Those Who Say ‘Email Marketing is Dead’ Need to Know This

Email Marketing is Dead

Thinking email marketing is dying and planning to shift your business’s marketing campaign to another platform?

Well, wait before you make this move, especially if you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to win over potential customer markets.

The fact is there are 4.37 billion email users worldwide, and around 3 billion of them spend about 60 minutes a week checking out marketing emails.

It’s such a big market and that can give you the best bang for your buck, with ROI ranging from $36 to $70 for every dollar you put into it.

So, don’t fall for this fallacy that email marketing is dead. 

No, email marketing is not dead. It’s very much alive even in 2023 and persistently delivering 5 to 6 times higher click-through rates than any social media platform.

If it’s consistently producing great results, then what’s this hoax all about? Are people really saying “hasta la vista” to email marketing?

There are too many speculations causing confusion for marketers, making it hard for them to determine what’s beneficial in the long term. That’s why we’ve decided to clear up the mist obscuring the veracity of email marketing campaigns at the current time.

Let’s dive in!

Is Email Marketing a Thing of the Past?

Well, we won’t deny many people claim email marketing is outdated. 

But if you only go by words, some people even say they were abducted by aliens and had vivisection performed on them! Without solid evidence, it’s tough to place trust, right? 

We say the wane of email marketing is a rumor. The data actually tells a different story. 

In reality, people are increasingly leaning into emails. Take a look at these figures

YearNumber of Email Users in Billions
Expected to Grow in 20264.73
Growth of email users over the past five years

Despite the growing number of email users, what has led to the rumor that mass email marketing is over

Actually, it all started when the whole social media wave hit the marketing world. 

How the Advent of Social Media Affected Email Marketing

When social media was first introduced, it was quickly embraced by users because these platforms are inherently more about showcasing users’ lifestyles than anything else, and that’s what makes them so addictive.

Then, one after another, new social media platforms with text, images, and videos appeared, and people welcomed all of them with open arms.

This led to rumors that email marketing would be replaced by some other channel. 

This idea was so well hyped and parroted by novices often over the years that it was accepted as gospel, but the truth is far from this.  

Telling a different story, there’s concrete data. Check out this mind-blowing info to know the truth:  

All these statistics prove email marketing is still relevant. Even for creating or recovering social media accounts, you need an email.

Where there are people, there is a market, and where there is a market, there is a marketing campaign. So email marketing will always be here.

But in a certain sense, email marketing may be considered obsolete for a specific group of people. 

Email Marketing is Dead for Four Types of Individuals

While 50% of email users make a purchase every month from the marketing emails they receive, it’s not a slam dunk for everyone. 

And those marketers who struggle to run a successful email campaign label it as ineffective. Here are four types of marketers who fail to get the best out of email marketing campaigns:

  1. Those Who Have No Idea About It: They lack a customer database and send the same emails to all prospects without understanding their needs. 
  2. Those Who Focus More on a One-Time Deal: They simply want to sell their products once and have no interest in establishing a long-term relationship with customers.
  3. Those Who Mistake It for Cold Emailing: They think email marketing is just sending emails to every email account they get their hands on. 
  4. Those Who are Rugged Individualists: They like to create email campaigns by themselves and underestimate the competencies required to do so successfully. As a result, their emails end up in spam folders. 

So, you could say it’s dead for the people who can’t grasp it and, unfortunately, fail to make it work. 

Now that you know it has worked in the past and will continue to be a valuable marketing channel in the future, let’s explore where it stands in the current year. 

Email Marketing in 2023

A survey was conducted in the US, finding that 35% of email users use more than one email, and 28% of them use more than four email accounts!

You may wonder how this is beneficial to your business.

Well, let’s understand it this way.

Imagine there are two destinations, A and B. A has three roads leading to it, while B has just one. Which one do you think is easier to reach, even if something goes wrong? Destination A, right? You’ve got options with roads 2 and 3 if road 1 is blocked.

Now, globally, 68.75% of people use more than one email account.

So, you would have higher chances of reaching email users, which number over 4 billion.

This is what makes email marketing more effective and cost-effective than any other marketing channel.

