Free Email List Cleaning Tools: Improve Your Deliverability for Free

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With various barriers in place to stop spam and discourage spoofing and phishing, there’s a lot to keep in mind as you run your email campaigns. As you strive to connect with your target audience and build meaningful relationships, the quality of your email list becomes vital.

And it’s not sufficient to just build your list with love and care; cleaning it needs to be at the top of your priorities because of all the benefits it brings to your campaign effectiveness and sender reputation. 

Join us as we review free email list cleaning tools and study how list cleaning is not just a routine maintenance task, but one of the pillars upon which you build your email marketing strategy.

What is Email List Cleaning? 

Email list cleaning is an undeniably crucial aspect of excellent deliverability. It refers to the careful process of scrubbing and refining your contact database, also known as “email list hygiene.” The process requires you to regularly review and maintain your email subscriber list to ensure its accuracy, relevance, and deliverability. 

The vital aspects of email list cleaning include:

  • Removing inactive subscribers
  • Addressing bounced emails
  • Verifying email addresses
  • Remove spam traps

The goal of email list cleaning is to remove inactive, expired, or inaccurate email addresses from your list, thereby improving the overall performance of your email campaigns.

Benefits of Clean Email Lists

Let’s review the common benefits of keeping your email list up-to-date.

  • Improved email deliverability: Removing invalid or inactive email addresses improves your sender reputation, which then improves the likelihood your emails will reach your recipients’ inboxes rather than spam folders.
  • Positive sender reputation: ESPs and ISPs are more likely to trust and prioritize your emails, ensuring consistent inboxing rates.
  • Open rates: A clean email list leads to higher open rates, as your emails capture the attention of subscribers genuinely interested in your content.
  • Reduced spam complaints: A clean email list ensures you reach subscribers who have explicitly opted in for your emails. This helps maintain a low spam complaint rate.
  • Better engagement: Cleaning your email list allows you to focus on a more targeted and responsive audience. This leads to superior engagement and, eventually, better conversion rates.
  • ROI: As most email marketing platforms charge you based on the number of subscribers, maintaining a smaller and more engaged list can result in improved ROI. At Campaign Refinery, we don’t charge by subscriber count; our clients can add unlimited contacts to email lists.
  • Accurate analytics: A clean email list provides more accurate data for analyzing the performance of different email campaigns.

In summary, email list cleaning is a strategic practice that addresses immediate deliverability concerns and also contributes to long-term marketing success.

How to Clean Email Lists

Cleaning email lists isn’t just about uploading your list to a tool and hitting the “clean” button. The more you know the best practices for cleaning and maintaining your subscriber list, the better you’ll be at it.

Let’s break down the process below:

  1. Remove inactive subscribers: Identify subscribers who haven’t engaged with your emails over a specified period, such as the last 4 to 6 months. 
  2. Check for bounced emails: Constantly monitor bounced emails and categorize them as either “hard bounces” (permanent delivery failures) or “soft bounces” (temporary issues). Remove hard bounces immediately, as they indicate invalid or non-existent email addresses; you can test soft bounces for a specific period, but if you continue to face issues, remove them, too.
  3. Create a cleaning schedule: Email list cleaning is not a one-time task; it’s an ongoing process. Create a regular schedule to review and clean your email lists — this ensures they stay healthy and effective.
  4. Use email list cleaners: If your list is huge and you have long-term plans for your email marketing goals, consider using professional list cleaning services or platforms. At Campaign Refinery, our clients place a lot of trust in our automated list-cleaning tool, which ensures there aren’t any dud emails that can affect their sender reputation.
  5. Check for typos: Review your list for common typos, syntax errors, or duplicate entries. These can result in failed deliveries and negatively impact your sender reputation. 
  6. Segmentation is your friend: Segment your email list based on user behavior, preferences, or demographics. This allows you to send targeted and relevant content to specific groups, improving engagement and reducing the likelihood of unsubscribes and spam reports.
  7. Monitor engagement metrics: Pay attention to what your subscribers are telling you — regularly analyze key email engagement metrics, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Use this data to identify pain points and adjust your list-cleaning strategy accordingly.

