114 Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines That Convert

abandoned cart email subject lines illustration with a girl in shopping cart

Abandoned cart email subject lines aim to grab the attention of the customers who have left items in their carts and must complete the purchase.

How can you bring back those customers who abandoned their carts, leaving your potential sales hanging? 

Almost 70% of shoppers abandon their carts for some reason. And the longer a customer takes to decide, the higher the abandonment rate. So, you need to focus on your abandoned cart email subject lines, as they’re crucial to re-ignite subscriber interest. The good news is that  48% of people open abandoned cart emails, making it a perfect opportunity to recover lost sales. 

Here are 100+ subject line examples to increase your chances of winning subscribers back. Before that, let’s understand why subscribers abandon carts to help you tailor your subject lines effectively.

Why Do People Abandon Carts?

Customers might abandon their carts for 4 main reasons:

  1. Unexpected costs: Hidden fees, high shipping costs, or additional charges during checkout can hinder sales.
  2. Complicated checkout process: Mandatory account creation or lengthy forms can bore readers looking for quicker purchasing options.
  3. Price comparison: Customers might use carts as a tool to compare prices with your competitors. 
  4. Distractions: Interruptions while shopping can cause customers to leave carts mid-way.

Recognize these signs and include targeted subject lines in your emails. You can also choose one from the list below, based on the reasons for cart abandonment.

Best Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines

Successful subject lines follow these traits:

  • Short and descriptive: Your subject lines give readers a reason to explore further.
  • Personalized: Each subject line is customized to fit the subscriber’s journey.
  • Creates urgency: Emails induce urgency through time-limited offers.
  • Includes relevant keywords: Subject lines typically include the customer’s search intent.

Use these examples for inspiration.

11 Persuasive Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

Persuasive subject lines aim to incite audience reaction and make them complete the purchase. Include words that provoke curiosity and solve an existing pain point. 

  1. Your cart misses you – Unlock a special discount inside
  2. Hurry, your cart is packed with surprises
  3. Exclusive access: your cart deserves attention
  4. Seal the deal: your cart items are in high demand
  5. Future flights from San Francisco to Dubai starting at $249
  6. Where’d you go? 
  7. We saved your cart for you; claim the deal now
  8. Accept our bribe 
  9. Time to shine: Your cart items need a finishing touch
  10. Still not sure? Let’s show you inside
  11. No more excuses — step up your training

11 Simple Left-behind Cart Email Subject Lines

Use a simple subject line if you’re following up with cart reminders. It acts as a gentle nudge without overwhelming your customers.

  1. You left items in your cart
  2. Complete your purchase now
  3. Your cart awaits
  4. Ready to checkout?
  5. Items waiting for you
  6. Your cart needs you 😞
  7. Your cart, your choice
  8. You’re almost there — complete your checkout
  9. One more thing, finish your shopping
  10. Your cart is just a click away
  11. What are you waiting for?

6 Personalized Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

Personalized messages increase relevancy and show customers that you care about their needs. 

  1. Did [Customer name] forget something in their cart?
  2. Hey, [Name], still need your [product name]?
  3. Thinking about you, [Name]. Complete your purchase now 
  4. Want free shipping on something better?[Name] 
  5. Time-sensitive: [Name] – your cart awaits completion
  6. Special invitation for [Name]: reclaim your cart items 

11 Urgent Shopping Cart Subject Lines

Create a sense of immediacy and prompt customers to complete their purchase with the following subject lines.

  1. Final hours, complete your purchase before it’s too late ⌛
  2. Your cart is expiring — grab your favorites now
  3. Limited stock for your items, complete your purchase now
  4. Last chance, hurry up and complete your order 
  5. Don’t miss out on [Product names], they’re selling fast
  6. Last call: your cart treasures are slipping away
  7. Are you there? Your cart deserves your attention 
  8. Complete your cart for bonus discounts
  9. Your cart items are hot; are you letting them slip away?
  10. Your cart holds exclusive items, so don’t waste them.
  11. Secure your cart items before they’re gone

While using urgency-driven words, ensure they don’t trigger spam filters.

11 Intriguing Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines

This type sparks curiosity and urges customers to discover more. Intriguing subject lines follow a similar pattern as persuasive techniques.

