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Business Plan

unlimited contacts



Per Month

Includes 50k credits per month to
send email and clean contacts.

Credit Overage: $1.00 CPM

50k Credits Included*
Unlimited Contacts
Built-In Contact Cleaning
Engaged Delivery System
Automation Rule Builder
Drip Campaigns Included
Free Campaign Library
Evergreen Flash Sales
Custom Audience Builder

growth Plan

unlimited contacts



Per Month

Includes 200k credits per month to send email and clean contacts.

Credit Overage: $0.80 CPM

Everything in Business, and:

200k Credits Included*
Turn Off 'Powered by' Text
Reduced Overage Cost
Increased API Volume Limits

enterprise Plan

unlimited contacts

Starts at


Per Month

Includes 1m credits per month to
send email and clean contacts.

Credit Overage: $0.60 CPM

Everything in Growth, and:

1m Credits Included*
Dedicated Success Manager
Lowest Overage Costs
Custom API Volumes

*Plan credits are "use it or lose it" each month. Send up to the amount included without overages, any unused credits expire at the end of each month unless they were a bulk one-time purchase.

Change your open rates forever

"If you're fed up with your ESP's poor deliverability...

Definitely check out Campaign Refinery, it might just change your open rates forever."

Troy Ericson

All of our plans include these benefits:

works with your current stack

Build your audience quickly, and respond to conversions by integrating Campaign Refinery with your existing tech stack. From native integrations, to form code or Zapier support, we got you covered.

Support For Marketers, By Marketers

Our friendly support team is on hand via email to help you with any issues you have as you start using Campaign Refinery, or want to maximize the usage of our amazing features to optimize your email ROI.

ongoing education series

Getting the most out of your marketing and campaigns takes ongoing education. Luckily, we're deeply integrated into the marketing community to bring you the best, most relevant information.

Regular Product updates

Never satisfied with the status-quo, we are regularly releasing new features, updates and improvements. You'll get access to all of our class-leading benefits as long as you remain an active subscriber.

Get the inboxing platform your list deserves.

No other platform gives you cutting edge deliverability, integrated list hygiene, a perfect sender score and advanced automation.

It's time to see the results for yourself.

our frequently asked questions

Answering your common questions

Here are answers to your most commonly asked questions

Who is Campaign Refinery for?

Campaign Refinery is for business owners and marketers who take their email results seriously. People who care about open, click and conversion rates.

If you're generating revenue as a result of your email marketing, we're the platform you want to use if those numbers could be higher (spoiler: there's always room to improve).

We're an especially good fit for those who have been doing email marketing for a while but are seeing declining as a result of poor list hygiene and platforms that aren't as obsessed with your delivery as we are here at Campaign Refinery.

The average Campaign Refinery customer should see open rates lift by approximately 37% once they properly clean (and keep clean), their contact list coupled with our innovative engaged delivery engine and perfect sender score.

What is required to use Campaign Refinery?

To use Campaign Refinery, you need a custom domain for your brand. Free emails such as @gmail or @yahoo are not going to cut it for our advanced email marketing solution. So having a real email address such as "" is going to be perfect.

However, that's all you really need to get going.

While you don't need much of a website, we will highly encourage you to do a few inbox optimizing things (like removing privacy from your domain registration, and having Privacy/Terms links on your website).

But to get going TODAY, you basically just need a domain that hasn't been blacklisted.

I'm a non-techy, can I use Campaign Refinery?

A basic understanding of email is going to serve you well using Campaign Refinery. To maximize your use of our more advanced features may take some effort to get right.

That being said, the only potentially "scary/technical" part of the setup is actually about 5 minutes of work, and our amazing support team is here to help you get through it.

Plus, once it's been setup once you're good to just use the platform with a pretty moderate skill level. Basically, if using an iPhone scares you this probably isn't for you.

But if you want the most out of your marketing, we can take great care of you.

Can Campaign Refinery inbox all of my email?

No email platform can deliver 100% inboxing. Part of that is the moving target of deliverability, but a lot of that actually has to do with your sending habits and content choices as a brand.

That being said, to the best of our knowledge no other platform works harder than we do to force you into a high probability of inboxing than Campaign Refinery.

Instead of promising rainbows and unicorns, we wanted to be real with you. But we believe your odds have never been better of inboxing than with Campaign Refinery.

What if Campaign Refinery thinks a lead is bad that I know is good?

We use some of the most advanced data sources to determine if a contact is valid, or potentially harmful to your sender reputation. Most of the time in a "false positive", there's actually a typo or something that we as users miss at first glance.

However, in the event that our sophisticated cleaning process identifies a contact as a threat but you know they aren't in your particular case, we have the ability to make per-contact exceptions so you're taken care of.

Can I change my plan later on?

Of course! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. For the smoothest experience, please work with support if you have any questions.

We'd also love to work with you if you're simply looking to change from monthly to annual billing for a discounted rate.

Is there a 30-day money back guarantee?

Yup! If you cancel a Business or Growth plan within 30 days of your first payment, and you would like a refund, please contact support and we will issue a refund without hassle.

Please reference our complete refund policy for more information. Refunds do not include overage or add-on credits, and only apply to your base subscription fee.

How many contacts can I have?

Every single account we offer here supports an unlimited number of contacts. Pricing scales based on email volume or specific features tailored to higher volume customers.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don't think you should pay a kings ransom just for a static list of contacts your business isn't actively getting value from.

Can I import my existing contacts?

Absolutely! The best part about an email list is that it's YOUR list, and that makes it an asset you can bring with you.

However, as a good citizen we only allow you to import lists that have opted-in to receive information from you. That means no purchased lists and no re-importing unsubscribes.

Our automatic list-cleaning system will validate and clean all contacts you import against your available credit balance. Any overages will be charged at the overage rate of your plan.

remember you get all these features and more!

Squeaky Clean Contacts, Always Up-To-Date

Campaign Refinery makes sure your contacts are always real, valid contacts that will keep your reputation clean.

Affiliate Friendly Platform, Ideal For List Managers

Having issues with content or affiliate links? Not here. Build your consistent revenue stream with Campaign Refinery.

Engagement Reward System For Peak Inboxing

Grow your audience segments of engaged subscribers faster than ever before with our amazing reward system.

Super Powered Branch & Automation Builder

Have complicated rules or branch logic for conditional campaigns? No sweat - you can do just about anything.

Get the inboxing platform your list deserves.

No other platform gives you cutting edge deliverability, integrated list hygiene, a perfect sender score and advanced automation.

It's time to see the results for yourself.

The leader in email deliverability for senders who care. By marketers, for marketers.

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