And if you have a large number of inactive subscribers, consider running re-engagement campaigns to encourage them to interact with your emails again. Offer incentives, ask for feedback, or provide exclusive content to rekindle their interest. If there’s no response, proceed with removal.

Email List Cleaning and Deliverability

A clean email list significantly improves your deliverability by ensuring your emails reach the intended recipients’ inboxes rather than being flagged as spam. ISPs and ESPs closely monitor sender behavior, and a high bounce rate or consistent delivery issues can harm your sender reputation. This is also why we insist you should never buy email lists.

For example, if your list contains email addresses with typos or syntax errors, cleaning it ensures your messages reach legitimate, active inboxes. Additionally, by eliminating addresses of users who haven’t engaged with your emails, you focus your efforts on a more responsive audience, positively impacting engagement rates.

Regularly cleaning the email list is a basic step in building an excellent sender reputation. This, in turn, increases the likelihood that ISPs will trust and prioritize emails from you, leading to vastly better deliverability rates. 

Free Email List Cleaners: Are They Effective?

The short answer is: Your results may vary. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of using free email list cleaning tools to clean your email lists.

Free list cleaners don’t require any investment.Free tools often have restricted functionality compared to paid services.
Ideal for users looking for a quick, one-time list check.Concerns about data security and privacy may arise with some free tools.
Suitable for individuals or small businesses with minimal needs.The accuracy of results may be lower than that of paid services.
Useful for users looking to understand the basics of list cleaning.Free services may lack consistent server uptime and reliability.
Basic checks may be suitable for small lists or infrequent useLimited or no dedicated customer support is a common drawback
Free services may impose restrictions on the number of email addresses processed.
May lack regular updates to maintain database accuracy.
Free Email List Cleaners: Pros and Cons

As you can see, there are more cons than pros when using a free email list cleaner. While it is budget-friendly, there are many risks to using free tools. The process can also be more tedious because of restrictions like email list count or number of emails. 

That’s why we recommend a proper email platform with more advanced features and reliable support for critical campaigns and larger email lists.

That said, you can save money by using free email list cleaners. Let’s now look at a few of the popular options available on the market today.

Email List Validation

Email List Validation is a website that lets you test your emails on a basic level. You will have to sign up on their platform before you can use the free list-cleaning feature. 


  1. Removal of spam traps, invalid emails
  2. Promising 98% accuracy
  3. Removes duplicates
  4. Checks for disposable emails

The signup was simple enough (with no requests to pay upfront or share credit card details) and on the main page, you have a text box that you can use to search for email addresses. Like most “free” email validation services online, you get 100 free credits. 

You can upload a list or use the built-in text box to search for individual email addresses. We uploaded a list of 1,000 contacts, and the tool asked us to spend our free credits to validate 100 email IDs, which we did. The results were displayed in a basic format, with the option to download the cleaned list.

Their paid plans start at 2,500 email addresses which costs you $19, and you pay as you go. It’s a bit cheaper if you pick the monthly plan, which costs $14.

Email List Validation Sign Up Page
Email List Validation Sign Up Page
Email List Validation Upload Page
Email List Validation Upload Page
Email List Validation List Upload Process
Email List Validation List Upload Process
Email List Validation Results Page
Email List Validation Results Page

IP Quality Score

The best part about IP Quality Score or IPQS is that you don’t have to sign up to test it. You can validate an email right on the landing page of this service.


  1. Identify fake accounts, invalid emails, and spam traps
  2. Reverse email lookup
  3. Domain checking
  4. Checks frequent complainer lists

The first test we ran on IPQS impressed us because we used a burner email and IPQS detected it and displayed a full report. But since you won’t run tests on individual emails, you have to sign up for a free email account before you can upload a list and test it. Registering requires that you submit a phone number as well. Once you do, you can run a test for 100 emails on the free plan. 

