Easter Email Marketing: Bunny-Approved Tips for an Egg-citing Campaign 

easter email marketing with a wreath made of easter eggs and a bunny at the center

An Easter email marketing campaign is a unique opportunity to connect with your audience. Think of it as adding a dash of spring to your marketing mix to brighten up your subscribers’ inboxes with colors, creativity, and cheer. 

As the flowers bloom and Easter approaches, it’s the perfect time to give your email marketing campaigns a festive twist.

In this post, you’ll learn how to use the Easter theme in your email marketing efforts, from designing campaigns that stand out to crafting the perfect subject lines. Plus, we’ll show you real examples of what works. Get ready to hatch some fresh ideas and give your email marketing campaigns an egg-citing Easter twist!

Why You Should Embrace Easter Email Marketing?

With Easter just around the corner, email marketers are on the hunt for eggs-cellent email marketing ideas to weave into their messages. And all for good reasons. Embracing the Easter spirit can benefit your business in many ways. 

These are the benefits you can expect from an Easter campaign: 

  • Boost sales. Easter is one of those holidays when people become generous and spend like crazy. In the past three years, Americans have spent upwards of $20 billion each Easter. So, if there’s a way to connect your product to this holiday, it would be a smart move to make the most of this chance.
  • Engage with customers. Even if your business doesn’t directly relate to the holiday, you can still jump on the Easter bandwagon. Tap into the holiday spirit to share relevant messages with your subscribers and re-engage with them.
  • Attract new subscribers or customers. You can use special deals to draw in new customers and expand your email list. It’s a great strategy to boost your business and keep people interested in what you have to offer. 
  • Boost your brand’s visibility. Easter, like any special occasion, is a perfect time to use themed email subject lines and campaigns to get people talking about your brand. Adding a touch of festivity to your promotions can also make your messages more engaging and appealing.
  • Improve open rates. People are on the hunt for Easter gifts and ideas before the 4-day holiday. So, they’re more likely to open your messages if they have a hint of Easter in their subject lines. You can use this to your advantage to improve your KPIs and achieve your email marketing goals. 

How To Leverage Easter in Email Marketing

Easter is a holiday filled with various potential themes. It’s a joyful and vibrant celebration for both adults and kids. Family, nature, and the arrival of spring are strongly present. This makes Easter a unique opportunity to leverage each of these themes. 

Here’s how you can make the most of it.

Embrace Colors

Visuals are the first things that catch the reader’s eye. Why not leverage the rich color scheme associated with easter? The soft pastels from egg coloring are perfect for designing your email visuals. 

Purple, white, yellow, pink, and gold are popular Easter colors. You can also use green and red to reflect the spirit of nature awakening. 

As an example, consider this direct marketing email from an e-commerce company: 

Direct email campaign for Easter
An example of a direct email campaign for Easter

This design showcases Easter’s signature colors in a tidy and stylish arrangement. The pastel hues are in line with the holiday, while it also weaves in classic holiday elements like flowers and egg-shaped candy.

Use Familiar Easter References

Easter is rich with themes and symbols, going far beyond the religious decor. From the Easter bunny and eggs to candy and chocolate, there’s a wealth of ideas you can use to enrich your emails. You just need a dash of creativity to find the best-fitting idea for your business. 

Use these elements in your visuals to create a uniform theme around the occasion. 

You could also give your customers Easter candy or chocolate as freebies or welcome gifts to new subscribers. 

Check out this promotional email example for Easter: 

GIF example bunny
An example using the Easter bunny for a promotional campaign

This GIF has an extremely simple design. It uses the most significant Easter symbol — the bunny — and keeps everything minimal. It gets the message across without being redundant. 

Here’s another clever spring-themed design:

Green Easter themes
An Easter promotion incorporating Easter themes

The design uses bright colors and food-related elements to evoke memories of family gatherings with delicious meals. The aim is to stir nostalgic feelings that encourage purchasing the advertised floral napkins. 

Set Up Easter Egg Hunts

Easter is all about joy, and egg hunts are a fantastic way to capture that spirit! Why not organize an egg hunt right on your website or social media pages?

It’s a brilliant strategy to build a sense of community in your audience and reward them with gifts and discounts. 

You can also flip the script. Sneak some Easter eggs into your email content and use your social media to hype it up. Gamification is also a fun way to embrace Easter fins in a light-hearted way. Create games and send them through your easter marketing email. Reward the winners with coupons or gifts. 

At Campaign Refinery, our cutting-edge engagement gamification system supercharges your interaction rates by up to an astonishing 8x. As subscribers interact with your content, they collect points, so every interaction becomes an opportunity for reward. 

These points unlock thrilling rewards, including:

  • VIP access to content for a limited time.
  • Exclusive PDFs to download.
  • Special discounts.
  • Invites to captivating live events.
  • Access to members-only zones. 

