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6 Beautiful Ways To Build Your Emails

Pop Up

A Classic, Because It Just Works

Many people have a love/hate relationship with popups. Most people claim to dislike them. However, that being said, they are still incredibly effective.

Slide In

Your Classy Alternative To Popups

The slide in is more like Barney Stinson and less like the Kool-Aid Guy. Your visitors will definitely notice it, but it will be less "in your face" than a popup.

Protected Content

You Shall Not Pass (Without Opt-In)

Have some insanely valuable content that is in high demand? Offer some value, then lock-up your best content behind this opt-in wall for max results.


Copy/Paste Into Your Pages & Posts

Want to offer easy access to your best guides, roundups or more? Use the inline opt-in box to do just that. This is a perfect match for a blog contest.


Drag Into Your Sidebar Lightning Fast

One of the staples in any bloggers email list building toolkit. Craft a great looking sidebar, footer etc opt-in. Then just drag it into place to make it live.

Below Content

Turn Engaged Readers Into Subscribers

If someone took the time to read your content the end, you want to turn that engaged reader into a subscriber. This is the perfect solution to do just that.

Opt-In Box Trigger Options

Pick the perfect time and place to show your offer, like the savvy marketer you are.

Time Triggers

Delay: Specify the exact time a visitor should be on your site before loading your popup.

Inactivity: Visitors going idle? Re-engage them with a popup to turn bounces into subscribers.

Scroll Triggers

End of Page: Turn engaged readers into subscribers and save more would be bouncers.

Scroll Length: Reinforce your content at the perfect time with a scroll length trigger.

Action Triggers

With FreeListMachine™ you can trigger an opt-in form when someone leaves a comment, makes a purchase, clicks a link, or starts to exit your site.

We have you covered end-to-end.

Post Types, Categories

Get dialed in on exactly which blog post types and categories your opt-in forms will show up.

You can even specify the exact posts you do or do not want forms to show up on.

Keep Your Design Looking Fresh

With over 100+ templates and endless customization, you'll always look unique.


Campaign Refinery is a next-generation email marketing platform, bringing you many proven built-in campaigns and revolutionary self-optimizing email delivery technology to set your results on fire.