5 Best Mailgun Alternatives to Switch to in 2024

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Mailgun was launched in 2010 as a developer-friendly and API-integrated email delivery service. To date, the platform helps businesses send, receive, and track transactional and marketing messages. 

But Mailgun may not be the right ESP for everyone, especially with its limited account capabilities — if you have a larger email list, it’s challenging to email all your subscribers at once. 

If you’re on the lookout for a Mailgun alternative, here are 5 of them based on their core features, functionality, and pricing.

Why Switch to a Mailgun Alternative?

Mailgun launched ahead of many ESPs in the market and was considered a beginner-friendly email delivery platform with APIs. 

Email API (short for Application Programmable Interface) helps developers connect an application or service to an email service provider and use the provider’s features, including sending emails, extracting email stats, etc., without having to create the functionalities from scratch.

Mailgun is quite easy to set up and allows up to 10,000 emails per month for free. As you scale, you can pay $35 for 50,000 emails and $90 for 100,000 emails. 

Although it was widely used for its reliability and affordability, Mailgun started to witness stiff competition with many ESPs delivering more powerful features and functionalities for lower pricing.

Currently, many users are opting for Mailgun alternatives for several reasons, such as — sudden account closures and an increase in account usage charges without warning.

Additionally, Mailgun’s basic UX design, deliverability limitations, and UI issues lead many users to migrate to other platforms that provide more value for the price. 

Now that we know the basics about Mailgun, let’s compare it to other ESPs based on the common requirements.

What to Consider When Moving to a Mailgun Alternative

As you prepare to take your email marketing journey with a new ESP, evaluating your requirements and looking for a platform that matches your budget is important.

We have put together a few critical factors you must consider before making the leap:

Deliverability Assess the ESP’s deliverability record to understand your email reach
Integration capabilitiesCompare the features such as automation, A/B testing, analytics, and segmentation with your business requirements.
Pricing structure Ensure the new ESP fits your budget and there are no extra charges as you scale
Features and functionality Evaluate the quality of customer support, including knowledge and dedicated support staff for each account.
Customer support Choose a platform that’s easy to use and has beginner-friendly functionalities.
Data security and complainceEnsure the ESP follows data security acts such as CAN-SPAM and GDPR
User interface and ease of useConsider the nature of analytics, including the level of detail provided regarding your email campaign metrics.
Reporting and analyticsAnalyze the ESP’s uptime and reliability to avoid service disruptions
Customization optionsCheck for the ability to tailor email campaign templates and other design features
Reliability Analyze the ESPs uptime and reliability to avoid service disruptions
Community and reviews Read through the user reviews thoroughly before making a decision
Checklist to consider while choosing a Mailgun alternative

While this checklist can help you evaluate your options, you must know the Mailgun alternatives in detail to make an informed decision. Let’s review each platform’s functionalities and pricing structure.

Mailgun Alternatives: Quick Overview

Migrating your entire email list to another ESP isn’t an easy task. That’s why we’ve compiled the best Mailgun alternatives list to help you make quicker decisions.

ESPCampaign Refinery SendGridAmazon SESMailpoetMandrill
Ease of Use106488
Advanced Automation108778
Advanced Sender Reputation Practices
Unlimited Contacts
Engagement Gamification
Automatic Email list cleaning
Deliverability ExcellentGoodGoodAverageGood
Best Mailgun Alternatives in 2024

Now that we’ve narrowed the ESP options for you, it’s time to look at them in detail.

Campaign Refinery: The Finest Mailgun Alternative 

Campaign Refinery Homepage
Campaign Refinery Homepage

Campaign Refinery is the best Mailgun alternative if you’re looking for the highest email deliverability in the market. With decades of experience in email marketing, our founder, Travis Ketchum, built Campaign Refinery for all types of email enthusiasts on the grounds of ethical email marketing. 

That means we follow email marketing best practices to the T and have stringent rules in place to maintain our client’s brand reputation. We don’t encourage cold emailing or buying email lists and immediately terminate user accounts for increased safety and security.

While our email automation platform has many sophisticated features, our core focus is — email deliverabilty. Campaign Refinery realized the importance of inbox placement before anything else, and that’s what makes it the finest ESP for all kinds of businesses.