Here’s an example of an egg-hunt campaign from Grace & Stella, a beauty products manufacturer. 

Egg-hunt Easter email marketing campaign
Example of an egg-hunt email campaign

Again, pastel colors fill the entire image. Readers are encouraged to play an egg-hunt game to get a discount. 

Use Thematic Puns

Clever wordplay is a fantastic way to entertain your audience and show off your creativity.  In email marketing, a witty twist can catch your audience’s eye and help you achieve your goals, whether that’s driving sales or increasing engagement.

For instance, check out this pun-filled Easter message from Tattly, a temporary tattoo brand.

Tattly Easter email marketing
A pun-filled Easter campaign from Tattly

The puns may not crack you up, but they definitely brighten up your day! The message has a consistent Easter theme and puts you in a spring mood with references to sunshine and bright colors. 

Let’s look at a few more examples of Easter-punned subject lines.

  • Egg-citing discounts – We ain’t yolking!
  • Look at the sunny-side-up!
  • Everybunney’s here! Hop to it!
  • Don’t let our Easter egg go bad!
  • Reveal your deal! 

Create a Sense of Urgency

The Easter holiday lasts just four days. You can use this limited timeframe to promote your Easter offers by creating a sense of urgency. 

Set a deadline for your offers to either end right before the holiday or a bit after. Then, craft a catchy subject line that stands out in the reader’s inbox and entices them to take action by creating a sense of scarcity and urgency. 

But remember, there’s a thin line between nudging their fear of missing out and sounding like spam. So, choose your words carefully, and don’t overdo it. 

A countdown timer can also be an effective alternative to cheesy lines that are supposed to pique excitement but backfire and lead to higher unsubscribe rates

Take a look at this GIF, which uses a clock to create a sense of urgency. It incorporates Easter eggs and the color gold, along with a compelling phrase, “Time’s Running Out,” to really drive home the urgency.

Easter campaign using urgency
An Easter campaign relying on urgency to drive action

Send Personalized Messages 

Your job is to make sure everyone gets emails they actually want to open. If you send the same promotional emails to all your subscribers without thinking about what they like, you might end up losing many of them. 

You can divide your subscribers into groups based on their demographics and interests. For Easter messages, age, religion, hobbies, and previous purchases can be good segmentation criteria.

For example, if you know some of your subscribers are avid bakers, you could send them an email with a collection of Easter-themed baking recipes and special offers on baking supplies. 

Insider Tips For Impactful Campaigns 

Building an effective Easter campaign isn’t just about creativity. You need a solid understanding of how email marketing works. 

And who better to guide you than seasoned email marketing experts? 

Introducing our “Inbox Formula” guide — a collection of lessons we’ve learned working with elite email marketing teams and copywriters.

Our guide isn’t just another set of tips and tricks. It’s a deep dive into the art and science of email marketing. Why wait? Grab your copy today

Best Easter Email Marketing Ideas

Want to get into the spirit of Easter in your email campaigns but don’t know how to go about it? No worries. There are plenty of email types that you can send to connect with your customers and drive sales during the holiday week. 

Let’s explore them. 

Promote Products 

If you’re an e-commerce business offering retail products, Easter is one of the best times to promote your products. Use your Easter email marketing campaign to upsell or promote the most popular items. 

Help them find their perfect Easter gifts by showcasing your best-sellers and seal the deal with real customer experiences and recommendations. 

Hold Flash Sales

Easter promotions can lead to higher conversions if you blend them with Easter weekend sales.  It’s almost a tradition for businesses to roll out sales leading up to the Easter holidays.  

Holding a sale is a fantastic way to reconnect with your customers. You’ll show them that you value their business and care about their holiday experience. 

You have a couple of options: you could offer direct sales and discounts to all your customers to make everyone feel included. Alternatively, you could dial up the Easter excitement with themed sales to reward customers who engage in an Easter egg hunt with special email coupons

At Campaign Refinery, our Evergreen Flash Sales feature lets you roll out irresistible offers that truly spark action. With a unique timer for each user, there’s no cheating the countdown. So, you’ll generate true scarcity. 

And the cherry on top? You can relaunch your flash sale anytime without the hassle of setting it up from scratch. 

Send Easter Newsletters — Tips and Ideas

You can still benefit from Easter and the hype around it even if you’re not an e-commerce business. Use this opportunity to create value and attract more subscribers using Easter-themed email newsletters

To find the best Easter newsletter ideas, think outside the box and try to connect your niche with Easter. 

For example, let’s say you run a website full of home design tips. Easter is the perfect time to provide value to your subscribers. Everyone’s looking for ways to spruce up their homes with Easter-themed decorations, especially those that feature spring motifs and floral designs. So, why not share your best ideas and inspire your readers?