The basic paid plan starts at $999 a month, making it a bit excessive for someone just looking for an email list cleaning service. 

IP Quality Score Homepage
IP Quality Score Homepage
IP Quality Score Results Page
IP Quality Score Results Page


QeInbox offers a free email list cleaning service that requires you to sign up and upload an email list you want to scrub. The company primarily specializes in designing email templates and landing pages but also offers other services like this free email list scrubbing tool.


  1. Checks list for invalid emails and spam traps
  2. Checks against blacklists
  3. Scans for duplicates and syntax errors
  4. Verifies domains

QeInbox lets you validate your email lists by uploading them in csv, xls, .zip, ods, .rar, .txt, or .numbers file formats. Just type in your name and email, upload the list, and the report is sent to your inbox. Pricing plans depend on your requirements, so if you have large email lists, just drop them an email to get a custom quote.

QeInbox Homepage
QeInbox Homepage
QeInbox Upload Page


One of the more popular names when it comes to free email list scrubbing services, JitBit lets you paste a list of email addresses to a text box and run the validation service.


  1. Checks for disposable or burner email IDs
  2. Verifies domains and roles
  3. Checks for invalid emails, spam traps, and typos
  4. Checks MX records

We uploaded a list of 100 emails to Jitbit and it did a pretty good job of catching the fake ones, and took about a minute to do it. The limit on this free email cleaning tool is 20,000 emails — which we think, is pretty decent for a free service! 

Jitbit also claims the process is safe as the verification process runs within the browser itself, without any uploading to servers. The best part is it also cleans the list of the bad email IDs, so you can just copy the new list of addresses from the text box, directly.

JitBit Homepage
JitBit Homepage
JitBit Upload Process
JitBit Upload Process
JitBit List Cleaning Process
JitBit List Cleaning Process

Free List Check

Free List Check is another free email list scrubber that lets you test up to 1,000 emails for free. 


  1. Detect spam traps, fraudulent IDs, and invalid IDs
  2. Detailed reports
  3. Catches errors and typos
  4. Highlights bad domains and role accounts

The landing page has an upload box that lets you upload your list of contacts in text format. You also have to submit your email address so the site can send you a Free List Check report. The report itself is highly detailed and gives you a nice visual breakdown of the problematic emails and their causes. The service is completely free.

Free List Check Homepage
Free List Check Homepage
Free List Check Upload Page
Free List Check Upload Page
Free List Check Results Page
Free List Check Results Page


Here’s yet another free option to scrub your email lists. WPOven lets you test your list of up to 1,000 contacts to detect and remove problematic email addresses. 


  1. Detects invalid emails
  2. Checks for spam traps
  3. Custom cleaning options

This free email list cleaner is simple — you add your list of email addresses into the search box and wait for it to give the cleaned version below. You can tell the cleaner to ignore company email IDs and free ESPs, as well as disposable emails. There aren’t really any details of what emails were removed and for what reasons; you can only blindly trust that it works.

WPOven offers a few other tools you can use, too, like a free SMTP server, an SSL checker, plus an SPF/DKIM tester.

WPOven Home and Upload Page
WPOven Home and Upload Page
WPOven Results Page
WPOven Results Page


Bouncer is probably the quickest way to check your email list, and it is a free service but the sample size is limited to 100 email addresses. You don’t have to sign up to see the results of the email scrubbing.


  1. Catches invalid emails and spam traps
  2. Detects disposable emails
  3. Checks for outdated and incomplete email addresses
  4. Detects invalid domains

On the landing page, you have a text box where you can add your list of email addresses, and then you have to hit the Verify button. The service samples up to 100 email IDs from your list and gives a bounce estimate. It also includes information on undeliverable addresses, role IDs, and burner emails.

