Ever wonder if you’re emails are getting delivered to their maximum potential?

In the past, regardless of the tool, that would be a really painful thing to test.

For instance, if you were using “Tool #1”  and wanted to test the deliverability of “Tool #2”, that meant you’d have to move all your contacts…

…rewrite all of your emails

…rebuild all of your business logic

…recreate all your opt-in forms

Just to TEST the deliverability of the new tool.

And if it didn’t make enough improvement to prove worthwhile?

You’d be starting this whole painful process all over again to test yet another tool.


So here at Campaign Refinery, we started with a different approach from DAY ONE.

Built Differently From The Start

Our goal was to be the “marketing automation you always wanted, the last you’ll ever need”.

In order to achieve that goal, we knew we had to separate the actual back-end delivery services and put you firmly in the driver’s seat with full control over your own individual sender reputations.

Plus, we wanted to make testing any other service drop-dead simple.

We think we’ve come through with that goal, and we’re super excited to share it with you today.

Since we integrate with a number of different email delivery services, that you can integrate with at wholesale rates, we’ve been able to make running a test between competing services super simple.

When drafting a broadcast, instead of picking a specific service just select ‘Create Split Test’.

Once you do that, several new options will appear.

Let us know how many services you’d like to do a head-to-head test with. You’ll need a minimum of 2, but it can essentially as many as you’d like.

After selecting the number of services, dictate what percentage of your total broadcast should go to each service. Select the services in the respective drop-down menu to the side.

Automatically Selecting Deliverability

Split tests are great, but they are even better when they can automatically pick a winner for you and automize without forcing you to interact with the tool again before proceeding.

To start, we’ve defaulted to optimizing for clicks. However, you can optimize for opens if you so choose but the raw number of email clients and services people use to check email means this is not as reliable (or as much of a signal) as raw click count would be for optimizing.

Select a time interval that you’d like the system to wait before making that decision. It can be as short as 1 hour, or as long as 72 hours before the system will look at the data and make a decision on a winner.

After that amount of time, we will select a winner and automatically send all remaining emails to the winning variant.

This means you will have successfully optimized your deliverability in just a few clicks.

As we continue to add more services, you’ll continue to have more opportunities to quickly and easily test your deliverability over time without having to rewrite any emails… rebuild any business logic… or replace any of your Campaign Refinery opt-in forms.

This is how we envisioned this feature from the start, and honestly, this is how easy it should’ve been from the get-go on all those other platforms too.

What’s Next For Deliverability?

We have a few things in store that aren’t quite live yet.

For starters, this feature currently only works for broadcasts but will be added to automation emails as well. It just needs a slight tweak with a few features since it’s a slightly different application.

Also, we plan to expand the optimization options beyond clicks and opens. Things that come to mind are conversions, cart value and more.

It’s also worth noting that we have an eye on some pretty interesting ideas on how to optimize deliverability on an even more granular level for all gmail subscribers vs yahoo etc. There’s plenty more we can do here to make really big sends optimize in some pretty interesting ways.

Join The Community

If you’re looking to get a clear-cut answer on deliverability but have hated the barriers to entry, we’re excited to have you try our system here at Campaign Refinery.

See the status of our beta invites by going here and requesting an invite.

Secondly, while you’re waiting for your beta invite to come up – we’d love to have you join our free Marketing Automation Facebook Group where you can ask questions and learn more about our proven campaigns.

Travis Ketchum
Travis Ketchum

Travis Ketchum is the Founder & CEO of Campaign Refinery and Contest Domination - helping 10's of thousands of businesses build bigger email lists filled with qualified leads since 2012.