50+ Saint Patrick’s Day Email Subject Line Ideas for an Evergreen Impression

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Creating an effective email subject line for Saint Patrick’s Day takes more than just sprinkling your messages with playful words about luck, rainbows, and shamrocks. You need to make those elements resonate with your brand’s unique voice and the audience’s festive spirit.

Finding that perfect blend of celebration and authenticity can sometimes feel like searching for a four-leaf clover in a field of green. You want to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in an authentic way, without falling into the trap of clichés.

If you’re feeling the pressure, you’re not alone. Many email marketers are in the same boat. 

And we’re here to help. We’ll explore different strategies to create Saint Patrick’s Day subject lines that instantly make your audience smile, click, and convert. 

Best Saint Patrick’s Day Email Subject Lines 

Saint Patrick’s Day is about the luck of the Irish. You can tap into this with phrases that evoke a sense of fortune and opportunity. Incorporate elements of Irish culture, such as leprechauns, shamrocks, and pots of gold, to create a festive and authentic vibe.  

The holiday is also synonymous with the color green. So, you can use it to highlight your products, promotions, or the email content itself. 

Let’s look at a few subject lines that leverage these ideas: 

  • Our luckiest collection for Saint Patrick’s Day.
  • How lucky are you feeling? Take our Saint Patrick’s Day quiz.
  • We’re feeling lucky to have you.
  • Let green be your new lucky color 🍀
  • Shamrock and roll: A guide to celebrating the Irish way. 
  • Green picks for a greener Saint Patrick’s. 
  • Add a splash of rainbow to your Saint Patrick’s Day 🌈 
  • Leprechaun-approved picks just in. 
  • Fun decor tips to leprechaun-proof your home for Saint Patrick’s Day. 
  • From your kitchen to the end of the rainbow: Festive food ideas. 
  • Our leprechaun says thanks 🎩✨ 
  • Warm hearts, green starts: Discover more inside.

Saint Patrick’s Day Email Subject Lines for Sales and Promotions 

Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t just a time for parades and green clothes; it’s also a fantastic chance to boost your sales through promotional emails

This holiday comes with a unique vibe that gets people excited to celebrate. And with the right approach, you can tap into that festive spirit to draw attention to your products or services. 

Think about how you can tie your offers into the Saint Patrick’s Day theme. Special promotions, flash sales, or themed products are some of the most common ideas.  

Here is a selection of email subject lines along those lines: 

  • Your golden opportunity: Save big on green favorites.
  • Leprechauns hate us: We’re stealing their gold for your discounts 💰
  • Outdrink a leprechaun? Maybe not. Outsave him? Absolutely 💸
  • Green Beer? Meh. Green savings? Cheers to that! 🍻
  • Our discounts are like leprechauns: Hard to catch but worth the chase.
  • Forget gold at the end of the rainbow, we’re giving away discounts 🌈💸
  • These deals are magically delicious.
  • Rainbow delights, sweet treats, and discounts.
  • Catch a leprechaun, score a deal.
  • Join the leprechaun hunt: Find hidden deals on our site.

Saint Patrick’s Day Email Subject Lines for Discounts and Deals 

When you’re doing Saint Patrick’s Day email marketing, including numbers and discount percentages can boost your open rates

Numbers attract attention because our brains notice things that break patterns, such as digits among letters. Plus, they help your audience quickly understand what you’re offering without having to interpret vague marketing language.

You don’t always have to include a percentage. Any kind of offer with some digits works — for example, buy 1, get 1. You can also include other enticing details, like free shipping, if you offer them. 

Check out these examples: 

  • Save 30% on all green items this Saint Patrick’s Day. 
  • 50% off select green styles.
  • Find your rainbow: Buy 3, get 1 free on all colorful collections.
  • Saint Patrick’s makeover: Up to 40% off green home accents.
  • Leprechaun loot: 15% off when you spend $75 or more.
  • Green beauty bash: 15% off eco-friendly products.
  • Book now & save 15% on all Irish adventure tours.
  • Read more, save more: 20% off books this Saint Patrick’s Day. 
  • Golden deals under the rainbow: Up to $100 off. 
  • End of the rainbow deal – 20% off sitewide plus free shipping. 

Pro tip: An excellent idea for Saint Patrick’s Day marketing is to run flash sales. And at Campaign Refinery, we have the perfect solution to run flash sales that generate true urgency and encourage your leads to hit the buy button. 

Apply to become a customer and boost your revenue through email. 

Use Emojis to Make Your Subject Lines Pop

Emojis have become a powerful tool in digital communication. They offer a way to add personality, emotion, and clarity to messages with just a few colorful characters. 

They usually increase your open rate because they make your email subject lines distinct. But you should use them carefully. Too many emojis make your emails look spammy and may increase your complaint rates. 