  1. What’s inside your cart? Uncover the secret 🎁
  2. Don’t you deserve everything you’ve wished for
  3. Curious? Your cart items hold something special
  4. Why wait till you turn 31? Grab the deals now
  5. Discover the untold story of your abandoned cart
  6. Only you can solve the mystery behind your missing cart
  7. Return to Wonderland: your cart holds magic inside
  8. Did you really abandon us? 
  9. Decode the message: YO_R CA _ T
  10. Lost and found – your cart is safe with us 
  11. [Name] We might have something that belongs to you

10 Helpful Unattended Cart Subject Lines

These subject lines convey assistance and support while encouraging customers to complete their purchases.

  1. Looking for assistance? We’re here to help with [Product name]
  2. Our support team is ready for questions about your cart
  3. Still considering [Product name]? What’s stopping you?
  4. We don’t want you to miss these exclusive offers, we’re here to help
  5. Not sure? Let us guide you back to your cart
  6. Anything we can do? Your cart is ready for checkout
  7. Your cart deserves a smooth checkout. Call us now
  8. Unsure about your cart? Our experts are one click away
  9. Come back soon. We would love to assist you with your purchase
  10. Here’s a quick how-to guide to navigating your cart

10 Funny Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

Funny abandoned cart email subject lines grab attention and entertain customers. Include comic images to enhance interaction.

  1. Your cart is lonely and needs a friend
  2. Your cart is on strike — negotiate a purchase deal
  3. Your cart’s life – drama, romance, and unfinished purchases
  4. Your cart’s autobiography: Left behind but not forgotten
  5. Don’t you care? Your cart is headlining at the comedy club
  6. Your cart has a new hobby: waiting for you to complete the purchase
  7. Did your cart take a coffee break? It’s waiting for you
  8. It’s your cart, I can’t take any of these mind games anymore
  9. You complete me – come back for a special treat
  10. Oops, your cart is rusting; what are you going to do?

9 Seasonal Forgotten Cart Subject Lines

Sending seasonal emails with relevant subject lines ensures relevancy and urgency to make the most of the holiday period.

  1. Spring into savings: your cart awaits your return
  2. Need a Lover’s Day special? Or just a warm hug?
  3. Your Significant other won’t wait for long – gift them now 🩷
  4. Hot picks in your cart – dive into summer shopping 
  5. A vampire? Or Cinderella? Dress up before it’s too late
  6. Leaves are falling and prices are dropping – check out your cart now
  7. Santa’s reminder: your cart is on the nice list
  8. Cheers to savings: your cart deserves a New Year toast
  9. Start your year afresh — great deals in your cart

7 Product-focused Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

Highlight specific products and their benefits in your cart to entice customers to complete their purchase.

  1. Complete your look: your cart holds a stylish [Product name]
  2. We’re holding on to your [Product name] but not forever
  3. Whoa, check out the new [Product], really, it’s still in your cart
  4. Missing out on a fitness routine? Grab [Product] now
  5. Let [Product] earn you X rewards
  6. Techie’s delight: finish buying [Product]
  7. Unbox alert: your cart holds [Product] for better pricing

8 Catchy Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines

Catchy subject lines add wonder and encourage customers to interact with your emails.

  1. Sneaky cart is hiding your favorites, let’s find them
  2. Cart-a-palooza: Let’s get this Party started
  3. Get ready to cart and roll
  4. We’re checking in because you didn’t check out
  5. Did you miss me? Long time no see 
  6. Hey, stranger, I’ve got the best deals for you
  7. Lights, camera, cart-ion – your cart deserves the spotlight
  8. Your cart is filled with goodies, a sneak peek inside

6 Incentive Subject Lines For Deserted Carts

When your customers don’t act after repeated reminders, give them an irresistible deal.

  1.  Come back to us and get 10% off 
  2. Complete your order now and enjoy free shipping 
  3. Back to basics: don’t miss out on 15% off on [Product name]
  4. Want to save more? Complete your purchase before 10th May
  5. Voila! We have a surprise for you — come back and find out
  6. Last chance to save 10% on [Product name]

4 Social Proof Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

Show your customers what they’re missing through testimonials and reviews. 

