasions like Valentine’s Day, goes far beyond addressing recipients by their names. Your content should make each recipient feel like the email speaks directly to them. 

How can you achieve this? 

By collecting and analyzing customer data. Correlate past purchase history and engagement with previous emails to see which content resonates with which audience. Use this information to segment your audience based on their behavior and preferences.

We also recommend encouraging customers to provide information about their preferences, interests, and lifestyle through surveys or feedback forms.

Then, you can use this data to personalize your content. Incorporate dynamic content in your emails that automatically adjusts based on the recipient’s profile. For example, showing gift suggestions based on their recent views or purchases.

Sharpen Your Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns with Campaign Refinery 

When devising compelling Valentine’s Day email campaigns, the right tools can significantly streamline your process and amplify your results. 

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  • Advanced Segmentation Tools: Old static lists limit your ability to send super-targeted campaigns. We use a tag-based system that lets you add users to unlimited lists. Plus, you can add or remove users to and from campaigns on the fly. 
  • Extensive educational resources: Once you get onboarded to our platform, you’ll get access to a host of training materials to help fine-tune your email marketing strategy. 

And now, we’d like to share one of our training resources with you to guide you through the nuances of email marketing. 

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