To whip up the best Easter newsletters, follow these easy steps:

  1. Pick a custom email template: Most email marketing services offer pre-made templates for Easter. These come with all the visual goodies like emojis, images, and fonts to make your job easier. Don’t go overboard with the visuals; otherwise, you’ll kill your chances of hitting the primary inbox in gmail.
  2. Create a catchy subject line: Your subject line is your first chance to grab your reader’s attention. Use it to stand out and sprinkle in some Easter flair. We’ll cover creative Easter words a bit later.
  3. Create engaging content: Whether you’re dishing out home-cooking tips or DIY home improvement ideas, tailor your email content to resonate during the Easter season. Remember, Easter traditions vary globally, so keep regional nuances in mind.
  4. Write a compelling CTA: Make your CTA button pop with Easter-themed creativity. This not only boosts your click-through rates but also fosters greater loyalty.

Incorporate Social Media

Use your email marketing campaigns to set up contests on your social media pages. Ask your subscribers to share their Easter photos on their social media pages and tag your business. 

If you sell a relevant product, they can use it in their photos. This creates a unique opportunity to boost brand awareness and attract more customers. 

Send Easter Greetings

If connecting your business directly to Easter seems tricky, don’t worry! You can still reach out to your subscribers with a warm Easter greeting.

Keep in mind, your words might be limited in how much they can convey the Easter spirit. So, let your design do the heavy lifting. Use vibrant Easter colors and add some fun interactive elements to bring the Easter theme to life.

Get creative with colors and Easter-themed designs. This playful approach is a great way to engage and connect with your subscribers during the holiday.

Easter Marketing Email Best Practices

Crafting compelling Easter emails doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is a bit of creativity and planning. Use these ideas to get the best out of your campaigns. 

Use Email Automation

Automation helps you connect with your audience in a timely, relevant, and engaging manner, enhancing their holiday experience with your brand.

For example, you can tailor your cart abandonment and welcome emails with an Easter theme. This approach re-engages customers who may have left items in their cart and warmly welcomes new subscribers with a festive touch. 

At Campaign Refinery, thanks to our powerful Branch & Rule editor, creating flexible automations is easier than ever. You can set up various triggers and actions based on customer behaviors. Whether someone is making their first purchase or simply needs a little holiday nudge, our platform helps tailor your approach to meet your audience’s needs perfectly. 

Keep in Touch with Reminders

It’s easy for your customers to get swept up in the holiday hustle and forget about your brand. Stay on their radar by sending friendly email reminders. Let them know you’re there with tempting offers for their Easter gifts.

Stay Consistent 

Easter marketing emails are unique opportunities to connect with your audience in a fun and playful way. But you shouldn’t do it at the cost of losing your brand voice and identity. If your brand isn’t playful, steer clear of funny messages or pastel colors. 

The good news is that you can capture the charm of Easter in many other ways. So, if you can’t use one idea, look for others. 

Create a Calendar

In email marketing, planning is key. And it’s even more important when it comes to special occasions like Easter or Black Friday

Easter weekend lasts four days. You can plan your content so you have something to send daily, as well as ahead of the holiday. You should target early birds and late shoppers alike. Have different campaigns for the long weekend and offer last-chance discounts and sales. 

Best Easter Email Subject Lines

Your email’s subject lines are crucial in attracting the attention of the readers. They should be clever, original, and relevant to your business. We’ve broken down the best Easter email marketing subject lines into three categories. 

Easter Puns

  • We hatched egg-cellent Easter deals for you
  • We have something for everybunny
  • A carrot for your thoughts
  • Check out our eggstra-ordinary offer
  • Bad hare day? Try our eggsquisite formula
  • No eggs-cuses: get in shape with our plans
  • No fowl, no harm- best vegan Easter recipes 
  • Make everyone hoppy 

Easter Sales

  • Easter sale, save up to 30%
  • Hunt for savings 
  • Biggest Easter eggs-travaganza
  • You’re invited to the biggest gift hunt
  • Hop on to get the best Easter deals
  • Eggstremely fantastic Easter deals
  • Fill up your basket with our Easter treats

Subject Lines with Emojis

  • 🐰 Happy Easter 🐰
  • 🌸🌸 Spring’s Here 🌸🌸
  • Free 🚚 on Easter 🎁
  • No Bunny Can Hunt This 😎
  • 🍪 Grab Your Easter Treats 🍪
  • Yummy Easter Deals 🤤

Don’t Let Your Easter Email Marketing Campaigns Fall Down a Rabbit Hole

With Campaign Refinery, launching your Easter email campaigns is like having a map of the best-hidden Easter eggs. Our platform makes everything simpler, from whipping up Easter-themed emails to making sure your messages reach the right people.

The best part? You can rest easy knowing your emails will land right in the primary inbox.

Our clients have seen their open rates double right after joining Campaign Refinery because more people are actually seeing their emails. Just think about the boost in sales you could see this Easter with that kind of visibility!

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