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Marketing Automation Is Here


Start With High Performing Campaigns,
Then Make Them Your Own

Finally taking the guesswork out of what to send, when and getting to the inbox.

What Makes Campaign Refinery Different

Set your results on fire with the next-generation of marketing automation.

Swap Out Class Leading Email Providers With a Few Clicks

Ever wonder if you're getting the best deliverability possible? Instead of re-writing all your emails, re-creating all your business logic and re-doing all your forms... just swap out providers and get proof which is the best.

Your business and customers are unique, it's about time your method of sending email reflected those specific needs.

We Currently Integrate With These
World Class Email Providers

  • Amazon SES
  • Elastic Email
  • MailGun
  • SendGrid
  • SparkPost

We Will Be Integrating With These
World Class Email Providers Soon

  • MailJet
  • Send13
  • SendInBlue
  • SocketLabs

(No Marketing PhD Required)

A Library of Proven Campaigns To Clone, Modify & Use Yourself

When you want to get a campaign up and running, nothing is worse than staring at a blank screen and putting all the foundation together first.

That's why we provide a library of proven campaigns that you can clone into your account with just a few clicks, then modify to fit your product or service.

Use Tags To Dynamically Create Audiences, Trigger Events & More

Remember when you had multiple email lists?

We've replaced that antiquated idea with a single list, that gets sliced up based on "tags" and/or other contact info.

Tag when someone purchases a product or take an action you want to track. And optionally use those tags to trigger future campaigns, fulfill a purchase and more.

An Easy To Use Builder That Keeps It Simple & Straight Forward

Once you're inside a sequence, it's laid out logically in a timeline format that should be easy to follow.

Don't let the simplicity fool you though. You can stack a lot of different things in a sequence if you want to, allowing you to create membership accounts, apply tags and do a whole lot more than just choosing when to send a message.

Campaign Refinery Has Even More Features

All the features you want to get the right message delivered, at the right time.


Supporting Your Campaigns

We are dedicated to helping you get the most out of each and every campaign.

  • Regular Updates

    Always have instant access to the latest features without lifting a single finger.

  • Knowledge Base

    Need help tweaking a setting? Our documentation has you covered.

  • Great Community

    Get direct feedback on your campaigns from us and our loving customers.

  • On-Going Education

    We bring you the highest performing campaigns, each and every week.

No Army of Professional Marketers Required

At the end of the day, you just want to run a campaign that converts. We have you covered.



Campaign Refinery is a next-generation email marketing platform, bringing you many proven built-in campaigns and revolutionary self-optimizing email delivery technology to set your results on fire.