All-in-One Email Marketing Platform

Here are Campaign Refinery features at a glance:

  • Premium deliverability: With dedicated email experts, you get close to a 100% inbox placement and a good sender reputation thereof. 
  • Automatic email list cleaning: This tool removes unwanted and harmful email addresses even before you hit the send button. 
  • Credit system: An option to use credits to clean your email lists (1 send = 1 credit). You get a set of credits based on the pricing tier you choose.
  • Unlimited contacts: Excel at your email marketing game without worrying about your email list size. You can mail unlimited contacts for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Segmentation tools: Our list segmentation tools come with specialized features to help you identify your subscribers easily. You can also use the tagging system for a more personalized approach to email marketing.
  • Engagement rewards: Reward your subscribers each time they open and interact with your emails. In the long run, this allows your subscribers to accumulate points and use it to redeem or download based on the criteria you set.
  • Powerful integration: Choose from over 800+ integrations to make your email marketing a breeze. 
  • Template library: Build customized and elegant email campaigns with a click of a button. You can choose from a variety of campaign templates according to your email marketing goal.
  • Detailed analytics dashboard: Access your email campaign metrics from a single-view dashboard, and refine your email marketing campaigns accordingly.

Unmatched Deliverability, For Developers and Marketers Alike

If you’re a developer and are looking for seamless integration and API systems, Campaign Refinery is your choice. With advanced API custom integration tools, dynamic content, and personalization elements, you have complete control over your email marketing system.

If you’re a marketer, use our powerful automation system to send the right email campaigns to your audience for higher conversions. You can also validate email addresses, run any type of email campaign, and track analytics from a single dashboard.

Campaign Refinery dramatically increases your deliverability and engagement with powerful tools and features. 

Look at the pros and cons to make a proper decision.


  1. As an all-in-one email marketing platform, Campaign Refinery gives you a user-friendly interface along with powerful automation and email deliverability. We guarantee the highest email deliverability rate in the market.
  2. Pay monthly pricing for unlimited contacts — allocated credits for each pricing tier lets you make optimum use of the platform.
  3. We are laser-focused on helping you grow your email list the right way — our automatic email list cleaning feature helps you wade out unwanted email addresses for increased account safety.
  4. Integrate Campaign Refinery with more than 800 well-known marketing platforms to elevate your email marketing.
  5. Send verified bulk emails with API integrations and follow up with post-purchase experiences. 
  6. You don’t have to know coding to build beautiful email campaigns. Our simple and customizable built-in editor allows you to send good-looking email marketing campaigns at ease.
  7. Run email campaigns, validate email addresses, automate email sequences, and track performance with a robust email marketing dashboard.
  8. Finally, we only partner with top-quality senders, which means you’ll be in an elite company once you onboard with us.


  1. While there are various platforms that have additional features, such as CRM and social media management tools, we are laser-focused on getting maximum inbox placement for our clients. Instead of adding more functionalities to the platform, we emphasize email deliverability and sender reputation, bringing stellar email marketing results.
  2. We don’t offer a standard free trial because we handpick our clients before onboarding them. We only work with experienced, well-established, and good-prospective senders seeking a robust email marketing platform.

Campaign Refinery Pricing

Our plans start at $99 per month and can scale up to over 1,000,000 sends per month.

  1. Sending 50k emails? Starting at $99/month (unlimited contacts),
  2. Sending 200,000 emails? Starting at $299/month (unlimited contacts),
  3. Sending 1,000,000 emails? Starting at $1,000/month (unlimited contacts).

We offer credits that you can use to build and clean your email list at your schedule, based on your habits. In a nutshell, you’ll only pay for what you use, regardless of the number of emails you send out, which makes Campaign Refinery the best value-for-money option on the market.

If you’re a high-volume sender looking for a premium software, Campaign Refinery will be the right fit for you. Apply now to become a Campaign Refinery client!

SendGrid: An Expensive Alternative to Mailgun

SendGrid Pricing Options
SendGrid Pricing Options

SendGrid was launched in 2009 as an email API and since then, has grown into a full-service email platform. SendGrid aspires to be the largest email platform to send millions of emails per day with features like autoresponders, A/B testing, customizable branding, disposable email detection, and response management. 