Despite all the rumors about email marketing going extinct, it is rapidly growing in 2023. Look at how it’s stirring the market: 

  • People are expected to shoot around 332.2 billion emails back and forth this year;
  • 37% of brands have increased their email marketing budgets after seeing positive results from it, which is 7% more than the previous year;
  • It’s expected to generate 11 billion in revenue by the end of 2023;
  • Most consumers still prefer emails to learn about companies and their product launches.

This shows how relevant and beneficial email marketing is today, and not having it in your marketing plan could prove to be a big mistake.

Why You Should Consider Running an Email Marketing Campaign

Every day, we see more people glued to their smartphones for everything, from communicating with clients to making purchases.

Today 85.95% of the world’s population uses smartphones and it has been found in a study that smartphone users trust emails more than other channels when it comes to brand marketing and conducting business transactions.

Numerous industry experts have forecasted that as time progresses, an increasing number of individuals will prefer using smartphones for business purposes and communication. Given that smartphone users commonly view emails as a secure mode of communication, the demand for email marketing is expected to surge organically in the future.

So, it’s the right time for businesses to invest in email marketing. 

Additionally, it provides an ROI ranging from 3200% to 3600%, which is the highest ROI offered by any marketing channel. 

The added benefit is its cost-effectiveness in acquiring customers through email campaigns, which can be particularly advantageous depending on your industry.

Check the following data to find out which industry has the highest and lowest CAC.

IndustryEstimated Customer Acquisition Cost 
Travel $1-10
Financial $100-200
Software Technology $300-400
Estimated customer acquisition cost (CAC) per industry

There are Four More Major Reasons You Should Invest in Email Marketing:

  1. Secure: In a survey, it has been found that people feel three times more secure when transacting with domain-based emails than with any active social media account.
  2. Large User Base: Most email users kick-start their mornings by checking emails. 
  3. Potent: Email marketing has proven extremely effective for retailers, with 81% of them using it as their primary channel to acquire customers.
  4. Get More Sales: It drives 66% more conversions in high-ticket sales compared to any other marketing channel.

To leverage email marketing campaigns, it’s a wise move not to be a rugged individual and seek the assistance of professional email marketers.

The Advantage of Consulting a Seasoned Email Marketing Firm

The way you start a campaign determines whether it will be a success or a failure.

If you’re not an expert email marketer, it’s best to hire one to guide you.

Half-knowledge is a dangerous thing; it can sabotage your marketing campaign before it even begins to yield results, and we are sure you don’t want that.

An expert email marketer can assist you in the following ways, for example, they can:

  • Segment your audience and craft emails to keep them engaged;
  • Stay aware of the latest trends and align them with customer preferences to entice them;
  • Study customer behavior and accordingly send promotional offers that drive more sales; 
  • Constantly create and test email programs in an effort to achieve improved results with each new email;
  • Build a data-based system that can consistently provide you with high returns in the long term.

So, you need an ESP that can help you reap all the benefits that an email campaign can possibly provide:

At  Campaign Refinery, we are happy to put our decades-long experience to work for our clients, helping them reach their maximum potential in email marketing, and we offer support every step of the way. 

Why Campaign Refinery

We are focused on providing each client with reliable premium email marketing solutions, which is why we offer exclusive, application-based services

We have consistently reached a remarkable 76.37% open rate as our clients say, which dramatically improved their deliverability and thus — revenue.

In fact, one of our clients managed to generate a staggering $3.6 million in revenue within the first 12 months of employing our services!

And we are committed to replicating that success for all our valued customers.

Here’s how we make it happen for businesses with our unique premium features:

  1. We enhance the sender reputation by cleaning the email list, ensuring that the emails land in the inbox;
  2. Our advanced email tools monitor and analyze performance and emend emails for higher open rates, thereby increasing the chances of making more sales;
  3. We offer you a rich email campaign library to inspire you and assist in saving valuable time when initiating your email marketing campaign;
  4. Our gamification technique encourages recipients to engage with the emails you send and makes the engagement rate skyrocket;
  5. Our expert customer support and VIP “done for you” services make sure we will provide the best client experience tailored to your needs.

The best part is that Campaign Refinery’s cutting-edge deliverability technology allows you to send mass emails, clean the list, and implement gamification techniques on autopilot with our range of automated features, so you can focus on promoting your brand.

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Written by Nikhil Gupta

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