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Email newsletters are a digital marketing tool that lets businesses and organizations send regular updates and information to a pool of subscribers. They’ve been around since the early days of email, but they’ve come a long way from their plain text beginnings.

If you’re planning to start your own newsletter or just looking for the best newsletters to bring joy to your inbox, you’ll find all the answers below.

What is an Email Newsletter?

An email newsletter is essentially an electronic publication delivered directly to subscribers’ inboxes. These newsletters are sent to a list of subscribers who have signed up to receive updates from a person, or brand.

Newsletters are more focused on providing value rather than making sales. So they typically contain updates, news, or informative content related to the sender’s area of expertise.

Sending newsletters offers numerous benefits to the sender:

  • Direct communication: Newsletters allow direct communication with subscribers, bypassing third-party platforms.
  • Control over content/audience: Unlike social media or web traffic, which depend on SEO, the sender controls newsletter content entirely. 
  • Measurable impact: Senders can measure open rates, click, and conversion rates to understand how well their newsletters perform.
  • Traffic source: Your newsletter can be a source to drive traffic to your web properties.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to other marketing channels, email marketing, including newsletters, is relatively low-cost.
  • Market research: Using newsletters to ask for feedback can be a good way to get an idea of what current customers (and leads) think of your business. 

Email newsletters are a great idea regardless of the industry you’re in.

What Kind of Topics Do Newsletters Cover?

Early newsletters were purely text-based, but they evolved over time. With the introduction of images and basic formatting, today’s newsletters are like mini-websites. Their responsive design ensures they look great on any device.

Newsletters are no longer restricted to news snippets; you can now find newsletters for all of your favorite topics:

Newsletter topicWhat you can expect
NewsGeneral news or specific sectors like politics, international affairs, etc.
MarketingMarketing strategies, trends, case studies, and innovative marketing tactics.
Self-improvementAdvice on personal development, productivity, motivational stories, and resources to improve one’s life.
Tech and scienceThe latest advancements, discoveries, new gadgets, scientific research, and tech industry news.
ArtGallery openings, art show reviews, profiles of emerging artists, and community discussions.
Food and restaurantsRecipes, restaurant reviews, culinary tips, food trends, and updates about the dining scene locally/internationally.
Feel-good contentUplifting stories, positive news, inspiring quotes, and content intended to boost the reader’s mood.
Popular cultureTrends and news in entertainment, celebrity gossip, movies, TV shows, music, and viral topics.
Women’s fashionFashion trends, outfit ideas, style tips, and information on the latest collections and accessories for women.
Male fashion adviceStyle advice, trends, wardrobe essentials, and grooming tips tailored for men.
BusinessBusiness news, startup advice, leadership strategies, and market trends.
AIDevelopments in new algorithms, ethical considerations, AI in industry, and research breakthroughs.
Home and decorFocus on interior design trends, DIY home improvement projects, and tips for beautifying living spaces.
SportsSports news, analysis, player interviews, and predictions.
SEO and digital marketingStrategies for improving website visibility, search engine algorithms, content marketing techniques, etc.
Topics covered by newsletters

Excited to learn new things right from your inbox? Here are the best newsletters in the world, curated for you!

The Best Newsletters: 2024 Edition

The list below contains some of the world’s most popular and best newsletters, including some of our favorites.

Newsletter nameTopics covered
Marketing Brew by Morning BrewMarketing, business.
The Rundown AIArtificial intelligence.
3-2-1 Newsletter by James ClearSelf-improvement, philosophy.
HometalkDIY, decor, home improvement.
1440Unbiased news.
The HustleBusiness and tech news.
The New York Times “The Morning” NewsletterCurrent events, politics, business, culture, and science.
The MarginalianScience, philosophy, poetry, and art.
SaaS WeeklyNews and updates about SaaS products
The GoodnewsletterPositive news, philosophy.
Vogue RunwayWomen and men’s fashion.
Athletic’s The PulseSports news.
Real Simple Daily RecipeRecipes delivered to your inbox every day.
Forbes DailyBusiness, economy, startups.
Popular newsletters: What topics do they write about?

If you’d like to learn more about these newsletters, we have written snippets (with links) for each of them below. 

Read through these descriptions before you submit your email address; if you sign up for too many newsletters, your inbox might get cluttered quickly.

Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew newsletter
The Marketing Brew is a daily newsletter about marketing, tech, and social media

Craving the latest buzz in marketing and advertising? The Marketing Brew newsletter by Morning Brew is a must in your inbox. This daily email keeps marketing pros in the loop with insightful stories shaping the industry, from brand strategy to social media to email marketing and ad tech.

With a whopping 4 million loyal readers, Morning Brew has blossomed from a single newsletter into a multi-channel platform. They now offer a variety of niche newsletters on topics like retail, tech, and even HR.

But what truly sets them apart? Marketing Brew isn’t just another newsletter; it’s a full-fledged media company with an engaging voice and a knack for staying ahead of the curve. Their success is the result of powerful content, a unique style, and the ability to adapt to changing trends in marketing.