On the paid plans, you can start at $8 a month for 1,000 emails, going up to $2,000 to verify a list of 1 million email addresses.

Bouncer Homepage
Bouncer Upload Page
Bouncer Upload Page
Bouncer Results Page
Bouncer Results Page

Free Email List Cleaning Tools: Comparison

This table compares the key features of these free email testers:

FeatureEmail List ValidationIPQSQeInboxJitBitFree List CheckWPOvenBouncer
Registration requiredYesYesYesNoYesNoNo
Paid plan$14/mo2,500 emails$999/mo UnlimitedNoNoNoNo$81,000 emails
Spam trap and invalid ID detection
Free Email List Cleaners Compared

Of the lot, IPQS seemed the most powerful and effective, but you can expect that kind of quality for this price. If you have large lists and want a quick and easy email tester tool, you’re best off using JitBit, as it allows a list of up to 20,000 email IDs.

Campaign Refinery vs. Free Email List Cleaners

As you can see — email list cleaning can get messy, and there is no single free solution to it. There’s a lot of ambiguity about the trustworthiness of free tools, and if it’s a good tool, there are limitations. This makes the process of cleaning larger lists much more tricky.

It could work if you have a smaller list and are on a budget, but for comparison, here’s a quick overview of using Campaign Refinery versus using free email list cleaning tools.

FeatureCampaign Refinery ✅Free Email List Cleaner
AccuracyEliminates bounce rates by ~99%Subjective
Data securityCompletely secureNot trustworthy
FeaturesNumerous advanced features Basic
User experienceUser-friendly, lots of custom optionsBasic without customization options
Customer serviceExcellentNon-existent
UpdatesFrequentMay be outdated
Segmentation toolsYesNo
Campaign Refinery vs. free email list cleaners

As you can see, list cleaning is far more effective when it’s part of the email platform. But that’s not all.

Campaign Refinery: Email List Cleaning Done Right

Attention to detail is the reason Campaign Refinery is the master of email deliverability. A spotless email list is vital for a diligent email marketer, which is why we included tools to help our clients keep them clean. 

Here’s an overview of our list-cleaning feature:

  • We believe the email sender reputation is one of the most important parts of being a solid email marketer. And a big part of your sender reputation is not getting caught by ESPs and spam filters. This is why we built the best email list cleaner and added it to our platform. 
  • Our list-cleaning feature is fully automated. This means clients don’t have to be involved in the process at all, besides the occasional confirmation to verify the validity of an email address. 
  • The list cleaning happens in real time — we are constantly monitoring blacklists, bounce reports, and various other metrics to ensure your list is always in pristine condition.
  • Here are the types of emails we detect and remove:
    1. Invalid emails
    2. Incorrect emails
    3. Bots
    4. Spam traps
    5. Complainer
    6. Seed account
    7. Role email IDs
    7. Burner email accounts

The advantages go beyond just comparing features, though. As a full-stack email platform, we take list cleaning very seriously, as we do our other offerings.

Campaign Refinery goes beyond routine list maintenance; we aim to optimize your deliverability rates, enhance your engagement, and safeguard your sender reputation.

If Your Goal is Deliverability…

Email list cleaning is an essential step towards great deliverability as it ensures your messages reach the inboxes of engaged recipients, prevents bounces, reduces spam complaints, and improves your sender reputation. 

But there are various other best practices you need in place to become the email marketer you always dreamed of. Today, we want to offer you a compilation of all the wisdom we have accumulated over the past decade as an email platform — The Inbox Formula.

The Inbox Formula is FREE, and it’s filled with valuable and relevant best practices — the very ones we apply to our platform. Besides cutting-edge strategies, the book includes actionable insights and expert tips that can help you crush those email campaigns.

It’s the ultimate guide to decoding deliverability challenges to writing engaging content; download The Inbox Formula today.

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