Here are the top emojis to include in your Saint Patrick’s Day emails: 

Saint Patrick’s Day ThemeAppropriate Emojis
Leprechauns🎩 — top hat ✨ — sparkles
Rainbows🌈 — rainbow
Beer🍺 — beer mug🍻 — clinking beer mugs
Shamrocks🍀 — four-leaf clover☘️ — shamrock
Luck and fortune 🎲 — game die💸 — money with wings 💰 — money bag 
Color green 💚 — green heart🟢 — green circle 
Music and dance🎶 — musical notes🎸 — guitar 💃 — woman dancing 🕺 — man dancing 
Celebration🎉 — party popper🥳 — partying face
Emojis that capture the essence of Saint Patrick’s Day themes

Power Words for Saint Patrick’s Day Subject Lines

Power words are emotionally charged terms that grab attention and persuade readers to take action — in this case, opening your emails. 

Using power words is an email marketing psychology trick to evoke subconscious responses, prompt curiosity, or create a sense of urgency. 

For example, words like “exclusive” make us feel special, while “hurry” lights a fire under us to act fast. This response is natural — it’s human nature to be drawn to what feels exciting, scarce, or important.

However, like anything in marketing, if you keep using the same power words, they’ll lose their novelty for your audience

The table below lists some of the words that give some extra oomph to your subject lines. 

CategoryPower WordsExample Subject Line
Excitement and urgencyHurry, Last chance, Exclusive, Limited, Now, Bonus, Deadline, Rush, Immediate, Countdown, FrenzyLast chance to grab your exclusive Saint Patrick’s Day surprise.
Curiosity and intrigueSecret, Unveiled, Discover, Mystery, Hidden, Sneak peek, Behind the scenes, RevealedDiscover the secret behind our Saint Patrick’s Day brew.
Happiness and celebrationJoy, Cheer, Festive, Celebrate, Delight, Fun, Thrill, Happiness, SparkleCelebrate in style: Sparkle with our Saint Patrick’s Day discounts. 
Exclusivity and special offersExclusive, VIP, Special, Premium, Elite, Access, Limited editionVIP access: exclusive Saint Patrick’s Day collection just released. 
Value and savingsSave, Discount, Deal, Bargain, Bonus, Free, Gift, DoubleDouble the luck: Save more with our Saint Patrick’s Day specials. 
Personalization Let’s, Join, Invite, Welcome, Discover, YoursYou’re invited: Join our Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. 
Action Get, Claim, Seize, Grab, Discover, Start, Join, Explore, UncoverGrab your lucky charm: Saint Patrick’s Day surprises inside.
Power words that make your Saint Patrick’s Day email subject lines more effective

What is the Proper Greeting for Saint Patrick’s Day?

The greeting for your Saint Patrick’s Day email depends on your audience interests and your brand. The safest option is “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day,” but it’s also the most boring. 

If you’ve built an email list of mostly professionals, a formal greeting is a better idea. On the flip side, a fun and festive greeting could engage a consumer-focused audience better.

You should also be mindful of cultural nuances. Saint Patrick’s Day is mainly an Irish holiday with religious origins, so balance the festive aspects with respect for its cultural significance.

If you’re going for a more fun and festive tone, check out these options: 

  • Top o’ the morning to you
  • Luck of the Irish to you, 
  • Green cheers to you. 

And here are some ideas for a more professional greeting: 

  • Join us in celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day,
  • Extending our best wishes on Saint Patrick’s Day,
  • Wishing you a rainbow of happiness this Saint Patrick’s Day, 
  • A heartfelt happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you. 

A Framework for Endless Subject Line Ideas 

We’ve already explored different email copywriting techniques to create compelling subject lines, but we want to empower you to generate an infinite stream of engaging subject line ideas on your own. That’s why we created this framework to spark your creativity. 

Here’s a quick overview before we get into the details: 

  1. Identify a common problem or need your audience faces.
  2. Position your offer as the solution.
  3. Offer something unique they can’t find anywhere else.
  4. Leverage fear of missing out.
  5. Refine your idea for clarity, relevance, and enticement. 
  6. Brainstorm variations to cover different angles and tones.
  7. Test different versions to see which performs better.

Identify Your Audience’s Problem or Need

Step into your audience’s shoes to understand their specific challenges and needs. 

Empathy is key here. Think about different situations that arise around Saint Patrick’s Day and focus on the ones that relate to your business. 

Use data or insights from previous email marketing campaigns. If you have customer feedback or survey data, use it to back up your understanding of the audience’s problem.

Here are a few things your audience might need around Saint Patrick’s Day:  

  • Unique celebration ideas. 
  • Authentic gift ideas. 
  • Photography tips. 
  • Workplace or home decoration ideas. 
  • Recipes for healthy, green-themed dishes. 
  • Book or film recommendations.
  • Seasonal health or fitness tips.
  • Self-improvement challenges. 
  • Fashion and personal style ideas. 