The Rundown AI

Rundown AI newsletter
The Rundown AI newsletter gives you the freshest AI updates 

Craving the latest buzz in AI

The Rundown AI newsletter delivers a daily dose of cutting-edge developments straight to your inbox. With over 450,000 subscribers, it’s become a go-to resource for anyone curious about the future of artificial intelligence.

Imagine having a team of AI experts curate the most important news, breakthroughs, and insights for you — that’s The Rundown AI in a nutshell. They break down complex topics into clear, engaging summaries, making AI accessible to both industry veterans and curious newcomers. 

And it’s not all theory. The Rundown AI also equips you with practical tips on how to leverage AI in your own life. From boosting productivity to accelerating your career, they explore the ways AI can generate real-world benefits.

3-2-1 Newsletter by James Clear

3-2-1 Newsletter by James Clear
The “3-2-1 Newsletter” is a good way to get some “me time” in the middle of a busy day

In just a few minutes on Thursdays, you can get a dose of wisdom from James Clear’s 3-2-1 Newsletter. This wildly popular email lands in over 3 million inboxes every week, packing a punch with its signature format: 3 short ideas from James himself, 2 thought-provoking quotes, and 1 question to ponder.

And what makes this newsletter so popular? It’s the focus on quality over quantity. 

James cuts the fluff, delivering actionable insights and wisdom in a concise, easy-to-digest format. Think of it as a weekly mental vitamin — short, but powerful enough to leave you thinking. No wonder it describes itself as “the most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.” 

With James Clear’s consistent flow of thought-provoking ideas and carefully curated quotes, the 3-2-1 Newsletter has become a favorite for those seeking bite-sized bursts of knowledge.


Hometalk Newsletter
The Hometalk Newsletter compiles decor and DIY articles for subscribers

Calling all home decor enthusiasts! If you’re itching to tackle that DIY project or simply love drooling over design trends, then the Hometalk newsletter is your new best friend.

Hometalk’s a website buzzing with home improvement inspiration, and their daily newsletter reaches over 3 million creative souls — mostly women in the US, aged 35 and up. Think before-and-after makeovers, hot design trends, and expert tips delivered straight to your inbox.

The newsletter itself is a curated mix of everything home: design inspiration, DIY project ideas, and even a sprinkle of real estate advice. And it gets better — Hometalk lets you personalize the content to your taste, so you’ll only see projects and tips that resonate with you.

Need something even more specific? Hometalk offers other newsletter templates like “Real Estate Advisor” or “News & Views,” perfect for real estate pros to create their own branded content.

So, what’s the secret sauce behind Hometalk’s success? They’ve nailed the art of catering to a passionate audience who crave home improvement, decorating, and DIY magic. With stunning visuals, valuable content, and even customization options, it’s no wonder this newsletter is a top pick for home and decor enthusiasts.


1440 newsletter
The 1440 newsletter: Pure news reporting

1440 is a daily email newsletter aiming to be your one-stop shop for staying informed on current events. The newsletter delivers summaries of the most important news stories in a concise and unbiased way. This is why it’s popular with busy professionals seeking a quick and informative news update.

The editors at 1440 compile news from over 100 sources to bring you concise summaries of the top events, minus any opinionated fluff. Interested in diving deeper? Each story comes with links to the original articles, so you can choose to go down the rabbit hole when you like.

1440’s claim to fame is that it is one of the most unbiased news sources in the world. This is corroborated by Snopes and the Ad Fontes Media Bias Chart — they agree that 1440 sticks to the facts, landing them squarely in the “balanced” zone of the political spectrum. So, if you’re looking for a news fix that’s informative, to the point, and leaves the commentary out, 1440 might be your perfect match.

The Hustle

The Hustle Newsletter
The Hustle is one of the most popular newsletters in the world

If you’re a working professional with a tech-savvy mind and a craving for an engaging, offbeat take on the business world, The Hustle is a must-subscribe. Founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Sam Parr, The Hustle has become a daily ritual for over 2.5 million readers, making it one of the biggest newsletters around.

Their audience is mainly young, ambitious Americans, with many working in marketing, advertising, and tech. They cover the latest scoops in business, tech, and the startup scene, keeping you informed while also keeping you interested.

In 2021, once the newsletter crossed the 1-million mark for subscribers, marketing giant HubSpot took notice and acquired The Hustle. This helped them expand their reach and content offerings, but fear not, their signature voice remains as sharp as ever. 

The Hustle has since become a full-fledged media brand, with a popular YouTube channel featuring even more business and entrepreneurship content.

The New York Times “The Morning” Newsletter

The New York Times The Morning Newsletter
This is what NYT’s “The Morning” newsletter looks like

Want to read the newsletter with the most amount of subscribers in the world? The New York Times’ “The Morning” newsletter is a highly successful and popular daily email newsletter that has amassed over 17 million subscribers. 

By signing up, you get a curated digest of must-know news, culture, and world events, delivered straight to your inbox each morning. 

Each newsletter is curated by a different respected NYT journalist, fostering a sense of connection with the reader. Plus, the clear stance on issues and authoritative voice solidify its reputation as a trusted source for news.

The Marginalian

The Marginalian Newsletter
A preview of The Marginalian newsletter

If you crave a weekly dose of wonder and inspiration, then The Marginalian newsletter is your new best friend.

