Email Deliverability Services: Features, Benefits, and How to Choose

Email deliverability services with a delivered package

Sending emails to large numbers of people is not easy, and savvy marketers know that choosing one of many email deliverability services is a different challenge. As you look into the email deliverability service market, you may feel bewildered, but you ultimately want to overcome email deliverability challenges and have those messages reach the inbox. 

It would be best if you focused on email deliverability. The right email deliverability expert can help you design your email marketing strategy, clean up your infrastructure and create supreme email experiences that drive conversions. 

To make the decision process easier, we’ve put together the information on what a reliable email deliverability system should offer.

What do email deliverability services do?

Email deliverability services dramatically increase the rate at which your email hits the primary inbox instead of going to promotions or spam. They fully understand the complexity of email deliverability and the constantly changing landscape that is based on multiple internet service providers (such as Google, Yahoo, etc.) updating their criteria for what inboxes and what doesn’t. The right tool can help you monitor your open and click rates and alert you of the problems such as spam complaints or blocks. 

As one of the crucial elements that either make or break your email campaigns, email deliverability is a field of constant improvement. Services focusing on placing an email in an inbox instead of a SPAM folder or promotions tab deal with obstacles you may not know about all the time. These actions benefit your marketing efforts, so using an experience platform or deliverability expert can yield an incredible return on investment (ROI). 

When you choose an email deliverability service to work with, you should know that you can trust its performance. So first, you need to test its features. 

What solutions should an email deliverability service offer? 

If looking for an email deliverability system, it makes sense to go for one that a brand similar to yours would trust. Still, you should examine the features first and consider the entire solution before committing. 

Know that 100% guaranteed email deliverability isn’t possible or practical, but you can significantly improve your results by ensuring your domain and IP reputation are solid. Your sending policies must also align with the best email marketing practices so you can achieve the results you’re looking for. 

To maximize your email deliverability, a proper service should offer:

  1. Email authentication: A proven tool to verify your email address and domain with DNS records helps prevent bounces and improves deliverability. We at Campaign Refinery find this the critical first step in a good email marketing strategy. 
  2. Solid and safe infrastructure: Testing, monitoring, and tracking tools that help you maintain your sender reputation and prevent damage, even if you send exceptionally high volumes of emails daily.
  3. Email list maintenance: List hygiene is essential to deliverability, and it would help if your service provider offered maintenance. For example, Campaign Refinery has an automated email hygiene feature.   
  4. Professional support: Experienced technical support specialists should be there for you at all times to help manage your deliverability and help fix potential glitches.
  5. Email deliverability consulting: A dedicated expert to help you grasp the complexity of email deliverability issues and support you in resolving them. 

What are the benefits of email deliverability systems?

An email service can help you skyrocket your email marketing results by providing the proper range of services and support. If done right, this can dramatically increase your ROI

Among the benefits a professional email management service offers, you should consider the following:

  1. Sender reputation protection: Your reputation depends on how people interact with your emails. A professional service can help keep those interactions positive and complaint-free.
  2. Email marketing tips & tricks: You can learn about the importance of an email signature, the easy-to-spot unsubscribe button, and clear information that an email should contain, all boosting your KPIs and driving conversions. 
  3. Content testing: With an intelligent email service, you can test your content quality and targeting to see what campaigns resonate with your audience. 
  4. Deliverability maintenance: If managed by the right service, your email deliverability should constantly improve, and you should never experience substantial drops in deliverability or open rates. 

A shortcut to email deliverability success is leaning on proven software that builds in all the best practices and features you need to see market-leading results. Campaign Refinery has integrated all these elements to create a sleek tool email marketers love for its performance.

How to find the best email marketing service for you

Before spending hours researching and testing different email marketing services, you should learn what to look for, along with their deliverability advantages.

After identifying one or two services you want to try, pricing is naturally the next factor to consider.

