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You may be asking... why?

We are doing this for three main reasons:

1. Fortune favors action-takers.

How many times have you opted-in for something, only to never look at it again?

Analytics show, you're not alone. 97% of people never consume content they pay money for, let alone get for zero out of pocket cost.

We want you to have extraordinary results.

So, to get you different results you have to do different actions

2. Email providers are addicted to engagement.

One of the keys to amazing deliverability is giving email providers what they want.

If you, as a sender, do what they want... you'll get what you want.

And if you're anything like us, what you want is amazing inbox rates!

By driving users to open and click quickly, we stand out from the crowd.

3. We wanted to show you a neat feature of Campaign Refinery.

We've been feverishly building and testing amazing email features.

But if a feature tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does make any sound?

This was a fun way to show you one of countless features included with our email platform called Campaign Refinery that just flat out makes us different.

Once you've read the Inbox Formula, we think you'll start to get just how different we are from every other email platform you've used before.

Now, get going to your inbox so you can keep your copy of the Inbox Formula!


Travis Ketchum
Founder, Campaign Refinery

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