  1. Thousands are buying [Product], get yours before it’s gone
  2. Nicky loves [Product], see why 
  3. Join 5000 happy customers who bought [Product]
  4. [Customer Name] don’t miss out on our best sellers 

5 FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Unattended Cart Subject Lines

Create a scarcity effect and tell customers what they might miss if they don’t act.

  1. Your items are rare – claim them now
  2. Rush back, your cart items are flying off the shelf
  3. Your cart has great deals, act now or regret later
  4. Your cart items are in high demand: purchase now 
  5. We hate to do this, but your items might sell out soon

6 Flattering Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

The flattery technique involves making the customers feel valued. Praise their taste in your products and give them an offer for having a good eye.

  1. Cart genius at work: your selections are mind-blowing
  2. You’d look cute in that, complete your order and make it yours
  3. Your cart style is unmatched: hurry before it’s gone
  4. Wow, finish your order, you trendsetter!
  5. We heard your fashionista goals, and they sound great
  6. Your cart deserves a standing ovation: terrific choices

Remember to continuously test your subject lines to determine which type has the highest open and conversion rate. 

Other Types of Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines

The level of creativity and emotional triggers used determine the success of your subject lines. Here are more ways to add value and maximize sales.

Subject Line TypeExample
‘Did something go wrong’ Internet problems? Take advantage of your offers before they expire
Branding subject lineHow far will you go ‘Empty handed’?
Gentle push subject line You’re this close to your dream collection
‘You forgot something’Is this yours?
Friendly subject lineHowdy bud, you’re missing a deal here
Creative subject line Crispy pancakes, we invented them!
Types of abandoned cart email subject lines

Use an action-driven CTA along with these subject line types — most brands use ‘Complete now’ to encourage urgency. Your end goal is to urge customers to finish their purchase and not just return to their cart. 

Your subject lines must establish relevance and authority and may contain one or more of the following phrases.

What to Mention in Your Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines

A study shows that 60% of subject lines do not contain the words ”cart”, ”complete your purchase”, or “did you forget something.” Instead, they use unique offers that add value to customers.

Here’s an overview of key elements most abandoned cart email subject lines contain.

Mentioned Offers44%
Used the word ‘Cart’18%
Used the phrase “Complete your purchase”12%
Used a question in the subject line10%
Used the words ‘Forgot’ or ‘Forget’9%
Used the word ‘Order’7%
Used the word ‘Expire’5%
Used emojis 4%
Mentioned the abandoned product 2%
Mentioned ‘low stock’ or ‘Inventory’< 1%
Subject line elements 

Your abandoned cart subject lines should briefly introduce what’s inside the email. If there’s an offer, mention it in your subject line. Use a combination of unique words and phrases to make your brand stand out.

How to Choose the Perfect Abandoned Cart Subject Line for Your Business

With multiple options, you may feel confused about choosing the right subject line for your abandoned cart emails. 

Use this checklist to narrow your options:

  • Consider your brand: Does your brand give out a fun and breezy vibe or a more serious one? Knowing this will help you stick to your brand voice while creating effective subject lines.
  • Understand customer pain points: Figure out why your customers left without purchasing, and formulate your subject lines around that pain point.
  • Reflect on email timing: Customers don’t want to read about donuts at midnight. The timing of your email decides what to include in the subject line. 

10 Tips to Create Irresistible Abandoned Cart Subject Lines from Scratch

A compelling subject line has a clear offer and is sent at the right time. 

These tips will further help:

  1. Highlight benefits: Give customers a reason to open your emails — mention exclusive deals, early access or special offers.
  2. Keep it short: Keep your subject line copy between 40-45 characters to avoid overwhelming customers.
  3. Use power words: Use impactful words that evoke interest. For example, ‘Exclusive’, ‘Unlock’, or ‘Discover.’
  4. Ask questions: Questions can create curiosity and prompt customers to engage with your emails. For example, ‘Would you try this, [Name]?’
  5. Create Mystery: Give a brief introduction without revealing too much about offers.
  6. Inject humor and wit: If it aligns with your brand, use humor to encourage more email opens.
  7. Use emojis sparingly: Employ emojis when necessary without overdoing it.
  8. Be authentic: Stick to your brand personality and exercise transparency.
  9. A/B test: Regularly optimize your subject lines based on customer reactions and conversions.
  10. Avoid spam triggers: Maybe your abandoned cart emails never reached your subscribers — double-check for spam trigger words in subject lines. 

