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5 things every top emailer (now) knows...

When it comes to getting truly exceptional email results, it really boils down to a few fundamental elements that either set your results on fire or leave you hearing crickets.

Up until now, these were safe guarded secrets - limited only to the most elite marketers.

So much so, that it took 7-figures and years in the lab to finally crack the email code.

Now, elite emailers are coming to us for maximum profits.


Because we've streamlined and automated the 5 keys to success.

Key #1 - Sender Reputation

The number one deciding factor on how well your email does has to do with your sender reputation, or in simple terms, what the mailbox providers (Gmail, Yahoo etc) think of you.

If you send stuff people don't want, you'll get a bad rep.

When you think about it, it's no different than real life.

Piss people off, and you'll stop getting invited to parties.

Make everyone happy and you'll have more invites than you know what do with.

Who'da thunk it?

This is one of many reasons we don't allow cold, purchased or 3rd party lists on our platform.

But now you may be asking...

"How do I get a sender reputation so good that even the Lannisters will be jealous?"

Well, that leads us into the rest of our keys to success.

Key #2 - Authentication

If you want to build a sender reputation that lasts, you need to sign your name to your work.

A process called authentication makes that possible.

After all, your word is only good if you back it up... right?

The technical terms for this are: DMARC, DKIM and SPF

But fear not, you don't need to know what that alphabet soup is or what it does.

If you can copy and paste what we give you, then you're good.

(You'd be shocked how many other email 'tools' get this part wrong)

Even then, if you're overwhelmed, our support team will even do it for you.

We always have your back.

Key #3 - List Quality

Have you heard the saying "garbage in, garbage out"?

What's true for food, friendships and dating is true for your email list too.

You see, there are all kinds of bad apples floating around your email list and they are secretly sucking results from your pocket and hurting your sender reputation.

Hang with the wrong folks, and people will assume the worst.

I'm talking about emails that are...




...spamtraps (email lingo for double agents)

...and more!

In fact, there are a total of 7 different kinds of emails that hurt you.


So instead of making it rocket science to figure out, we just made our platform clean these conversion sucking emails from your email list automatically.

Every time someone gets added to your list, they get cleaned instantly.

No more guesswork or cloak and dagger emails hurting your outcomes.

Consider us your personal trash man that works 24/7.

Key #4 - Rabid Engagement

The express lane to a good sender reputation is to demonstrate that your content is good.

Even with the room full of PhD's over at Google, there's still a quick and easy metric they like to use to decide if what you send is any good.


What percentage of people are opening, clicking, replying etc to your emails.

Good senders have high open rates.

Bad senders have low open rates.

So how do you boost those numbers?

Two simple ways...

First - segment your list down to people who have opened recently (such as the past 30 days).

Most email platforms should allow some form of this.

We take it pretty far and make super powerful through flexible segmenting rules though so you can take it up a notch or two above what you're used to elsewhere.

Second - convince more people to open and click then before!

Now, short of hiring a world class copywriter, this is where most people struggle the most.

Which is why we've built an industry first engagement gamification system.

You can give people points for opening and clicking your emails.

Then, when they reach certain thresholds, you can automatically reward them.

Sending your subscribers rewards such as...

...bonus case studies

...limited time 'loyalty' offers

...access to courses, memberships

...anything you think they'd be into!

When you do this, instead of hoping and praying your audience will suddenly like what you have to say more than before, you'll be able to ethically bribe them!

You'll be amazed what people will do when there's something to be gained or won.

Key #5 - Send Consistently

A funny one that you might not expect is sending to your list consistently.

The blessing and the curse of email is that the mailbox providers can have a short memory.

So if you aren't sending consistently, when you hit the big ol' send button for that promo?

It's going to get throttled at best.

Or flat out rejected at worst.

So in order to create consistent results, you need to send as consistently as possible.

If that's once a week or once per day, sending on a schedule not only sets a cadence with your subscribers so they know what to expect, but it also sets a baseline for the mailboxes.

Many people are nervous about sending 'too often'...

But the reality is that your list will be healthier if you send more often than you do now.

How to automate your email success

So the secrets out...

You now know the 5 keys that the biggest emailers all know about but have been keeping to themselves about how to crush their email results.

The big question now is, how do you actually do all of these?

Better yet, how do you automate as many as possible?

Answer those two questions are precisely why we built Campaign Refinery.

You see, we were in your exact shoes a number of years ago.

Frustrated with our email results on those other email platforms.

And our customers who we helped build lists were even more frustrated than us.

A quick little survey immediately showed us just how bad it really was.

Most people hate their Email Service Provider.

Even though email makes them the bulk of their online money. Low open rates the lack of tools to help them increase outcomes was listed as the major complaint.

So we got to work in the lab and have now come up with system that on average, doubles the opens and click our customers see compared to their previous email tool.