SendGrid aims to be an intuitive email marketing platform for businesses, but it misses out on helpful features such as activity tracking, churn management, and multi-channel communication. 


  1. If you want to send transactional emails, then Sendgrid has better API functionality. However, for marketing emails, it might not be the best Mailgun alternative. 
  2. SendGrid allows easy tracking and configuration for different email campaign metrics.
  3. The platform is easy to use and likely supports customizable email marketing design.


  1. SendGrid is a bit shaky when it comes to email deliverability and reliability.
  2. When customers face deliverability issues, they are usually advised to upgrade to the next pricing tier.
  3. The customer support is poor — if you want premium support, you have to pay extra.

SendGrid Pricing

SendGrid offers 3 pricing tiers with different features, customer support, and send volumes.

We’ll show you the pricing outline, but it’s always best you look through the pricing structure before making a decision.

  • Sending 6000 emails? At $0 per month (2000 contacts),
  • Sending 25,000 emails? Starting at $25 per month (15,000 contacts),
  • Sending 50,000 emails? Starting at $60 per month (10,000 contacts).

Amazon SES: A Mailgun Alternative For Mass Emails

Amazon SES pricing
Amazon SES pricing

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a part of Amazon Web Services and is a cost-effective email marketing platform for any business type. It’s often used for sending bulk emails, but it works for marketing and other email types too.

While the pricing is affordable, Amazon SES does not offer premium email marketing features — many users think that the features and services aren’t compatible with other marketing tools. 


  1. If pricing is your concern when looking for a Mailgun alternative, then Amazon SES will be a good choice. It’s affordable and offers limited yet useful features for the price point.
  2. For daily newsletters, Amazon SES offers proper SPF and DKIM authentication. 
  3. Customers point out that it’s easy to manage responses and track all emails from a user-friendly dashboard.


  1. Reviews online show that customers are not happy with the pricing system — if your emails contain high-resolution images or files, it will cost you money even with the free account.
  2. SES provides no support and expects users to troubleshoot issues on their own. If you lack technical knowledge or are new to email marketing, SES likely won’t be the right fit for you.
  3. Did your emails ever reach your intended audience? You’ll never know because SES has no deliverability tracking, which is a major flaw for marketers. 

Amazon SES Pricing

  • Sending 2,000 emails? At $0 (50 contacts per email),
  • Sending 3,00,000 emails? At $30 (50 contacts per email),
  • Additional $0.10/1000 emails after 62,000 emails on EC-2 hosted application,
  • Additional pricing for dedicated IPs and virtual deliverability manager. 

MailPoet: A Mailgun Alternative For Attractive Newsletters

MailPoet Pricing page
MailPoet Pricing page

If you’re looking for a good email plugin for WordPress, MailPoet makes the cut. Their USP is — to enjoy everything in one place; it works with any CMS platform. It’s pretty simple to use and allows you to design good-looking newsletters. Despite these features, MailPoet may not be the best fit for every email marketer. 

The platform’s price point may be a concern for users looking for more affordable options. The services often get disconnected without proper reasoning, and its segmentation and integrations are limited to WordPress core features and Woocommerce only.


  1. You can integrate MailPoet with any WordPress site.
  2. MailPoet is beginner-friendly and does not require prior technical knowledge.
  3. It helps you build dynamic email campaigns and update your subscribers about your recent blog or website activities.


  1. You can only use it with WordPress, which means it does not support third-party website integrations.
  2. The platform is quick to disable email deliverability for any email that looks like spam. There’s no clarification involved, and the decision is solely made by MailPoet.
  3. Some users feel that the platform needs more built-in templates they can customize.

MailPoet Pricing 

MailPoet is free for up to 1000 subscribers, which is useful if you’re testing your email marketing strategy.

However, if you’re locked in on your preferences, there are better options on this list.

  • Sending up to 5000 emails? At $0 (1000 contacts),
  • Unlimited emails at $55 (5,000 contacts),
  • Unlimted emails at $240 (10,000 contacts).

Mandrill: User-friendly Add-on Service For Mailchimp 

Mailchimp Pricing page
Mailchimp Pricing page

Mailchimp Transactional email (formerly Mandrill) is a Mailgun Alternative if you’re already a MailChimp user or are planning on becoming one. It’s only available as an add-on service for Mailchimp users, making it less usable for other marketers.