Power Words to Use in Your Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

Power words tap into emotions and create an impact on the reader. 

Include these power words to add that extra punch:

  • Exclusive
  • Free
  • Limited 
  • Instant
  • Now
  • Sensational
  • Unleash
  • Irresistible
  • Jaw-dropping
  • Unbeatable
  • Sparkling
  • Introducing

These words, along with emotional triggers, can significantly increase your email open rates.

Psychological Triggers that Increase Conversions

Emotional triggers can alter customer perceptions and influence their behavior. 

Here are 13 triggers to use in your next email marketing campaign:

S.No Psychological/emotional TriggerUseExample
1Urgency Creates a sense of immediacyFinal call: Your cart items won’t wait forever
2ScarcityDrives desire using limited availabilityHurry, limited stock of [Product name]
3ExclusivityCreates desire by instilling a ‘valuable’ feelingExclusive for you – your cart is special to us
4CuriositySparks interest and drives open ratesThere’s something waiting for you
5FOMOCreates anxiety about missing out on offers Your cart holds exclusive deals, don’t miss out
6Social proofHighlights positive experience from othersYour cart items are customer favorites 
7ReciprocityPromotes the idea of receiving something in returnComplete your order for a special thank you gift
8PersonalizationSpecialized message for each customerHey [Name], you missed these offers when away
9GreedAppeals to the desire for rewardsIrresistible offers just for you
10Loss aversionEmphasizes potential losses to motivate actionYour items wil disappear by tonight, act now
11NostalgiaReminds customers of previous positive experiencesRemember your favorite Bat-man T-shirt? It’s back
12TrustUses transparent communication to increase trustTrust us, you made a wonderful choice
13AnticipationBuilds excitement for upcoming releaseFigure out your savings now
Subject line psychological triggers

Key Takeaways From Successful Abandoned Cart Campaigns

After analyzing several campaigns, we have compiled a takeaway list that you can use to increase your revenue.

Strategize Your Offers

31% of all abandoned cart email subject lines disclose an offer. The right offer strategy can increase your conversions and revenue. 

This means using numbers, especially bigger ones, generate better results. For example, anything between 10% to 20% performs well. To calculate the right offer, determine your pricing and profits and then add the offer on top of it.

Offer Free Shipping 

77% abandon purchases because of unsatisfactory shipping, and half of the shoppers avoid a retailer without a free shipping option. If you offer free shipping, include it in the subject line for increased transparency.

Brands often include shipping costs in the inventory pricing to create a break-even. You can set criteria for free shipping, such as encouraging shoppers to add more items or asking them to become members to get free shipping.

Whatever you choose, ensure customer satisfaction by setting delivery expectations before the checkout process. Tell customers when they will receive their order based on the shipping option they choose. And if there’s a delay, apologize and incentivize them for future purchases.

Use Strategic Follow-up Sequences

A brand typically sends 3-5 reminder emails before letting the customer go. Timing these emails is critical to exercise better control over your email revenue. For example, send the first email 30 minutes after cart abandonment.

The second and third emails must arrive within 3 days of cart abandonment. Multiple cart abandonment emails perform better, but sending many emails at once can backfire, causing recipients to unsubscribe from your emails.

Use Images 

Showing images of the items in the cart triggers an emotional response in human brains, including nostalgia, greed, loss aversion, and curiosity. Including pictures also shows customers that items are waiting for them in their carts. You can also mention this aspect in your subject line to drive curiosity. For example, ‘See what you’re missing out.’

Subject Line Tester Tools

You can A/B test and refine your subject lines or use these tools to create appealing offers:

  • Subjectline.com evaluates the effectiveness of your subject lines by analyzing factors like word count, word choice, and the presence of emojis.
  • Zurb Test Subject allows you to see how your subject lines appear on popular email clients.
  • Phrasee is an AI tool that generates millions of messages based on your brand.

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