Started by the sharp Maria Popova, The Marginalian (formerly known as Brain Pickings) has been captivating over half a million readers for over 15 years. The newsletter brings you a mix of thought-provoking ideas, spanning art, science, poetry, and philosophy. It is mailed to subscribers every Sunday.

And that’s not all; in the middle of the week, you also get access to a secondary newsletter, which revisits hidden gems from their vast archive, exploring popular topics from Brain Pickings’ history.

An interesting fact about The Marginalian is that it has remained ad-free and reader-supported for the last decade and a half.

The Marginalian isn’t just a newsletter; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of human thought and creativity.

SaaS Weekly

Saas Weekly Newsletter
Saas Weekly Website

It’s critical to stay updated with the world of SaaS because your competitors definitely are. It’s important to stay tuned to big changes in the software world. If a revolutionary new software or service that can directly impact your revenue or business processes appears, you don’t want to miss out. 

This is where the SaaS Weekly comes in, your weekly dose of industry intel delivered piping hot. This prominent newsletter curates the most important SaaS news from around the globe, keeping you in the loop on major developments, trends, and innovations.

This newsletter brings you a roundup of insightful articles, funding announcements, and acquisitions that matter most. Whether you’re a software developer, email marketer, or sales representative, subscribing to SaaS Weekly ensures you get a curated selection of valuable content to keep you informed and competitive.

The Goodnewsletter

Good Newsletter
Read happy news every day with The Goodnewsletter

If the name hasn’t given it away already, this newsletter is a movement built around positivity and fostering a sense of hope. The Goodnewsletter by Good Good Good is a free daily email that delivers a breath of fresh air amidst the typically grim news cycle.

They focus on sharing positive and uplifting stories from around the world, highlighting the progress being made, the inspiring people making it happen, and the reasons to stay hopeful.

With over 48,000 subscribers, The Goodnewsletter has become a go-to source for good news. They don’t just sugarcoat things; they showcase real people and organizations making a positive impact. 

Ditch the doomscrolling and sign up for a daily dose of good!

Vogue Runway

Vogue Runway Newsletter
Sample newsletter: Vogue Runway

Calling all fashion fanatics! Vogue Runway is your front-row seat to everything that’s hot in the fashion world.

This newsletter is more than just the latest trends; it’s an insider pass to the industry. You get runway reports straight from Fashion Week, exclusive glimpses into designer collections, and expert insights on what’s about to take the fashion world by storm.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or a professional working in the industry, the Vogue Runway newsletter keeps you in the loop on everything from up-and-coming designers to the must-have styles that everyone will be wearing.

It’s a goldmine of valuable information, covering everything from fashion events to emerging trends, and the creative geniuses behind them all. 

The Pulse by The Athletic

The Pulse Newsletter
Snapshot of The Pulse newsletter

If you’re big on sports, then you’ve probably already heard of this newsletter. The Pulse is The Athletic’s extremely popular free newsletter which delivers the top sports stories via email. Its USP is the expert commentary and analysis from The Athletic’s all-star journalism team.

With almost 3 million subscribers, The Pulse is a monster of a newsletter, attracting a highly engaged audience. In fact, their open rates are through the roof — between 46-50%, which crushes the industry average of 34%. Sports fans are an engaged bunch!

The Athletic even offers a separate daily digest newsletter exclusively for paid subscribers, giving everyone something to enjoy.

Real Simple Daily Recipe

Real Simple Daily Recipe Newsletter
This newsletter sends recipes to your inbox daily

If you’re someone who struggles to figure out what to make for dinner every night, you could have some inspiration delivered to your inbox!

Real Simple’s Daily Recipe newsletter is an excellent resource for anyone looking to simplify their meal planning with fresh, easy-to-follow recipes. Each day, subscribers receive a carefully selected recipe that aligns with Real Simple’s philosophy of making life easier and more enjoyable. 

The recipes are designed to be straightforward, using accessible ingredients and clear instructions, making them perfect for busy individuals and families. What sets the Daily Recipe newsletter apart is its focus on practicality without sacrificing flavor. 

You can also occasionally find useful kitchen hacks and cooking tips that can help improve your culinary skills and make your time in the kitchen more efficient.

The newsletter also occasionally includes helpful cooking tips, ingredient spotlights, and seasonal suggestions to keep your kitchen adventures interesting. 

Forbes Daily

Forbes Daily Newsletter
The Forbes Daily is a great way to stay updated with the world of business

Want to stay updated with the world of business with content from one of the most reputed brands in the industry? Then you need to sign up for the Forbes Daily newsletter

This newsletter is great for staying on top of the latest business news and analysis. It features a selection of Forbes’ best stories and exclusive reporting on the day’s top headlines. This could include breaking news in finance, technology, markets, and more.

The newsletter also highlights stories about successful entrepreneurs and the latest business trends. If you want to dive deeper into complex business issues, you will enjoy the analysis from Forbes’ team of experts.

Do you prefer a less frequent update? Subscribe to the Forbes Weekly newsletter instead, which is a summary of the week’s most important stories sent on Saturdays.

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