Users report that the platform is user-friendly and provides detailed analysis of the email campaigns. However, its support team might not be very active when it comes to solving customer queries. Many users also feel that this Mailgun alternative is a bit overpriced for its features.


  1. Mailchimp + Mailchimp transactional might act as a combo if your email marketing demands such features.
  2. A few users find the platform useful for its integration capabilities.
  3. The cross-service features of Mailchimp and Mailchimp transactional can reduce your uptime with each client. However, you can use this service only if you’re a Mailchimp user.
  4. Mailchimp transactional offers customizable analytics and an export API if you’re looking for a detailed analytics platform.


  1. A few users suggest that the API results are not completely visible from the administrator dashboard.
  2. You’ll have to pay for both Mailchimp and Mailchimp transactional, making it an expensive Mailgun alternative.
  3. Users also report that the emails tend to go missing or get sent to the wrong Gmail tabs.

Mailchimp Transactional Pricing 

Mailchimp Transactional’s pricing usually depends on the number of emails sent and starts at $20/month for up to 25,000 emails.

Mailchimp calls it ‘blocks’ and each block consists of 25,000 emails.

  • Sending 5,000 emails? At $20,
  • Sending 50,000 emails? At $40,
  • Sending 1,000,000 emails? At $720,
  • These costs are additional to your Mailchimp monthly plan.

Campaign Refinery vs Mailgun: Which is Better?

Most email marketers look for a combination of nominal pricing packages and unique features for their email marketing needs. The biggest concern is to find a platform that enables you to send as many emails to as many contacts for fixed pricing. 

So, how do you choose the best out of all the options? Let’s help you narrow down your focus.

FeaturesCampaign RefineryMailgun
Dynamic email content 
Email Segmentation
Engagement Rewards 
Mobile optimization 
Bulk email verification
Powerful reporting/analytics
Custom domain check
High deliverability rate
Sender reputation management
Credit system
Spam trap detection 
Disposable email detection 
Single email verification 
Drip campaigns
Post-purchase email campaigns
Quality senders only policy
Evergreen Flash sales 
Smart goal triggers
Campaign Refinery vs Mailgun 

Now, you might wonder about the pricing part, but before you decide to go with the least priced, ask yourself if it solves your purpose. 

How to Choose an ESP Based on Pricing

If pricing is your concern, take a look at the ESPs on this list to understand their pricing packages at a glance. In the table below, we’ve only outlined the starter packs of all platforms. However, be mindful that each ESP offers different features and functionalities depending on the pricing tier. 

Note: Campaign Refinery has a unique approach to pricing — we have a credit system and you only pay for what you use.

PlatformContact/Subscriber Limit Email Send Limit Pricing per month
SendGrid 2,0006,000 per month$0
Amazon SES50 contacts per email 10,000 per month$1
MailPoet5000Unlimited emails per month$55
Mandrill 5000 emails per month $20
Campaign Refinery Unlimited contacts50,000 credits per month Starting at $99
Pricing of different ESPs

Campaign Refinery offers premium features + unlimited contacts for a nominal monthly fee. For the same features, you might have to pay hefty pricing for other ESPs, sometimes close to five grand.

We introduced the credit system because we wanted our clients to enjoy a premium email marketing experience for a monthly fee, along with a dedicated email expert team that watches over their email deliverability and sender reputation. 

Why Campaign Refinery is the Best Mailgun Alternative for Your Email Marketing Needs

When looking for a Mailgun alternative, you might have come across different challenges including email deliverability expertise, higher costs for extra emails, and no customer support. Remember that we’ve built Campaign Refinery — an elite email marketing platform to solve your biggest email marketing problems in the first place.

We started out with industry experience but soon became a powerhouse for email deliverability. This was possible because we listened to our clients and updated our systems to make sure they were happy with the performance. And they certainly were — check out our user reviews below!

Campaign Refinery Client Testimonials Reviews
Campaign Refinery Client Testimonials

Whether you’re building your email list or already sending out millions of emails per month, Campaign Refinery has the tools and features to make your email marketing shine.

We say this with credence — you will get the best email deliverability rate in the market.

If you’d like to know more about how we can uplevel your email marketing, apply to become a Campaign Refinery client today!

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