Here are several thinking points to help you make the best decision:

  • Simple setup: From the moment you sign up, all through the domain verification process down to campaign creation, the setup should be clear and simple. When you start, having a question or two is OK, but the overall user experience needs to be logical, structured, and smooth.
  • Features: What features will service your email deliverability? Make sure everything is covered, from domain verification to campaign design. For instance, Campaign Refinery provides various email campaign templates to use.
  • Performance insights: How comprehensive are the analytics your prospective email deliverability service offers? Are they easy to filter and follow? If the analytics tools are poor, move on.
  • Reporting: What kind of reports can the email deliverability system generate? How often will you get them, and in what format? You will need those reports to monitor your KPIs and optimize your campaigns.
  • Integrations: Life is easier if you can integrate apps. What integrations does the email system offer? Campaign Refinery software integrates with over 1,000 apps! 
  • Customer support: Even the most savvy marketers get stuck sometimes, and you need to know someone will come to your aid quickly and swiftly resolve any issue.
  • Email service reputation: Does the service follow best email marketing practices? Those that allow shady or unethical practices are the ones to avoid. Start by reading the client reviews.
  • Value for money: Email deliverability services are not cheap. Finding the most suitable one for your business will ensure you get the best value for your money. Working with high-volume senders, Campaign Refinery has proven its excellency by bringing better results consistently. 
  • And again – deliverability: Everything comes down to it! Consider the success rate of the email service that interests you, read feedback, and look at the existing clientele – and you’ll figure it out. 

Campaign Refinery is the Best Email Deliverability Service on the Market! Here’s Why:

Now that you know everything you need to select the ideal email deliverability service, let us present you with Campaign Refinery, a full-stack email marketing platform with unique features that dramatically improve engagement, deliverability, and result. 

After years of working and experimenting with email, we developed, tested, and ran sophisticated software with a clean user interface that conducts email automation, automatic list-cleaning, and a reward system to give the best results possible. Our north star has always been deliverability, and we figured out exactly how to get the most out of every email list by focusing on infrastructure and problem-solving the common roadblocks that senders have to achieve a profitable email list.

Along with the stable infrastructure, expert advice, and excellent support, Campaign Refinery introduced several advanced email marketing features:

  1. Mandatory domain authentication: Although domain authentication is a standard feature in email deliverability services, platforms rarely make it an obligation. At Campaign Refinery, this is the gatekeeper to our full range of services. We will, of course, support you through the process.
  2. Email marketing automation: Our intelligent system will allow you to automate broadcast emails, time-sensitive offers, lead nurturing, and post-purchase sequences to reach more inboxes with fewer clicks and with better outcomes.
  3. Built-in email list hygiene: There are seven biggest open rate killers, and we will remove all of them for you automatically. Get rid of inactive users, spam traps, invalid emails, typo-ed addresses, serial complainers, and bots with our integrated list clean-up protocol, and watch your open rates soar! 
  4. Innovative reward system: An exclusive feature, our track and reward system allows subscribers to earn points and rewards when they open and click, delivering rewards automatically. You can now incentivize your contacts’ engagement by rewarding them with digital products, discounts, or VIP perks. 

We’ve seen clients increase their open rates by 2x, 3x or even 6x, all with the highest sender reputation they’ve ever seen.

With a range of unique solutions, our platform is the only one on the market that gives you measurably superior email deliverability with a potential of up to a 6x instant open rate increase, an integrated list hygiene tool, and incredibly flexible, smart automation that boosts conversions.

Our Email Deliverability DIY Guide

Have we gotten you excited about email deliverability yet? What about the potential increase in conversions and ROI possible when your email hits the primary inbox? If you’re intrigued by our solution but still have slight reservations, that’s OK. We understand that you must try out new tools before making any serious business commitment. That’s why we start by talking to our customers first, figuring out if we’re a good business match. Apply to join Campaign Refinery here!

But allow us to ask you one more thing: How would you like to learn how to increase your email deliverability rates by yourself and see what we’re all about? 

We want to offer you a gift of knowledge, a document that will reveal the secrets behind industry-leading deliverability, all of which you can apply yourself! It’s called “The Inbox Formula,” and it covers everything you need to know about email setup, list hygiene and proven email practices, and industry insights to help you design your best email marketing strategy. We use these guidelines and are happy to share them with you – free of charge!

“The Inbox Formula” will allow you to understand our core ideas and policies and enable you to create email marketing strategies that work.

Sounds good? 

Get the “Inbox Formula” here: click to download.

We look forward to your feedback, and may the primary inbox force be with you!

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