Pretty wild what happens when you give a hoot about customer outcomes, eh?

Filled amazing tools to automatically clean your  list, quickly drill down your engaged audience that cares about what you have to say, and get them to engage at rates you never thought possible.

Before now though, these features were reserved for well connected people.

The ones who knew a guy who knew a guy.

We simply weren't ready to take on a wider audience of people - we wanted to make sure we had the systems in place to scale.

Today is a different day though.

For a limited time we are joining forces with our partners to offer a special, off-menu plan that makes this super-powered email platform accessible to regular sized businesses.

WARNING: Access to this special offer will be extremely limited (no b.s. scarcity here)

Most of the time when you see a marketer say excessive demand is forcing them to yank an offer, they are often just using that as an excuse to manufacture scarcity.

In this case, we want to make sure we can sustain these insane results for every single customer that comes on board as we scale.

The reality of that means that we must be guarded about just how fast we increase access to the platform, which is why we are starting with our most trusted partners first.

If you're seeing this page, that means this special access is still available.

But, don't expect it to last forever (and you won't see this available on our regular pricing page)

While we plan to give each partner an exclusive window to make this offer available for their best customers, we reserve the right to cut off enrollment at any time for new members.

Our goal with this special plan is simple:

- Provide a lower price point accessible to any business owner

- Bring every. single. top tier feature we offer

- Transform pricing to allow for unlimited contacts

You can see the full set of features below on this page, but if you're looking to truly push your email marketing success to the next level, we'd be honored to have you on this journey with us.

Unlock the full power of your email list with Campaign Refinery.


Travis Ketchum
Founder, CEO
Campaign Refinery

What our customers are saying

"We are consistently getting 5-6x better open rates compared to Active Campaign."

Anthony McCarthy

Legends of the Digital World

"My previous ESP's deliverability continued to tank without explanation. Switching to Campaign Refinery IMMEDIATELY increased my stats 4x, and revenue followed suit. I really wish I had made the jump sooner, so much revenue was missed by delaying. 

This platform does everything they say and MORE."

Dave Miz


"I love using Campaign Refinery. Great deliverability, clean interface, easy to use, and excellent support. One feature that's totally unique is they 'scrub' your list by removing complainers, spam traps, bots and more. This is a HUGE benefit. If you're looking for an innovative-but-affordable ESP that's friendly to direct response folks, I strongly recommend you try Campaign Refinery."

Ryan Healy

List Manager

"First off. I really love Campaign refinery. The gamification strategy is amazing!

I'm heavily leveraging this strategy to teach my subscribers the more they open/click , the more value they will get from me... my open and click rates are through the roof!"

Corey Purnell

Paid Marketing Specialist

Work perfectly together to increase your email results.

Marketing Automation

Send broadcast emails & follow-up sequences

Your email list is one of the very few digital assets you truly own that lets you communicate with your prospects and customers when and how you want to.

We've built a system that lets you send broadcasts, add contacts to follow-up sequences and deliver super smart nurture and post-purchase experiences.

Plus, with our cutting edge deliverability technology, more of your emails will hit the inbox and less will end up in spam.

Powerful Broadcasts

Send broadcasts quickly from start to finish with easy audience selection & tagging.

Unlimited Contacts

Unlike most other platforms, we only charge you based on activity, not contact count.

Dead Simple Editor

Get right into writing the perfect email and spend less time fussing with technology.

Branch & Rule Builder

Have complicated rules or branch logic for conditional campaigns? No sweat.

Evergreen Flash Sales

Deliver the perfect offer with genuine scarcity and watch your conversions bloom.

Campaign Library

Need some inspiration so you aren't staring at a blank screen? Click, edit, deploy.

Smart Goal Triggers

Want to stop messaging customers who already converted? Done and done.

Tag Based System

Old fashioned lists have gone the way of the dodo bird. Build audiences, not lists.

List Hygiene

Shield and clean your list from these 7 open rate killers

Not all email is created equal, and some email is even designed for the sole purpose of hurting your reputation.

Campaign Refinery has built-in list hygiene to shield your list in real-time and can bulk sanitize your existing list to instantly increase average customer open rates by 37%.

Never worry about these 7 delivery killers hurting your sender reputation again with our amazing cleaning system.

Dormant Accounts

Email addresses that USED to be valid, but have since been abandoned by their owners.

Spam Traps

Exclusively created to catch spammers, and NEVER legitimately opt-in for mail.

Invalid Emails

Accounts that do not exist. Often inserted by freebie seekers and/or bad actors.

Typo Domains

Addresses with spelling errors such as "gmil.com" and ultimately fail to deliver.

Role Accounts

Examples include "support@" and "admin@". These are in a higher risk for complaints.

