Advanced Campaign Sorting With New ‘Branches’ Feature

Branches feature

One of the most beautiful things about marketing automation is your ability to systemize complex tasks to be easily repeatable.

As marketing platforms continue to advance, it makes segmenting and sorting your message for the ideal segments easier than ever before. Much like you would use advanced targeting rules for a Facebook Ad campaign.

We’re so excited to announce our new ‘Branches’ feature, that allows you to create custom rulesets based on tags and/or customer profile information.

For instance, if you had the gender or location of your prospects in a custom field, you could use that to add them to specific follow-up sequences that can speak to their unique needs, in a voice that works best for them.

Maybe you’re running an offer for Solar Panel installation and want to make sure that only people in certain states with Solar Panel tax credits get your offer. With Branches, you’ll be able to simply add your entire list to a kick-off tag, and let Branches sort the right leads into the offer.

Before today, you would have to do a lot more work to get a list of your perfect audiences and schedule broadcasts for each segment.

Now, you create the right sequence(s), bolt them to a Branch and add your entire list to that Branch to do the sorting for you.

Like magic 🙂

Create an automation rule to start a Branch

In order to kick-off a Branch, you just need to create an automation rule that acts as the trigger. This can be based on forms, engagement, tags or goals (which are advanced collections of tags) that have been satisfied.

If you’re trying to add a bulk list of existing contacts into a Branch, then the tag method is your best option in this case.

If you want to have a Branch filter sequences based on a prospect’s response from a form, then that’s a great way to kick things off too one-by-one instead of one bulk trigger.

Additionally, using Goals as a trigger is a great way to trigger different fulfilment or add-on sales sequences for purchases, or even pain-specific pre-sale sequences to address pain points before a webinar based on profile information of registered contacts.

The whole point here is that your options and opportunities are essentially endless. As far as your imagination can take you, Branches should help you bring those dreams to reality.

Branches based on profile information

As you create your Branch criteria, you can create what we call “Bundles”. These are essentially multi-criteria rule sets that must be met in order for a lead to quality for a branch to run.

This might mean that they only need to live in a particular State, or that they must live in a particular State AND be a particular gender.

Each Bundle can have different outcomes, which is what allows you to add as many identifying characteristics as you see fit.

Branch based on tags

Tags are another great way to direct traffic when it comes to running actions. You can create rules where contacts have ANY tag from a list, ALL tags, or NONE.

Between tags and profile information, and the ability to then start a sequence, stop a sequence, add a tag or remove a tag you should be able to mix and match into endless possibilities.

We fully realize and appreciate that not everyone will use or appreciate this feature, but we also know that those who do use this feature will be over the moon at just how flexible and powerful this can be.

Some of you told us this feature was a “make or break” feature before signing up, but some of you will never even click on the tab.

But that’s the best part of an automation tool. Everyone has their own unique set of criteria that they want in order to build their customer journeys the way that makes sense for their business.

Every time we build something new like Branches, we try to build it in the most flexible way possible to let you, the marketing creators, have complete control over your process to get the outcome you desire.

We hope you love the new Branch feature, and would love to hear from you in support on what you’d like to see us add next!

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