Also, try to stay up to date with trends. Figure out what’s popular at the time of your campaign and see if you can ride the wave. 

For example, during the Covid-19 outbreak, many cities had to cancel their Saint Patrick’s Day parades. As a result, live-streamed music sessions and virtual parades suddenly surged. There were also many calls for going green and spending Saint Patrick’s Day doing gardening. 

Showcase Your Solution

Now, it’s time to articulate how your offer uniquely addresses the audience’s needs. Create a narrative in your email subject lines that positions your product or service as the authority with the solution. 

Instead of mentioning features, emphasize how your customer will have a more enjoyable Saint Patrick’s Day because of what you’re offering.

For example, if the identified need was “unique celebration ideas,” your email subject line could be: “An unforgettable Saint Patrick’s Day with our new party kits.”

Highlight What Makes You Unique

In a sea of Saint Patrick’s Day messages, what makes your offer stand out? 

Be specific. Instead of generic claims of “the best” or “the most unique,” provide a clear reason why you’re different. Leverage the holiday’s association with the color green or the Irish culture to underscore your product’s benefits. 

Check out these examples for some inspiration: 

  • Fashion brand — Dress green, feel golden: our new Saint Patrick’s collection.
  • Beer brewery — Irish culture in a glass: limited-edition brews for Saint Patrick’s Day.
  • Bookstore: Rare Irish tales to enjoy this Saint Patrick’s Day.
  • Health and wellness brand — Eat green, live clean: Saint Patrick’s Day nutrition tips. 
  • E-learning platform — Secrets of leprechaun gold in our Irish folklore course!

Create a Sense of Urgency

In general, users won’t take action unless you give them a reason to. And what better reason than the fear of missing out on exclusive perks? 

Convey the idea that your unique offer won’t always be available and motivate readers to open the email immediately instead of putting it off.

Use words and phrases that convey urgency, such as “Hurry,” “Last chance,” “Before it’s gone,” or “Today only.” 

Always be truthful about the urgency, though. If you keep pushing one time-limited campaign after another, your audience will lose their trust in you. 

Refine for Clarity, Relevance, and Enticement 

Your initial ideas might need some polishing to truly shine. Think of your first drafts as raw gems that hold potential. With some careful tweaking, you can turn them into captivating subject lines. 

Follow these steps:  

  1. Review for clarity: Ask yourself if someone unfamiliar with your campaign would understand the subject line at first glance. Remove any jargon or unnecessary words.
  2. Highlight relevance: Make sure the subject line speaks directly to your audience’s identified needs or interests. Using segmentation techniques to tailor the message to different audience groups. And add a touch of personalization if possible. 
  3. Boost enticement: Use action verbs, numbers, or emotive language to make the subject line more compelling. Consider questions or teasers that pique curiosity. 

Explore Variations for Every Idea

Look at your offer and the audience’s problems from different perspectives. Could you emphasize the product’s novelty, its value, or a specific benefit you haven’t considered yet?

Adjust the tone of your subject lines to see what resonates best. For example, see if a humorous tone works better than a straightforward, benefits-focused approach. Try turning the line into a question to see if it sparks curiosity.

Let’s say you want to run a promotional campaign and come up with this subject line: “Unlock your Saint Patrick’s Day discounts.”

Here’s how can improve that subject line: 

  • Novelty angle: Be the first to discover our Saint Patrick’s Day exclusives. 
  • Humorous tone: How many leprechauns does it take to score a deal? Just you!
  • Question: Ready to make this Saint Patrick’s Day the best one yet?
  • Emotional appeal: A spark of Saint Patrick’s magic for you. 

Test and Learn From the Results

By now you probably have tens of subject line ideas. Pick the top two that you’re most confident about and set up an A/B test on your email marketing platform. 

Define how you’ll measure email performance and what success looks like for your campaign — open rate, click rate, or click-through rate. Then evaluate which subject line performs better. Use the insights gained from your tests to refine future subject lines. 

Get Your Pot of Gold with Campaign Refinery

When you’re putting together your Saint Patrick’s Day email marketing campaigns, having the right set of tools can help make the process smoother and your efforts more effective.

Here at Campaign Refinery, we give you powerful solutions that amplify your copywriting efforts and lead to exceptional results. 

Here’s how we do it: 

  • Top-notch deliverability features: We know what it takes for your emails to land right in your subscribers’ inboxes. We help put your well-thought-out subject lines in front of more eyes and increase the chance of engagement.
  • Cutting-edge segmentation: Say goodbye to outdated, static lists that hold back your campaign’s potential. Our system uses tags to give you the freedom to add or remove contacts in unlimited campaigns instantly.
  • Engagement gamification: We make interacting with your content more exciting for your audience by awarding points for every engagement. As points accumulate, rewards are unlocked, creating a powerful incentive for continued interaction.

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