Serial Complainers

Contacts that are known to consistently abuse the spam button on legitimate email.

Robots (BOTS)

Bots will artificially inflate opens/clicks but never buy and waste resources.

+37% Average Increase in opens


Ground breaking reward system boosts deliverability

An easy to use interface, expertly managed infrastructure and class-leading list hygiene are a great start.

(This alone gets some customers 600% improvement).

But at the end of the day, your list is full of people - not just data on a CSV file, and they are the key to everything.

As more and more of our lists are skewing toward Google, which, has an insatiable appetite for engaged users, it's more important than ever to encourage opens and clicks whenever possible.

This is why we've designed the perfect solution to ethically convince your subscribers to open and click more often.

Track and reward with points when subscribers open and click, then deliver rewards such as access to digital trainings, time-based discounts or VIP status automatically.

We're very excited to offer this Campaign Refinery exclusive because it aligns the incentives for everyone to operate a healthy, engaged list that will sustain you for years to come.

Unlimited Rewards

Create as many levels to your rewards as you want so your best contacts keep going.

1-Click Simple

Enable the program with a single click, and it will enable across your entire account.

Time Sensitive Offers

Make your rewards digital training, time-based offers, or level up to VIP status.

Customizable Points

You're in control of the point system, so your specific setup is just how you want.



Support for thousands of your favorite apps and tools

Thanks to native integrations, HTML forms and now Zapier support - Campaign Refinery should work with all your favorite and mission critical tools.

Native Integrations

HTML Form Code

_zapier Support

Secure your Startup account
with email gamification.

100% risk free 30 day money back guarantee!

special offer!

WARNING: This special offer will close very soon!

100% risk free 30 day money back guarantee 👍

Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Domains
Powerful Marketing Automation
Engagement Gamification
Automatic List Cleaning
Drip Campaigns Included
Evergreen Flash Sale Technology
Custom Audience Builder
Includes 400k Credits/Year
Simple overage of $1.50/1k credits

Usually $699/year

Just $299/year

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does unlimited contacts actually mean?

Instead of charging you for a list of emails you never use like other email service providers do (in fact, some let you have duplicate people on multiple 'lists' and unsubscribes... all which count against you), we wanted to align ourselves with actual value we can provide for you.

So, we decided to go with a credit system that only deducts credits when you're sending email or cleaning records to protect yourself as a sender.

For the vast majority of senders, this is going to mean a far lower cost to run a more successful email program. Lower costs + higher performance = even better email margins.

(Our credit system is explained in

What are credits used for?

One unique thing about Campaign Refinery is that we don't charge just just based on idle contacts sitting on your list (many other tools even charge you for unsubscribes!)

Instead, we charge for things that actually bring you value:

- Sending email (1 credit per email sent)

If you sent a broadcast to 1,000 subscribers for example: that send would cost you 1,000 credits every time you hit send. Send less often? Use less credits. Send more often? Use more credits.

- Cleaning contacts (5 credits per contact cleaned)

To protect you as a sender, we automatically clean every record when it's added to the system, and we will re-clean contacts who are still subscribed on a regular cadence (the default is every 90 days, but can be set from 30-180 days).

If you imported 1,000 contacts, that would cost 5,000 credits at import. However the re-check 90 days later would likely be less than that due to any contacts we previously removed, clicked unsubscribe or that you manually removed.

Cleaning credits are used no matter if the email is returned as "verified". It costs us to check, but it's one of the most useful hidden secrets successful emailers do that most people skip.

Overages and cost?

With this special 'Startup' plan deal, we fill your account to 400,000 credits at the start of each annual billing cycle. But you may be wondering what happens if you need more than that?

We've developed a clean overage system that charges for every 1,000 credits you use beyond your plan. For this offer, the cost is $1.50 per 1,000 credits you use beyond your provisioned amount.

If you find you're needing way more than 400,000 per year then we offer higher volume plans that only include more base credits, but have a less expensive overage rate (as low as $0.60 per 1,000).

Assuming you're lucky enough to have 'champagne problems' of success that demand far more credits, we are happy to assist you in pro-rating any purchase to a larger volume plan.

What kind of email can I send?

To protect the integrity of the platform and our other senders, we are selective in what kind of email we allow to be sent on the platform and the type of contacts you can add.

The simple version is:

- No cold or 3rd party email is allowed, period.

- Your engagement must he sustained

- Complaints must be extremely low

For a complete list of our requirements, you must read and accept our entire Acceptable Use Policy in order to purchase this special offer.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason within 30 days of purchase, you are eligible for a 100% refund. Simply request a refund from support@campaignrefinery.com and our team will process the refund on your behalf.

NOTE: Anyone who violates our Acceptable Use Policy and is removed from the platform by our compliance team is not eligible for a refund due to abuse.

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