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How To Ethically Get More Email Into Gmail’s Primary Inbox

Gmail primary inbox feature

When it comes to email, deliverability is the name of the game.

Here at Campaign Refinery, we are consistently getting our customers email into the primary inbox better than any other platform thanks to our automatic list cleaning and stellar IP management.

Many customers see between 30% and 600% increase in open rates 🤯

But, we are never satisfied with where we are, and are constantly looking to take it up a level.

With many customers seeing 55-80% of their list being on Google, and Gmail weighing engagement so heavily – we knew we wanted to come up with an ethical way to get more of your leads to engage.

Given our background with gamification (👋 Contest Domination), we knew there had to be a way to make it all about what the SUBSCRIBER wants in order to get what you, the business owner wants (more opens, clicks and sales).

So we built an engagement reward system to make this a reality.

Introducing Engagement Rewards

I gave the legendary Dave Miz of The Email Experience a personal walk-through of this brand-new feature that made him light up like a kid at Christmas. See how it works in full below.

This new feature is going to:

🚀 increase email engagement (open and clicks) which will…
🚀 increase your Primary inbox placement
🚀 more opens = more clicks = more sales
🚀 PLUS, it will make your marketing FUN again for subscribers

I can’t wait to see how you start implementing this in your account, available to all Campaign Refinery customers. If you don’t have a Campaign Refinery account yet, we encourage you to start your free 14-day trial.

We have so many amazing things in the pipeline and this is just the beginning!

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